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To keep my eaves ave, Wout lake out 9 toan by the Cy of Columbia cael ths very DANGEROUS situation races, | recommend the Giy Council of Columbia consider the Giy's reputation on Ini station, Regards, Lay oss Praga ve Scobie 8 Srseprease cs > 5/13/2015 hitps://webmail.socketsnet/?_task Page | of 2 Bossaller From: "Nancy Kievit" To: < Sent: Friday, June 17, 2005 1:22 AM Subject: _[PraitieHilisNeighbors] Bill Watkins’ reply to Larry Glabe's letter (also below) Larry ~ The connection with the subdivision is severed - done by our public works dept. Should your neighborhood decide at some future date - not really sure how that decision will be made- we will connect it. FYI, John Glascock and I are meeting with all three Commissioners at 730 am next Tuesday, June 21 at the County Admin building to discuss Creasy and Blue Ridge. ‘The meeting was at my request and T wanted a public meeting with all three commissioners. 1 will fill you in with any outcomes. Bill Original letter from Larry: >>> 06/16/05 11:09 AM >>> Dear Bill: ‘On behalf of the Prairie Hills neighborhood, I would like to thank ‘you for the time you took to discuss the issues that we brought to the CATSO meeting last month. We certainly felt listened to, taken seriously, and understood by you. T wanted to clarify two points 1) In regard to Prairie Lane not connecting through into Vanderveen Crossing. Twas under the impression that this was your call, and that you decided that it would not be connected. Is that correct? i Does Karen Miller need to be in on this decision? Will this be put in 0 writing, or how do know that this will not be changed in a few years? Twas also under the impression that you were to notify or had already notified Mr. Herigan of the fact that Prairie Lane would not ‘connect, has that been done? 2) Proposed meeting between you, Mr. Schnarre, and Mr. Herigan. During the CATSO meeting, we thought that you or Mr, Beck proposed at meeting to discuss Blue Ridge connecting with Creasy Springs, the steps that need to be taken to make Creasy Springs safer, and how these improvements would be paid for Was this the case or did we misunderstand or misinterpret what was being discussed? We were wondering when this would be taking place and if it would be appropriate for our neighborhood group at have input into these proceedings at some time? ‘Thank you for your willingness to dialogue with us about these issues. ‘Our neighborhood group is meeting next Tuesday evening to clarify where we are in light of the CATSO meeting, our interaction with the 8/14/2005 Page 2 of 2 county commissioners, and our discussion with you and John Glascock. In the near future we anticipate talking about the facts, myths, pro's & con's, and process of annexation. ‘You were most gracious to offer your experience and expertise to us on this matter, Took forward to interacting with you about it. Sincerely, Larry Glabe Yahoo! Groups Links <*> To visit your group on the web, go to: http://groups. <*> To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to: PrairieHillsNei <*> Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to: tp //docs 8/14/2005 PRELIMINARY ENGINEERING STUDY CREASY SPRINGS ROAD FROM BEAR CREEK TO OBERMILLER ROAD PREPARED FOR ‘Tue Crry or COLUMBIA, MIssOURT January 2007 PREPARED By: OLSSON ASSOCIATES 7301 WEst 133RD STREET, SUITE 200 OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS OLSSON PROJECT No, 2006-0325 OAOoLSsON ASSOCIATES 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report presents the resulls of a concept design study to establish preliminary horizontal and vertical alignments for Creasy Springs Road from a point 1000 feet south of Boar Creek to a point 800 feet north of Obermiller Road. The study includes analysis, of the crossings of Bear Creek and of Cow Branch Creek. The intersections with Prairieview Drive, Prairie Lane, future Blue Ridge Road, and Sunnyridge Lane are also included as part of this study. ‘The purpose of this study was to develop a preliminary design, which would minimize impacts to oxisting development and serve as a planning tool for future development. The findings of this study ware established in coordination with the City of Columbia, Missourl. ‘The major objectives of this study were as follows: Establish Design Criteria Design guidelines, typical roadway sections, and Tight-oF-way widths were established for Creasy Springs Road. Develop Preliminary Horizontal and Vertical Alignment — Horizontal and vertical alignment options were prepared. Impacts of the various alignments on properties, grading costs, and flood plains were investigated. An alignment was identified that would achieve the studly objective to eliminate the existing dog-leg alignment near Prairie Lane, Structural Analysis — Structures were analyzed over Boar Creek and Cow Branch Creek, Dotermine Total Project Costs ~The total project cost was estimated including right-of-way, ulilty relocations, engineering design, and constuction costs. Creasy Springs Road is classified as a minor arterial and is designed to meet the City's standards consisting of two through lanes in ach direction, a climbing lane, an enclosed drainage system, a sidewalk, a pedway, and other amenities typical of thoroughfare design. This particular project, which crosses Bear and Cow Branch Greeks, will require bridge structures and special attention to flood plain requirements. ‘The new Creasy Springs Road alignment requires the intersection with Prairieview Drive, to be eliminated, as well as placing a cul-de-sac at the north end of the dog-leg past Prairie Lane. Access to the neighborhood from the proposed Creasy Springs Road alignment would be from the proposed Blue Ridge Road, These proposed changes are shown in the plans found in the Appendix. The total project cost in 2006 dollars is estimated at $9. million. A detailed cost estimate is included in Section 6. 3 BASIC INFORMATION AND PROCEDURES In the development of the preliminary design study, the following information and procedures were utilized: Topographic information along Creasy Springs Road was obtained from the Cily of Columbia. The mapping was used to prepare base maps for the plan sheets. County ownership and plat maps were used to determine existing property owners and their property lines, existing right-of-ways, and futuro platted subdivisions, Utility companies were contacted to determine the location of their lines within the project corridor, The utlity information shown on the plan sheets was derived from utility maps provided by the utility companies and does not represent fleld- verified locations. The Major Roadway Plan was obtained from the City of Columbia, Development plans were considered during the layout of the proposed roadway. Design oriteria is in accordance with curront standards and praotioes for the City of Columbia, Boone County, and American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials’ (AASHTO) publication, A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets 2004. Hydraulic information for Bear Creek and Cow Branch Creek was obtained from the City in order to conduct hydraulic analysis for the bridge crossings. Preliminary cost estimates are in 2006 dollar figures. Recent bid tabs and other historical cost information was utilized to establish the 2006 unit prices. There are five intersecting side sireets: Obermiller Road, Sanderson Lane, Sunnyridge Road, Prairie Lane, and Prairieview Drive. Obormillor Road and Sanderson Lane intersect with Greasy Springs Road opposite of each other. The other three are currently "T® intersections. The study assumes that Obermiller Road and Sanderson Lane will eventually be replaced with a four-way intersection for the proposed Northwest Loop. The City's Major Roadway Plan also shows a proposed collector roadway named Blue Ridge Foad having a “T" intersection north of Prairie Lane. Both the existing and proposed localions of each side street are shown on the plans. Within the limits of the study there are ten intersecting private drive entrances, one entrance to a quarry, and one parking lot entrance to a bike/hike path along Bear Crook. 4.2 Existing Right-of-Way The existing right-of-way along Creasy Springs Road is 80 feet south of Prairioviow Drive, 50 foot between Prairieviaw Drive and Prairle Lane, and 30 feet north of Prairie Lane. The existing right-of-way is shown on the plan drawings. 4.4 Land Use The properties adjacont to Creasy Springs Road include small subdivisions and small and large tracts of land. The current planned zoning for the majority of the roadway in this study is for single farnily residential uso. A residential plat is proposed for the property east of Creasy Springs Road, north of Prairie Lane. There is also an area to tho south of Bear Crook that is currently being used as a quarry. 4.5 Existing Vertical Alignments The existing vertical alignment closely follows the rolling terrain of the project area, The middle portion of Creasy Springs Road, belween Cow Branch and Bear Creeks, climbs @ hill and has grades exceeding 9%, resulting in limited stopping and Intersection sight distances, 4.6 Existing Drainage The existing stormwater drainage facilities for Creasy Springs Road south of Bear Creek consist primarily of curb and gutter with inlets and underground piping. Existing roadside ditches north of Bear Greek routes stormwater drainage to Bear Creek or Cow Branch Creek. ‘The roadway floods in the 10% and larger storm events where Creasy Springs Road crosses Cow Branch and Bear Creeks, Bear Creek has a 1% chance storm flow of 11,202 cfs and overtops existing Creasy Springs Road by 8.4 feat at an elevation of 5 PRELIMINARY DESIGN The following design criteria were utilized when developing the preliminary design: 1__Design Criteria 5.1.1 CROSS SECTIONS 43'-0" back-to-back roadway consisting of Roadway Section ‘iwo 12’-0" lanes, a 12’-0" center tum lane, two 2'-6" curb and guttors, and two 1'-0" buffors between the outside lanes and the curb and gutters. Parking Lano None Normal Crown 1 per foot 5.1.2 SIDE SLOPES Maximum 3 5.1.3 GEOMETRICS Design Speed 40 mph Posted Speed 85 mph Intersection Sight Distance Left Tum 445 foot Right Turn 385 feet Vertical Alignment Maximum Grado 9% Minimum Grade 1% Stopping Site Distance 305 feet K Values 64 minimum for sag curves (headlight control) 44 minimum for crest vertical curves (sight distanca control) 5.1.4 DRAINAGE Storm Sewer (on street) designed for the 10% chance storm Drainage Structures (Culverts) 1% chance storm with no roadway overtopping 5.1.5 BRIDGES Design criteria for the new bridges over Bear Creek and Cow Branch Creek will adhere lo current design standards and criteria established by the City of Columbia, Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). is CITY OF COLUMBIA iy BS vec faeca Right-of-Way Proposed right-of-way requirements are shown on the plan drawings located in the ‘Appendix. The minor arterial roadway section requires a 100-foot right-of-way corridor, Permanent drainage easements will be required for the bridges at the oreek crossings, Temporary construction easements will be tequired throughout the project to allow for construction, Permanent lity easements may be required to accommodate utility relocations and will be determined during the project design phase. 5.5 Proposed Horizontal Alignments The proposed alignment for Creasy Springs Road follows the existing centerline south of Bear Creek, As the alignment approaches Bear Creek from the south, It starts to diverge west of the existing centerline, which will straighten out the existing dog-leg. As the alignment climbs the hil, it shifts back east towards the existing Creasy Springs centerline with a 5000-foot radius horizontal curve. After the horizontal curve the alignment ties back into the existing centerline of Creasy Springs Road 200 feet south ‘of Obermiller Road. The portion of the alignment between Sunnyridge Road and Prairie Lane has beon adjusted to minimize impacts to properties east and west. By shifting the proposed Creasy Springs Road alignment to the west near Bear Creek, Prairieview Drive has room to tie into existing Creasy Springs Road with a small horizontal curve, The existing Creasy Springs Road dog-leg will becomo Prairioviow Drive, thus oliminating direct access to Prairloview Drive from Creasy Springs Road. This dog-leg will also end in a cul-de-sac as shown on the plans. On the existing Creasy Springs Road dog-leg near Prairie Lane, the proposed alignment will connect tangent to the dog-leg and continue to the proposed Biue Ridge Road alignment. This proposed alignment will bo a continuation of Prairieview Drive, The connection will alow access to the neighborhood from Creasy Springs Road via Blue Ridge Road The final connection that will be required to malke this a viable solution is for Prairie Lane to connect through to the east, eliminating the existing gap between the roadway where it is stubbed at the edges of the two subdivisions. This connection will allow for two accesses to the neighborhood. An overview of all of tho proposed changes is shown on the next page and in the plan set, Proposed Vertical Alignments There Is a large hill near the existing dog-leg that Creasy Springs Road will traverse, In order to eliminate the dog-log, Creasy Springs Road will be required to climb over this hill. At this location, the maximum grade has been increased from the typical maximum grade of 7% to 9%. Since Creasy Springs Road will become a three-lane section, one of the lanes will be used as a climbing lane for slower traffic. This area of concem will bo further evaluated during the preliminary and final design phases. Proposed Blue Ridge Road will intersect with Creasy Springs Road at the high point of the vertical curve that spans the top of this hill, The “K” value for this curve has been increased from the minimum value in order to ensure proper intersection sight distance for left and right tums onto Creasy Springs Road from Blue Ridge Road. The proposed vertical alignment had to be raised for both the Cow Branch Creek and Bear Creek crossings. This is discussed in more detail in the following section. 5.7__ Drainage The proposed roadway will incluce curb and gutter with inlets and underground piping along the entire proposed project to collect stormwater flows from the roadway and convey these flows safely to discharge points along Cow Branch and Bear Creeks. The drainage system will be dosigned to collect and convey the 10% chance tlows while maintaining a maximum of 12 feet of spread from the back of curb, The combined underground system and overilow paths will be designed to safely convay the 1% chance flows. The enclosed pipe system will consist of 6'x4’ curb inlets and reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) of varying sizes from 18 inches to 86 inches. With the steep road grades along this portion of Creasy Springs Road, stormwater will tend to collect at the two sump locations; larger and/or more closaly spaced inlets will be required ai these locations to adequately collect stormwater flows. The storm sewer system will discharge downstream of the bridge section of the nearest stream. ‘Tho Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requires no rise In the 1% water surface elevation of the stream section for work within a delineated floodway. The proposed bridge designs allow for a minimum of two feet of freeboard from the bridge low stee! fo the 1% water surface elevation. For oxisting flows, neither of the proposed bridges over Boar Creek or Cow Branch Creek will be overtopped. At river station 11256.8, on Bear Creek, the proposed water surface elevation is 622.18 feet for the 1% chance storm, which is equal to or below the existing water surface elevation at the same river station, The water surface elevation at the proposed bridge at Cow Branch Creek is 641.83 feet for the 1% chance storm at river station 9123.00, which is less than the existing water surface elevation of 642,02 feel. Neither bridge creates any rise upstream of the proposed bridge section. 14