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CONTENTS Commitment: ASHRAE'S Tham fr 1975 by W. Sephen Comstock 1 Host Chaster: Boston 2 ‘Summaris o Tecncal Sessions, Symposiums, Forums and Seminars 3 TECHNICAL PAPERS: 2552 Development ofan improved Cooling Load Calculation Method by Dr, Witam Rudoy and Femando Duran .... 19 {2183 Comparison between Measured Computer redeto Hout Heng and Canina Ener Regrets an (epost anes Two Seca absany Tose, OM BUENA Peo wry 2364 Heat Gainby Conduction trough Eset Wals and Roofs ~ Transmission Matra Wathod By Denes E Buinnon 98 2265 Enorgy Usage and Reaive Utizaton Etcencies of Ot, Gas, nd Esc Heates Single-Family Homes by AUS Danan sna A uchymenwo 12 2985 Determination of Indiual Protered Temperatures by DA. Melnyre iat 7087 _blerncldua Diferences in AnbentTerpetaurs Prleted by Seated Persons by P.O. Fango snd 6. Canis. 10 2988 Etlocive Temperature ET" asa Precctor of Thermal Comfort by RM. Roties, AB, Hayter and .MAiKON «148 2362 The Elac of Temperature on Pretsrad Ar Vole fr Sedertary Sutjcls Dressed in Shots by D.R. Suton, RR Robeson and RG. Nevins ‘sr 2570 ec of Changes in Aint Temperature and Level of Humisty on Comat an Thermal Sensations by RG Ress R Chosen ¥ tions ane A. Gane 169 2311 Dect Measurement of Cothing Heat Tanctr Popertige Dring Sensible and Insensibe Heat Exchange wth ‘hetnat Emtonment by ¥: Nem, AiR Goneatez and AP. Cages 189 2372 steminaton of Odor Components in Tobacco Smoke: Design of Mite to Simulle Odor by A Drewes, X°SBonne sna HG. eh 200 2373 On th Behavior of High Velocity Ain Cyindreal Branch Take-Oits by CM. Reskowz and Tsun Yan Hsieh 213 ‘2374 Presse Drop in Fat Oval Spl Ax Duct by JW. Hey and Mi. Oise 201 2373 Emission of Asbestos Oust om Rolty Asbestos Heat Exchangars and Potatype of Home-Use Verltor Ereporaing te Hea Exchanger by 2 Tonomura.K: Mats! and M. Taisuke 278 Predcion of Ai Flow and Comlot in A-Cononed Spaces by LV, Netaon esr 2577 Thame! Rada Proper of Glass by CK. Hsieh and LW. Coldwey 260 2378 Effects of Sutace Condon on Neclata Going of Roigoran-t by Hl. Sauer, J. FLA Mecrow and AM Sinan aa 2579 Heat Transfer in Fnned-Tube Hor Water Bors by L Block 282 2380 _Transier Funcoas lor Crosstow Muliow Heat Exchangers by SC. Bhargava, F.C, Medhiston and. Ze, 294 SYMPOSIUM 80.75-1 LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN SMOKE AND FIRE CONTROL Smoke snd Fre Coto in Large Atom Spaces ty PR. Deciooo and Au, Cree: a9 Smo Fisiemen Sues in Vetrans Aamicraon Mosprass by WA, Schmidt ae Shoko Gonlin Bangs A Trvet ofa Promise by WA. Hebb a 10.752 OPTIMIZING THE PERFORMANCE OF EXISTING AIR-CONDITIONING SYSTEMS Energy Conservation i Exsing Systoms by GW. Gypton, SUR Gioia Enero Det tor four Bulding by WSs Ftticte Bokeaor ot hu-Zones and Boutle Duets by AZ Lene 190.753 ROTARY AIR-TO-AIR HEAT EXCHANGERS FOR ENERGY RECOVERY Lesage an can Ont tay Ares al Exchane Oormesby Merdeaa ne eeePe a ocabues by OR, Pahar HN. Cawley and RE Cran 329 Fee eee bag et Arla Nast Exchangers by FIN. Cavey and OR. Fisher at Treesgeton of Fronng in Poly Arto“ Heal Exchanges by DLW, Rub DLR Fisher and HN Gay... 410 noe ae APE Oa ey i a ari cers ne ine Ripe Sn bat SEHR eae alan SP Eecoaty SEASBin ds w outsmart es a evga ng ese Doge eostong Senay Coe Cees deeg te acy HERESIES Coat a tn vin iin ws Eee a cones 8 Berns Wo seyret 2 aa by Sih Reheat cin tears oobenests8 er ESSE SN Lace aca oe vest nt eton Reno tena ome © ePeso sous rere one Sar Eis Sas en es vy ee See Greate teen eley eit eee) Btn tea Ce ea aie 9 Pas ovees Prec comin St ASHRAE Standard Project Committees: it SS beech teeeonanes es SSRIS ares Seek ete ea os Vera Rind ws conto Coie /ASHRAE Special Publications an Soe sia a Ed 33 ae