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Top Stocks For 2010

Top Stocks For 2010

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Published by: mailbox6762 on Feb 08, 2010
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"Out top stock pick for 2010 is ImmunoGen (NASDAQ: IMGN)," says
biotech specialist John McCamant.

In his The Medical Technology Stock Letter, he explains, "The company’s
potent cancer-cell killing antibodies were developed for targeted delivery
to tumor cells.

"Specifically, IMGN’s TAP technology uses antibodies to deliver one of the company’s
proprietary cancer-cell killing agents specifically to tumors. These agents are 1,000 –
10,000-fold more potent than standard chemotherapeutics and are designed to be
attached to antibodies using one of the Company’s engineered linkers

"IMGN’s lead drug candidate is T-DM1 which is Genentech’s Herceptin with the
addition of IMGN’s powerful TAP technology.

"The company recently delivered positive Phase 2b data for TDM-1 in breast cancer
patients that have failed all previous treatments. This positive data should allow the
drug candidate to be filed for FDA approval in the first half of 2010.

"Adding to our enthusiasm is that Roche is also starting a single agent T-DM1 trial in
adjuvant mBC, the biggest and most lucrative breast cancer market.

"This exceeds the expectations for most of Wall Street as they only expect sales for
late-stage breast cancer, a much smaller market.  We believe that Roche's ultimate
goal is to gain approval of T-DM1 for all lines of HER2+ mBC, similar to Herceptin.

"In addition to T-DM1, five other compounds that make use of ImmunoGen’s TAP
technology are in clinical testing.


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"In addition to the company’s product pipeline, compounds utilizing the TAP
technology are in clinical testing through IMGN’s collaborations with Genentech (a
wholly owned member of the Roche Group), sanofi-aventis, Biogen Idec and Biotest.

"IMGN’s powerful platform technology is in itself a significant asset. In the past few
years, there have been numerous premium buy-outs of companies that also have
monoclonal antibody platforms.

"These buyouts have been sparked by the huge growth of anticancer antibodies such
as Avastin, Rituxan, and Herceptin, all multi-billion dollar drugs.

"We believe there is a strong chance that someone steps up and buys IMGN at a
premium in 2010 as they have what we believe to be the most attractive antibody
platform available.

" T-DM1 is the cornerstone of IMGN’s value and is likely be approved by the end of
next year.Additionally, the market for T-DM1 appears larger than expected and the
most recent data represents a major transformative and de-risking event for IMGN.

"IMGN is poised to create significant shareholder value in 2010 which will either drive
the stock price higher or result in a premium buyout."

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