108 Names of God

SHIVA SHIVA Shiva, the pure, bright auspicious one HARI HARA Vishnu the saviour NILAKANTHA The blue throated one PARVATI PATI Husband of Parvati, daughter of the mountain HARA HARA GANGE Glory to the river Ganges GAURI PATI Husband of Gauri HARA HARA The remover of sorrow BOL MERE MAN Speak my mind/heart BHOLE BABA The father who is simple and fulfils desires GANGA DHARA He who carries the Ganges in His hair ALAKH NIRANJAN He who is invisible light CHANDRA SHEKAR The moon-crested one RUDRA RUP DHARA He who has the fearful form: Rudra DAM RUDHARA He who holds the drum

TRISHUL DHARA He who holds the trident KAILASH VASI He who dwells on Mount Kailash ANNAPURNA PATI Husband of Annapurna SOMNATH Lord of the moon KEDARNATH Lord of Kedarnath PASHUPATI Lord of all living beings MALLIKARJUN Shiva Temple in South India DRUSHMESHVAR Shiva Temple in South India VARANASI VASI He who dwells in Benares KASHI VISHVANATH Lord of the universe, whose sanctuary is Kashi CHANDRA MAULLISHVAR With the moon as His crest-jewel NAGESHVAR Lord of snakes OMKARESHVAR Shiva in the form of OM MAHAKALESHVAR Lord of greatness, transcendent of time, Lord of Death PINAKAPANI He who holds the bow

BHIMASHANKAR Source of all that is DHURJATI SHIVA Shiva with matted hair BHUT NATH Lord of ghosts, demons and spirits SADA SHIVA Shiva, forever auspicious MAHADEV The Great Lord DEVESHVAR Lord of the Gods SARVESHVAR Lord of all RAMESHVAR Lord of Ram MAHARUDRA Great Lord of Rudra JAGADISHVAR Lord of the universe LOKESHVAR Lord of the three worlds DIVYESHVAR Lord of divinities - of transcendent light AKHILESHVAR Lord of everything NIKHILESHVAR Lord of the inner world JAGAT PATI Lord of the universe

HIMALAYA PATI Lord of the Himalayas - abode of peace UMA PATI Husband of Uma - peace of night, divine knowledge RAJESHVAR Lord of kings PANCH NATH Lord of the five elements or senses SHIVA SHAMBHU Shiva, giver of joy KAILASH PATI Lord master of Kailash SUKH SAGAR Ocean of happiness BAIJNATH SHIVA Shiva as the seed of seeds GIRIJA PATI Husband of Girija, daughter of the mountain DINDAYALU He who is magnanimous to the poor DIGAMBAR He who is naked, owns nothing and is clad with stars DURGA PATI Husband of Durga - She who is difficult to attain TRIPURARI Enemy of the demon Tripura PRITHVI PATI Lord master of the earth - nature MANGAL MAYASHIVA Auspicious Shiva

YOGANDRA King of Yoga RIPUDAMAN Destroyer of all enemies TRINETRA DHARI He who has three eyes VISHVESHVAR Lord of the Universe BHASMA DHARI He whose body is covered in ashes JATA DHARI He who has matted hair TRIPURASUNDARI The most beautiful goddess of the three worlds MAHAKALI Great goddess of transcendent time MAHALAKSHMI Great goddess of wealth and fortune MAHASRASVATI Great goddess of wisdom VASUNDARA Beautiful mother earth JAGADAMBA Mother of the Universe BHAVANI The goddess in Her martial aspect CHAMUNDA The goddess who killed the demon BHUVANESHVARI Goddess of the three worlds, queen of the Universe

PURUSHOTTAM The supreme amongst men MADHUSUDAN Killer of the demon Madhu HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA Lord Krishna, He who attracts GOPAL KRISHNA Krishna the cowherd RADHE KRISHNA Krishna and His beloved Radha DWARKA PATI Lord of Dwarka, a Krishna sanctuary KALI DAMAN Killer of the snake Kaliya VASU DEVA The one who is in everyones heart SHESH NAG PATI Master of the snake Shesha LAKSHMI PATI Husband of Lakshmi VAISHNAV JAN PATI Lord of devotees BAL GOPAL The child Krishna KRISHNA CHANDRA Krishna the moon like GOPI VALLABH Beloved of Gopis NARAYANA An incarnation of Vishnu - the refuge of everybody

BRIJ VASI Dweller of Brij GOPI KRISHNA The one who attracts Gopis MURLIDHARA Holder of the flute RISHIKESH King of sages PADMANABH Giver of birth to the lotus RAM CHANDRA Lord Ram, the moon like RAGUPATI Master of Raghus - a princely family RAGHUVIR Brave among Raghus MARYADA PURSHOTTAM King of the man who is limited JANAK PATI Husband of Janki HANUMAN PRIYA Beloved of Hanuman MANVENDRA Supreme amongst man KAUSHALIYA SUT Son of Kaushaliya RAGHUVANSHI Belonging to the Ragu family LAKSHMAN BANDHU Brother of Lakshman

RAGHVENDRA Great amongst Raghvas AVINASHI SHIVA Immortal Shiva SAMB SADASHIVA Shiva, eternally one with the goddess Amba HAIDAKHANDI Lord of Haidakhan