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How does a hero become what he is known for? How does he become recognized and be
able to carry the burden of being someone called a hero? And what would happen if we lived in a
society where these heroes were called the cancer of humankind? What if these heroes
fought humanity, trying to rise up and create new heroes? You would think that these heroes
live in a place peaceful and perfect. What if all that was reversed?
One of the heroes, Ryshed, comes from one of a few towns that hold these heroes. Here
they commonly refer to themselves as Godlikes. Our average human society calls them
monsters. Each Godlike comes from a place where everyone uses greed to their advantage.
Godlikes all live together in a city meant for the toughest, or meant for people that could survive
hatred and greed. In a city that teaches Godlikes why humans show hatred towards them. In a
city where humans would not survive 1 day.
Humans try to defend themselves from Godlikes, yet Godlikes always seem to be
triumphant. Humans always try to rid the Earth of Godlikes, and whenever a Godlike appeared,
the GED (Godlike Extinction Department) would tell every human that they were in control of
the situation. Godlikes would sometimes attack humans to show off their power, but most of the
time attack humans to awaken potential Godlikes. In order for Godlikes to leave their cities, they
had to prove that they had the ability to challenge anyone who opposed them. So thats why
Godlikes live in these certain cities, to prove themselves worthy.
However, not all of these Godlikes live like one big happy family. All of the Godlikes all
opposed each other, always fighting whenever it seemed fit. They would always show off their
powers they were given at birth, especially the kids. When the kids became mature enough, they
would test their powers on other Godlikes. They would stop at nothing to be ready to take on the
human threat.
The schools that Godlikes went to were slightly different to those of regular humans, as
they had 13 grades. The first five focused on learning everything that humans learn, all the way
up until 12th grade. The next 4 years would focus on how to find, activate, and use your abilities
given to you at birth. The last 4 years were utilized for knowing how to use your abilities on
humans in the most effective way possible.

How, may you ask, do these Godlikes gain their powers? In order to do that, the birth
process would have to be explained. When two Godlikes feel like the want a child, they must
engage in a ritual that uses all of their power. The two Godlikes combine souls, sort of like a
fusion between two people. Once they combine souls, they both use all of their energy to create
an entity of life. The physical body does not come from this, just the ability. Other than that, 2
Godlikes must still make a child like regular humans do. Thats where the physical body comes
from. Then when the body is formed, the orb of energy the 2 Godlikes made combines and enters
the child. So when children are delivered, their powers are unknown. Thats what years 6-9 are
for in school, however most children start discovering little bits of their powers in year 5 of
school. Thats when most children realize their responsibility in life.
Ryshed, the focus of this story, was born and raised like any other child, however when it
came to school, he failed almost every class in years 1-5, refusing to learn what all humans
know. Then in years 6-9, he became ruthless. He discovered something was unique about him at
year 5, and he thought it was too serious. Now, in his town, there are only places where people
recover from battle injuries, and sickness doesnt exist. Ryshed, however, got a serious disease,
and one that has never existence in history. He had a fever of 106 degrees; he lost control of his
muscles, started coughing up blood, and couldnt move anything. After a week of hell for him, he
finally was restored to normal, and got a head start on finding out his abilities. Once he
discovered his power, everyone around him realized why he got sick.
Once he regained his strength, he immediately started his 6th year of school. His abilities
were astonishing (he was one of the few Godlikes to have 2 powers at birth). His first was he was
able to disappear into red dust and transform his body into deadly particles that can be used for
teleporting or for attacking multiple people at once. The particles he can transform into are red,
and followed by black rays of death. This ability was known as Smoke.

His second ability is what makes him the demon he is. No Godlike has ever had such
ability before. He had the ability to take away the powers from other Godlikes. In other words,
he had the power to take other Godlikes abilities and use them as his own. He was almost kicked
out of school because of the discovery of this power, but the community realized how much pain
he could cause to humans if he had many Godlike abilities. Throughout his time in school,
people feared him. Whenever fights occurred in school, everyone wanted Ryshed on their side.
However when the main Godlikes of his town talked to him about being an asset, all Ryshed did
was slowly take their powers. The main Godlikes still had incredible power; the only thing that
mattered was Ryshed had all of them combined into one body. Ryshed knew he was meant to be
When Rysheds time came to leave the city, he knew almost everything about humans
and about Godlikes. He once thought that it must be sad for humans to not be able to defeat a
race that is always at civil war with itself. He knew that when he left, he would encounter other
Godlikes that would try to kill him. The Godlikes that left Rysheds town did not know of his
ability, but when Ryshed found them, they would soon discover what fear was, something the
Godlikes never experienced.

Ryshed, unlike most, tries to make his appearance more human like. His hair is
considerably long for a male. The back of his hair goes down to his shoulders, and the front of
his hair goes down to his eyebrows. He has sideburns that go down to about nose-level, and his
appearance, such as clothes, can differ. Every Godlike wears a uniform every time they fight and
travel, but Ryshed likes to keep his appearance varying. His default/casual outfit starts out with a
Godlike version of a combo of the most efficient sneakers, so when he does super jumps for say,
his shoes wont be too affected by the jump. He wears a casual pair of blue jeans, usually
favoring a darker version, and usually has a rip near the knee area. One slight detail is that every
Godlike in years 10-13 of school build their own weapons to use in combat if their powers fail.
Ryshed, knowing what capabilities he had, just used a 5 foot chain as his weapon. While
everyone else may use a scythe or a sword and shield, he uses a chain because using is red

particle manipulation he can use his chain as a deadly whip that can easily burn and kill a human.
He wears the chain on his right wrist and whenever he wants to use it, he can control it and get it
to move on its own. He tends to wear a blank grey T-Shirt, but then wears a black leather vest
with sleeves that go down to the elbows. His last piece of clothing is a cross necklace covered in
blood. He uses this signify his evil side. This is a story that will be told from his prospective, so
sit back and get ready to enjoy a story of good, evil, neutral, and a lone wolf in search of a pack
or trail.

Chapter 1
A HistorySort Of
The cold air stings sometimes. It becomes hard to breathe, thus, leading for unstopping
chaos in terms of complaining of the cold. To me, I have no one to complain to, so I just let it
slide. And I never get cold. My soul already burns with anger. However trying to walk among
humans isnt the easiest thing to do. If you know me, you know that I dont play nice, or fair. But
of course, you know nothing about me, not even my name. So where are my manners, lets get a
proper introduction in, shall we?
My name is Ryshed. Just Ryshed. But if youre gonna get to know me; you need to know
I am called much more than just Ryshed. The Death Patriot, Living Incarnation of Death, the 8th
Demon, the False Shepard, all but just 4 of my many names. I didnt ask for these names, nor did
I ask for this life. I try and forget my past, but I cant. It comes back and haunts me. I try and
fight it, but its like a Krieg that just sits there and puts you in torment. Oh sorry, forgot youre
new here. A Krieg is a creature that has the essence of a ghoul or demon, yet contains the body of
some sort of alien creature. Thats another creature I wasnt taught about back home. I was told
that we Godlikes were the only supernatural beings of this planet. Turns out my home was
wrong, and when your home is wrong, you feel a sense of betrayal. Theres much more out here
then we were told about in school. Many more creatures other than us Godlikes. Each of them
were named outside of home, so I now know them all, and I had to learn them quick. Oh and by
the way, if you dont know what a Godlike is and what theyre capable of, all I can say is you are
in the wrong part of town.
Throughout my life away from home, I only ran into 4 Godlikes. I left home about 6
months ago. So what does that tell ya? That Im respected or feared? Or even both? I dont know,
all it says is you need to know about me. Once a Godlike leaves home, they arent allowed back
until they have fulfilled their destiny. What the hell does that mean? It means you dont go home
until you bring back something to be recognized for. I know I was born a Godlike, and that it is
my natural birthright to fight and kill humankind, but personally, I dont give a damn fighting for
them. My home taught me to be cruel and ruthless, but Im not sure if I want to be cruel and
ruthless towards them or humans. My backstory is not the best one, so I have to assume being
ruthless towards humans. There are so many things in human life I cant grasp, yet I walk among

them with no problem. They dont even think of me as a Godlike. They think of me as a kid who
had a rough time.
All I want now is to meet a girl, a Godlike like me, who is unsure about what path to
take, not sure whether to fight against or humans. However every Godlike I approach just
challenges me. I think to myself sometimes that it must be embarrassing for humans to try and
kill off a race that is always at civil war with itself. All I have to do to kill a Godlike is just take
their power, and make them a weak embarrassment. But I guess thats just how our ways work. A
while back ago I did meet a girl, however the default instinct of Godlikes is when were not
attacking humans, were attacking each other. I used to be filled with rage, but when I absorbed
her power, she had the same ability as me, just instead of red, she represented blue. This was the
only real struggle I had outside of home, because she was absorbing my powers too. Both of our
powers were going back and forth like a river that went two separate directions. I finally pulled
through, gaining back my powers, while also taking her powers. When this happened, I felt like I
had changed for real this time. I could feel my evilness slip away, and the good side coming to
take a portion of what the evil side left abandoned. I could feel it in my body; I was, in that
moment, half good, and half evil.
That was over 3 months ago, and now I still remain uncertain which path is the correct
one to follow. My brain was still having trouble adjusting. I believe I was born on the outside
border of a city called Los Angeles, and was raised in the Godlike camp. I still roam around Los
Angeles, because the territory seems so familiar to leave. I really am unsure what I strive so
badly for, whether it be a crew of Godlikes I can work with, or a trail I can follow that will show
me my fate. I still look for good Godlikes, the ones who have an unsure path. I tried to fit into
human society, but sometimes it doesnt go so good. Usually if a Godlike has a recognizable
face, like me, humans always scream, Its one of those freaks! or Its another demon! People
think this is the end of days with us around, but weve been around way longer than they have.
Ever since the creation of Earth, weve been around. We were first called Conduits, or
Gods Soldiers. We were called this way over an eon, or around 500 million years ago. Ever so
recently were we called Godlikes, and all because of the willpower of one person, the idiot of our
race, a complete disgrace, doesnt even deserve to have his name even said, but of course, Im
going to say it anyway. His name is......what? You thought I was actually gonna say it? Too

bad. That bastard doesnt deserve it, but his story deserves a telling, even though its the shittiest
story on the face of the planet. The man who wanted change took it upon himself to make us
Godlikes the next big thing. He wanted us Conduits to evolve and grow, gaining more and more,
and eventually, turn these humans into an endangered species. He wanted to rebuild Earth as a
home for Conduits, not humans. He tried, but his low political position in the Conduit society
made him look like a joke. But he didnt mean to come off as a joke. He was serious about his
passion for this New World. And he was ready to prove it. He was a fool. He went out and did
his plan with the Conduits who rebelled as well. He crushed every single signal of piece or hope
in human society, practically destroying a peaceful relationship. He tried to destroy the country
known as America, but failed, because Conduits killed him before humans did. All across the
world, other Conduits rose up in rebellion, and thus, leading us into war with humankind.
We had no choice but to fight, because the humans had a burning passion to make our
race extinct. And they got pretty far in their campaign, reducing the numbers of our race globally
from about 945 million to about 140 thousand. The humans used other Conduits powers to
power their technology and weapons. Should I continue? I personally dont think I should, but I
will. And stop begging me for my backstory! I dont want to make you cry and leave what lies
ahead. My godfine! You can get off your knees now. Ill tell you it.
Way back when it was around that time for me to leave home, my life got rough.
Throughout my last year of school, rumors were going around that The Council was going to
execute me. I didnt pay attention, but the other Godlikes tried to get to me before The Council
did. They kept fighting me, and all Id do is knock them out, because if I took away their powers,
The Council would sure as hell do more than execute me. So yea, life was a bitch for my last
year in school. Eventually The Council came to the conclusion that I could be of use to end this
war in our favor. So, during the last few days of my school year, The Council kept my eyes on
me more and more. Then on the last day of school, they day I was assigned to leave, The Council
made their move, but before they could, the humans found us. Armed Forces sent by the humans
found our camp and began to destroy our town. None of us died in the battle, in fact, the humans
died. We were winning, but The Council had attacked me. Our town consisted of 60,000 of the
140,000 Godlikes that were still alive. The Council tried to kill me, same as humans, and every
single person in my school thought I was a threat. Even my greatest friends and my girlfriend.

They all turned on me, even my parents as well. Every single person in the city it seemed was
after me. They almost got me too. Beat me to the point where I almost broke down and died. I
felt so much anger, especially with both sides trying to kill me. I tried and tried and tried, but
kept getting pushed down. The humans didnt question, so they attacked along with the city.
Finally the Elder of The Council stopped the bloodshed, and picked me up by my shirt collar. He
left me hanging like ragdoll, and whispered to me, You know as well as I do you are a complete,
udder, shitless waste of Godlike blood.
And that did it for me. At that moment, I didnt care about anything. I felt as if I was the
true leader of us Godlikes. I felt as if no one cared anymore. No one did. Everyone was after me,
I had no choice. I had to escape, but I felt as though some evil force came over me, like a true
demon entered me and took control. I used my power to dissolve into red fire particles and fly
upwards. I then formed back into my regular body, and used some of my powers to keep me
levitating. I then absorbed all the energy I had in my body. I also had to use all the negative
energy that was covering the planet, and pointed my hands upwards. Godlikes were currently
flying towards me. Jets from the military were locking on. So I did a natural instinct; I gathered
all the energy I had into an enormous negative energy ball. Almost enough energy to seriously
damage the planet. I had no choice. I had to do it to escape. I had all this energy, and it was
beginning to tear at my skin. I then pointed my hands downwards and screamed, Shocking
Death Ball! The giant ball of energy then began to travel downwards, slowly, and surely. All the
jets instantly dissolved. The Godlikes flying towards me started to burn and fall into the depths
of this ball of flaming fire. This ball was enormous, and had the energy of a nuclear bomb, which
made it all the more dangerous. And when the bottom of the ball hit the ground, all I remember
was a blinding light, my skinning burning off, and a sudden phase of unconsciousness.
I woke with my powers instantly healing me. Oh yea, if you dont know by now, my red
particles are a part of my body, so they can instantly heal any wounds. I woke up with my body
being healed and ash beginning to cover my body. I jumped up and started to look around, but
my vision was a bit blurry. I was a little fazed too, so I was a little worried. I thought about what
I had just done, and seriously thought Im so dead, but when I looked around, it seemed that I
wasnt the dead one. I saw that nothing but blackness, destruction, and ashes were everywhere,
like a nuke had gone off. I then realized I wasnt standing on the actual ground. I realized I was

standing on burned, black bodies. Everyone in the area, dead, and I was standing on their
remains. The tanks and jets were all smashed and broken up. Then looked around, but was I
surrounded by nothing but ash, mini lava tornados, broken up grounds, unbalanced buildings,
and dark black colored blood. I was too stunned still, so I couldnt look and see if anyone
survived. All I could do was make an assumption: everyone that WAS here is dead. The 60,000
people in our town, all extinct because of me. I must have absorbed extra energy or something,
because my blast had the power of a nuclear weapon. Some skulls and bones encased in ash were
still lying around everywhere. Then I saw a couple objects emerge from the ground. The Council,
all drenched in blood and ash, all slowly got up, barely moving. In total, there were about 23 of
them, including the Elder.
The Elder barely regenerated, but was still very weak. At that moment, seeing the Elder
after my vision became a little bit clearer, my anger got the better of me. I saw the remaining
Council members, and held out my arm, and began to do my absorb attack from long distance.
For those of you who know already, I absorb attacks by grabbing and pulling their powers out of
them. From a distance, I use my red demon particles and make them rotate around my arm, yet
still sending some particles out to other entities containing Godlike energy. I then just use my
energy to pull all the energy out of the entities. I did this, and looking at the stats, 23 on 1, it took
a little bit more this time to absorb all of their energy. I still did it though, with all my energy
growing with my rising anger. Their energy drained from them like a river being emptied into the
ocean. They all slowly drained their energy, and the energy was actually a little too much for me.
For a second I thought I was going to pass out. But I managed to absorb it all, watching each
council member drop like a Clrankor. Oh sorry, I need to remind myself you are new. Want to
know what a Clrankor is? Its a creature that is enormous, strong, and dangerous, yet when it
dies; it falls very slowly and leaves a very big explosion when it hits the ground. The Council
members didnt explode; they just landed with enormous thuds. The Elder remained persistent,
and refused the absorption, the first of which I had experienced where a Godlike was able to
escape an absorption. The Elder had drained all his energy, and was on his knees, barely able to
look up at me. So I slowly walked over to him, shaking off my energy, sending it all back into
my body. As I walked over to him, black smoke started to trail off of my hands, signifying I was
angry. My energy was becoming too great to hold, all because of my anger rising. For me, my
power rises with anger, but for others, its a bit harder than that. When I finally got over to him, I


stood there and stared at his bowed head. Then I couldnt stand to look at his disgraceful face,
and picked him up by the collar, the way he did to me. Then he looked me in the eyes, still
having a look a fear, and in his eyes, I could see his sadness and his fear of death. So all I said
was this:
Dont worry. Death comes quickly and painfully.
Then I put a giant fireball through his chest, and it went through all the way, disintegrating his
heart and everything in that region. His skin then began to catch on fire because of my power
overflowing. I then let go of him and watched his body slump over on the ground. Then at that
moment I realized my mistakes. I felt like the demon that entered my body suddenly left, and all
I felt was regret and sadness. Then I was left with one sentence left in my mind: I destroyed my
own village.
I destroyed my own village.
I destroyed my own village.
Then I tried to comprehend what I had done. Id be hung for my crimes if other Godlikes
found me. There were no survivors, not even my parents. I no longer had a home to return to.
With that in mind, I slowly took steps backwards slowly, looking at what I had done. Then I
turned around and flew off, not even bothering to look back, except for the fact that I left right
before reinforcements arrived. Then for the first time in my life, tears emerged from my eyes. I
believe you humans call it crying, correct? Anyway, it never happened again.
Yes, I know its tragic, but I try to forget, but like I said, my past comes back to haunt me.
I know it seems like I cant move on from that, but to be honest I cant even remember how
quickly it all went. Sorry for history lessons, but you need to know about our history if youre
going to be hanging out here for a while. There is still some stuff to be told about, so lets just
tackle it, because its almost nighttime and I need something to make me fall asleep, so what else
is there to discuss? Probably what threatens the world more than Godlikes: the fear of a takeover.
According to our Godlike manuscripts, there were 13 gods that all served the same
purpose: destruction. There was supposed to be a Godlike born with an ancient power called Ki,
which would be used to transform and use it for energy blasts, other than using your birth-given
power. That person would take longer after leaving his/her home to discover this technique, and
could pass this Ki energy on to other entities that contained Godlike blood. That Godlike was


supposed to be the one that could actually stand up to these Gods. Ki energy is only seen once a
generation, considering no one has passed on Ki to other life forces with Godlike blood. The
Godlike was supposed to change his name to the legendary founder and redeemer of Ki, Nexus
(also Perseus would work), and kill off the Gods who threaten our world. There is also
something else going on here.
The humans have found other planets, and a structure that is supposedly located in the
center of the universe. This object is called The Great Clock. The Great Clock was founded by a
Godlike known as Grovours Orvo. Grovours was the keeper of time for his generation, and
according to his story, he witnessed a supernova created in the center of the universe destroy all
living life. He was the only survivor, and reversed time to create a structure to withstand and
imprison the supernova, and thus, The Great Clock was born. The Great Clock has a greater
purpose though, many people confuse it as a time machine, but its actually the opposite. The
Great Clock is not meant to alter time, only keep it. If someone uses the Clock for this purpose,
the universe will pay the price. The Clock is not supposed to be a mistake, but Grovours was
killed by someone by the name of Jet Nighthawk, a demon containing powers unlike other
Godlike had ever witnessed: he has this energy that was similar to Ki, but isnt actually called Ki.
It is called Admes, supposedly created by one of the 13 Gods of Destruction. Jet used this to his
advantage, and he thought that killing would open the Grovours Chamber in the Clock, which
was a room in the exact center of the universe, and was the location where many presumed time
travel was possible, considering Grovours had this power to travel backwards in time, but before
Grovours died, his wife gave birth to a son who would redeem the Clock: Clocks. Clocks, who
was immediately given Grovours time scepter, was supposed to be the one to contain Ki.
Unfortunately, Clocks didnt find Ki in his essence. Clocks still maintains the Clock, but rumor
has it he traveled to a dimension. A dimension is a place of life that is actually separated from the
actual living universe. Its still in the universe we know, but it has its own time zone. So when in
one of the 13 dimensions, the time in the universe has actually stopped, yet time flows onwards
in the dimensions. In each of the dimensions, there is way to see into any point in time in the
actual universe. A little too complex? Let me try to make it simpler.
The way to enter a dimension is if you are called there by someone there, or you meet
someone who can dimension-hop, sorta like Clocks. When you enter that dimension, not a single


millisecond passes in the universe, until you get sent back. Your body remains on Earth, yet in
each dimension you keep your body. So once inside the dimension, you can do whatever you
want, which in most cases, is to train. You can spend 5 Earth years in a dimension, and then get
sent straight back to your body in the universe, without a single millisecond passing by. However
if you die in one of the dimensions, you get sent back to your earth body, without any single
thought of the dimensions. So yea, complex content made simple. If you still question
dimensions, Ill answer them in due time. Right now I have more important things to focus on
then to tell you about dimensions. But I guess since I need something to make me sleep, Ill
entertain you with more history.
People said Clocks went to a dimension because he told some of his closest allies there
was something to do with an ancient enemy that could enter our universe and destroy it. This
lead many people to believe it was the God of Destruction of our universe, Brutus. But Brutus
was locked up forever, and even though he is the strongest God of Destruction, there was no way
he could escape his prison. Oh yea, theres also this whole other parallel universe belief, that a
Godlike born with incredible brain processing power. He said there are 12 other universes, and
each one has its own dimensions, God of Destruction, and a parallel form of us. So there would
be another me in every other universe out there. When you think about all this stuff, you think
about how many people are actually roaming around, in every universe and dimension. There are
probably trillions of us out there in our overall way of life. The Godlike that has the big brain,
known as Armando, also said there is a warphole that leads to a mysterious planet known only as
Pandora. Pandora is said to be the center of life, and around Pandora, there are 13 warpholes,
each leading to one of the 13 universes. However no warphole to Pandora has been found,
throughout our entire universe. I personally dont know if the universes and dimensions have any
real purpose to Jet and Clocks, and if this has anything to do with me, but I guess its good to
know. Everyone pretty much knows, and if you dont, you do now.
So yea, life can be a little too crazy, and most times, everyone is probably left in the dust
in terms of what happens lately. Nightfall is currently falling on Los Angeles, so I guess that
means sleep time. No more history lessons from now on. I guess you can say Im commentating
my life now, but oh well; hopefully this tale is one for the history books.


Chapter 2
Loosening the Grip
I woke to sunlight blinding my eyes underneath my eyelids. This only meant for me and
everyone else: its time to get to work. I jumped down from where I was sleeping, and walked
out of the alleyway where the mattress I slept on was. The streets were already busy with humans
needing to get to their jobs. I decided I better get moving to, but instead of turning into a speedy
flame of fire, I decided to walk. I didnt want to get people all over me. There were also people
walking along the sidewalks, and a lot of them were talking to someone else. I thought it was
weird none of them recognized me, but I didnt question it. I tried to always be changing. The
first couple of groups were just talking about daily life, like TV shows, football games, and
movies. Then I walked by two guys who were talking about a rumor spreading around that the
G.E.D was planning an extinction strike called Operation Hades. I remember Hades, from
school, the Greeks believed him to be the God of the Underworld. While Gods do exist, Hades
does not. An extinction strike didnt seem logical to me though, so with me trying to blend in, I
jumped in-between the two of them asked the first one and asked,
Doesnt an extinction strike seem a littleillogical? I mean there are plenty of Godlikes out
there, so how do they think they have the weaponry and technology to beat them?
The first guy, rather irritated that I jumped into their conversation, replied, Supposedly
the military has been developing advanced weaponry, similar to that of the 10/23 strike caused
by that one Godlike. (The 10/23 strike was that energy bomb I created and destroyed 60,000
Godlikes, plus hundreds of soldiers.)
The second guy then said, Yea, hes right. The military and the G.E.D. are working
together to remove the overall threat.
How do you expect them to get every single Godlike? I mean, theyre always on the move, and
many are probably still hiding, I replied.
Hey, I dont ask questions. We just need to get them damn rats off the face of this planet. For
good, the second guy said, putting a lot of emphasis on his last two words.


The agency I work with also found a secret obelisk, with a decrypted message, most likely
written by Godlikes, said the first man.
Whyd you tell me about it if its secret? I asked.
Its not secretive anymore. Everybody knows about it now. You ever watched the news lately?
The first guy then pulled out a photograph that had a picture of a rock covered in what
appeared to be ancient Glyphics, probably not written by humans.

This isnt a message, I said doubtfully. In all honesty, it didnt look like a message to me. Just
looked like some rich guys fancy doorknob.
Thats because its not written from anything human, replied the first man. The second man
kind-of looked over my shoulder, but I assumed he had probably seen this picture before.
Weve had that Godlike Armando on our side for quite some time to try and help us explain this.
He appears to have never seen it before, and out of the 28 languages he speaks, not one of them
is written on this here rock. Just wait and see how humans react when they come to accuse us of
working with a Godlike. Armando has no quarrel with them; he too wants to find out what this is,
and what it might mean.
Now, if you will excuse us, we have a conversation to continue because we were so rudely
interrupted, said the first man, and didnt bother to look back when he said it.


With me being the smartass I am, I said back, You just finished your conversation with me.
The first man stopped, turned around, took off his sunglasses, and said, pointing to his friend and
him rapidly, WE have our OWN conversation to continue. Then he put his glasses back on,
turned around, and reconvened with his friend, and continued down the sidewalk.
And just like that, I was back where I was every other time I tried to make a friend:
giving them a weird, confused look after they walked away. Stupid humans, I murmured to
With the sun almost above the horizon, I pulled out the pair of glasses I had and put them
on, even though I didnt need them. The sun to me is just like a big ball of energy needing to be
absorbed. I just put the sunglasses on just to try and blend in, but I truly didnt need them. I could
star at the sun forever and my eyes wouldnt be that messed up. With my unique abilities in terms
of controlling fire, I can use the sun to tint things off my eyes, or in other words, make it my eyes
like a pair of polarized glasses. I started to walk down the sidewalk, and walked by a coffee place
known as Starbucks. I learned in school that coffee is supposed to be the humans wake up
beverage, sort of like what you have with your breakfast. I had never had a sip of coffee even,
but since life for me is a bit slow, I dont have a human-like job, and I happened to have a couple
hundred American dollars on me, I decided to change things up. I opened the door and walked in,
and as soon as I stepped on the rug right in front of the door, a little bell rung on top of the door.
There were a lot of people ordering, a lot of people working on laptops, a lot of younger people
using pencils to finish their homework, a lot of people watching the televisions, and a lot of
people a reading the newspaper. And of course, everyone had some sort of drink next to them.
Then I realized then Id been standing in the doorway for longer than I had anticipated. I then
slowly walked into the place, and walked to the back of the line that was headed to the counter.
Then I realized I was still wearing sunglasses, so I quickly took them off and looked at the menu.
There were 3 people in front of me, and by the time they were all done, I couldnt find regular
plain old coffee anywhere on the damn menu. So I had to make a quick decision, as more people
were lining up behind me.
I ordered something called a Frappuccino, double-chocolate flavored. Then I also realized
it was still morning, so I bought a circular-shaped bread that was extremely chewy and had


frosting on top of it, or better known as a donut. I paid my money, grabbed the bag that had my
donut, and waited at the counter for my Frappuccino. I stood at the counter for about three
minutes, and as many of you can assume by now, I have a VERY low patience level. My finger
barely flickered, and realizing I was in a room full of humans, I instantly stopped my fingers
from flaring. I tried to bring my patience up, and as soon as I did, they gave me my Frappuccino,
Venti size. I then took my stuff, and sat down at a table that was unoccupied. I took a straw, stuck
it into my drink, and took a couple sips. I instantly thought of spitting out the instant I swallowed
it, because me being a controller of fire, Im not comfortable with drinking a freezing cold drink.
I could have sworn I felt some flames die down inside me. The taste wasnt that bad, it was just
that the drink was incredibly cold. I then took a bite of my donut, and instantly felt better. I
finished my donut, left my drink there, and immediately left the place. As soon as I walked out, I
put my sunglasses in my pockets, and was about to walk on, until I heard something about a
Godlike before the door leading into Starbucks closed. I instantly ran back inside and saw the
biggest TV in the room had footage of explosions and a teleporting creature. I instantly saw a
Godlike fin the midst of humans and the Black Arms fighting. The Black Arms are a race of
aliens that appears every 50 years to this planet, as I learned I school. The only problem is I had
no idea that the Black Arms had returned THIS year.
This Godlike had black hair that went down to his shoulder bones, with red strips in his
hair. He had on a black shirt with no sleeves, and no designs on it. He was wearing black pants
with a red strip on each legging of the pants, each one going vertically. He had gloves that
exposed his fingers, and was teleporting like this: he and everything on his body turned blue, and
then the blue silhouette would stretch out into almost a horizontal line, and then it would
disappear, and reappear in a new position. In the footage, he attacked one of the Black Arms
members, and then attacked more and more, until his body glowed blue. Then they turned the
sound on the footage, and then the Godlike screamed, ChaosControl!
Then the footage slowed down, and all you could see was a blue blur attacking the Black
Arms with lightning fast speed, even too fast to see him through the slowed down footage
shown. Then he reappeared, his blue glow leaving his body. He then walked toward the human
soldiers, who began to shooting at him, even though he was holding up his hand in a no-no-no
manner. The Godlike then had no choice; he jumped up, and started to form a ball shape with his
body, and then started to rotate in a forward somersault formation, and he dashed ahead with his


fast-spinning ball formation, he dashed at every soldier and hit them, while remaining in ball
formation, and streaking in-between soldiers while hurting them in one swift hit. Then he
escapes his ball form, and the red stripes in his hair began to glow into a bright red color. His
body then glowed red, similar to when his body glowed blue. Then his body was suddenly able
to block all bullets that the soldiers were shooting. When all the soldiers stopped firing, he
walked within stabbing distance of them. Then put his arms across his chest, making and X with
his arms. Then the footage sound readjusted its volume, and then the Godlike screamed,
Then he let his arms fly free of the X formation, and his body suddenly erupted in a red
glow that killed and destroyed every soldier and vehicle in his blast radius. His body was
releasing an energy blast equivalent to that of a bomb. It was massive, deadly, and exacting. Then
the energy faded away, and his figure reappeared in the footage. The camera that was recording
the footage was now extremely cracked, and it was hard to see anything through the thousands of
cracks now on the screen. The Godlike then teleported off screen, and the news reports came
back on and did a recap of the footage.
So, this Godlike is like every other: it wants to become well-known, I thought to myself.
But there was something else about this Godlike. He attacked the Black Arms troops without
hesitation, yet when he went to attack the human soldiers, he hesitated, and when they started
shooting at him, he made a no-no-no gesture with his hands, like trying to get them to stop. I
instantly thought this was gonna be the scenario where I find him and we become friends, but I
have to assume since he is a Godlike, and that my idea is completely idiotic, he had trouble
making friends, especially since he looked like he didnt play nice, or fair. But I dont play
nice or fair either. I still thought about finding and talking to him, it was just a matter of where he
was. The news said his name Derek Anderson, but the world now knew him as Shadow. He was
said to be in the same state as me, just not in Los Angeles. Reports had said they saw him
moving north, upstate to Modesto. If that is his true destination, I thought, then perhaps I could
cut him off at Modesto, and perhaps talk to him. Using his teleportation method he could
probably get there pretty quickly. But I have the powers of flames, and using that, I can travel at
pretty fast. There was only one problem: I havent ever, ever, EVER, left the general area of Los


Its like leaving for school for the first time: you always want to hold mommys hand.
Unfortunately I had no mom left, and since I was officially a grown man, I had to act mature. I at
least knew Modesto was upstate. The only problem was just getting there in a matter of time. I
could set a course, and practically get to Modesto only moving forward. First, using human math
skills, I had to decide how to make a path like that. Me being terrible at Math, and a long process
to make sure I didnt get lost, I made a path on the map and decided to take it with me. The map
had a back and front, the back having maps of each individual city, and the front having the
entire state of California. Using the path, I tried to figure out where on the Los Angeles map I
marked that I would start from. I marked a tall building on the edge of the city, but Los Angeles
is a big city, so I just had to do some searching. And I couldnt waste any time, because after all,
Shadow did look pretty fast to me.
It was about 2:00 pm, and I had spent over an hour and 30 minutes trying to find the
damn building I marked. I finally found the building I marked, and shoved the map in my newlyfound backpack (I grabbed a black backpack during my search for the building. I thought it
might come in handy later). Once I found the building, I tried to position myself identical to the
line I drew connecting Los Angeles and Modesto. Once perfectly aligned, I calculated how long I
should fly for, or for how long it would take me to get to Modesto. I determined it would take
under 20 minutes, if I moved at a decently fast pace. To me, it would practically feel like
teleporting, however, the red ball of fire that was my body would take 20 minutes to get to
Modesto. When I transform into a flame, its sort of like Im asleep until I reappear in my
physical body. So it sort of feels like teleporting to me, however it still takes time. I finally got
ready to travel. So I summoned flames, creating a flaming circle around my body, starting from
the floor. I then turned my body into a ball of fire with black streaks coming off if the ball, and
took off, hoping I woke up on the building I marked in Modesto.
When I landed, I landed on a building similar to the one I started on in Los Angeles. I
pulled the map out of my backpack, and checked to see if I landed where I marked. To my luck I
did, but there was no sign or indication that I was here either too early or too late to catch
Shadow. Id just assumed I was early, even though Shadow could actually teleport places. No
one saw me land, so I assumed I could blend in for a little while. It was almost 2:30, so I figured
I had some time to kill.


I had spent over 8 hours resting, and finally for once, I rested in a comfortable, quiet, and
soothing environment of a hotel room. I booked a one night stay, even though I still had plenty of
cash to burn through (pardon the pun). At around 10:28, I left my room to investigate the stillnoisy streets of Modesto. I didnt care anymore, so using my smoke powers, I used them to
levitate myself around the city, disregarding the fact that only a few people were looking. I was
looking for signs of Shadow, and was trying to prove to the people that saw me that I was not
associated with him. I floated in one spot, using my smoke clouds to keep me up. I was rotating
slowly, not so sure about my surroundings. I decided to proceed forward, but before I could, I
knew something was up. The people were starting to look at something else other than me; they
were looking at something above me. Now Im not one to catch-on to things very quickly, so I
didnt notice that the people were focused on something else. I kept lurking around the city, and
then all of a sudden I started to realize that there were more people on the streets, and all of them
werent looking at me. I realized they were looking up, so I played along and looked up, but
before I did, I heard a couple of small gasps from the people, clearly shocked at what was about
to happen. I looked up to see a blue rock of energy about an inch from my face, and then I
realized that it was a rock, as soon as my head had a full visual of the rock, a fist slammed into
the left side of my face. I instantly felt my nose explode, and even though I had to forcibly close
my eyes, I could feel the blood exploding from my nostrils. I was immediately forced down to
the ground, and then left side of my face felt like something as hard as the sharpest sword hit me.
I couldnt remember much after that, but the general assumption was that I pelted into the
ground, causing a minor earthquake. Then we have to assume that I was in a pretty fucked-up

Chapter 3
A Rivalry Settled by Jealousy
My vision was blurred, but I came back into consciousness looking down at all the blood
that was still flowing out of my nose. I was on my stomach, and I felt as though I had been


stabbed. My vision became a bit clearer, and as I turned around, I saw that there was a lead pipe
going right through my stomach. When I looked back forward, I saw a figure just standing
looking down at me, then slowly beginning to walk towards me. When I got a clear look at his
face, I realized that it was Shadow, looking down at me with the same angry eyes he had in the
footage. He picked me up, and as I felt the lead pipe exit my stomach, I let a squeal of pain leave
my mouth. He picked me up by my jacket collar, and he let my head hang.
You have no right to make these humans your own personal victims, said Shadow, in a
serious, low-toned manner. He threw me back down to the ground, and the hole where the lead
pipe was bleeding too badly. I felt it take my energy, and then using my powers, I used them to
instantly heal up the wound and give me some energy to at least stand up. I could barely stay up
on my feet, and then when I got enough energy to remain standing still, I still wobbled a little.
Shadow looked at me with a deathly stare, and before I could say a word, I felt as though my legs
lost their sensation again, which at first belief was thought to be Shadows blow, but then I felt
like the sharpest knife in the world pierced through my skin and reached all the way through my
bone. It was in my left leg, so I immediately took a knee. Then another sharp dagger came into
my right leg, leaving me on my knees. I didnt feel any blood trickling out from where the
daggers had hit, but I had to assume it was there. Then slowly but surely, eleven more daggers
found their way to my leg bone, on each leg. Consuming as much screams as I could, I let go of
some screams, and then lay on my side. I looked at Shadow, to see if this was just one of his
abilities, but he was looking up towards the roof of a building. I was beginning to lose
consciousness, so all I could hear was a muffled shout saying: I had him! I didnt have the
strength to look over my shoulder, so once those sharp daggers began to sink in to my bone, the
pain put me to sleep.
I woke up on a hospital-like bed, which was complimented by wooden nightstand and a
green curtain to my left. To my right, I saw wood walls, a table, a TV, and two figures talking
silently. One of them, probably Shadow, must have heard me stir awake, and looked over his
shoulder to see me slowly waking up from the hospital bed. He then just looked back and kept
talking to whoever it was he was talking to. I then managed to sit myself up and put my legs to
the side of the bed. Yes, I could feel sensation again, and as I looked down, those sharp daggers
were gone, and no blood was anywhere in sight. I felt a sense of relief, and then my throat was


grabbed by a warm, vibrant hand, and I was forced back down to the pillow on the bed. The
person holding me down was Shadow, and his grip was firm, and as I looked at his hand, it was
glowing yellow. He must have been getting ready to stack, but instead he latched me by my
wrists and ankles to the hospital bed. He must have known I could have Smoke-traveled out of
these cuffs, but his glowing hand began to spark, as if he was daring me to move. My general
assumption was that I could hit him; however, his stance told me that he could attack me even if
I breathed behind him. I stayed put, and then that other figure that Shadow was talking to emerge
from the darkness. It was a woman, with long black hair that went past her shoulders, yet fell
short of her chest. She wore a white-blank T-shirt and wore jeans with a hole at each knee. She
didnt look over 18 to me. She looked at me for about two seconds before raising her hand,
which lifted up the very daggers that nearly drained me of my energy. Those daggers looked like
a certain type of rock, one that was commonly seen, but the designs on the daggers were very
Concrete, she said, as if she was answering my very thoughts. She said in almost a
whisper-like voice, but it came out clear. She then looked at her concrete daggers, staring at the
alien-like designs on the sides, and then she twisted her wrist and the daggers began to spin
slowly. Shadow kept his stance, but he also eyed the daggers that were spinning.
Im told that these daggers hurt. Badly, she said, and then she looked back at me.
Before I could even say word, the instant Shadow looked back, a concrete dagger struck just
under my right knee. I consumed my sequel of pain, and then nearly shouted:
Gee, you think?!
Well, if you want me to pull that out then you just answer his questions.
I looked back to see Shadow moving slowly to me until he was right beside my bed. Then he
Why were you about to attack those people?
I was perplexed by the questions that I thought about laughing, and already knew if I said
I wasnt going to attack them that I get another dagger pierced into my leg bone. I knew I had to
tell him something, so I told him the truth, disregarding the fact that I wasnt answering the
question correctly


I saw you on the news in Los Angeles. I didnt come here for these people. I came here to say
hello and shake your hand.
Shadow looked at me with a serious, yet confused manner. I saw the woman raise her
hand to send down another dagger and as I begun to flinch, I saw Shadow hold up his hand
towards her and he shouted, Wait!
She stopped right before the dagger hit me. I could feel the very point of the dagger
barely touching my skin.
Joke around more. I dare you. See how long you last when you joke with me.
Does it look like Im joking?
I instantly tried to fix my face so I had a straight look on it. It worked, because Shadows
energy that he had charged up slowly begun to die down. His expression changed, and he made a
fast movement, and I instantly thought he was going to attack. He destroyed the cuff holding my
right hand to the bed, but before I could grab him, he asked me a serious question, one that I
didnt know the answer to:
Are you with the G.E.D? If so, then you arent the one thats leaving.
The G.E.D? How could a Godlike other than Armando work with those incompetent
freaks? The last I heard about them was the extinction strike that was being planned by them.
The only thing that I could think about was the prison they were locking up Godlikes in. I think
the name was Excavenger Keep. I wasnt expecting this time of question, so I did my best to
avoid it. I stuck out my hand, as if ready to shake Shadows hand.
Ryshed Cay, the 8th Angel, I said in an almost whisper-like voice, hoping he wouldnt realize
that I changed the name a little bit to make me seem good.
Shadow then stood straight up and just looked at me with a smug look. He eyed me for a
long time, and then he slowly lifted up his arm to mine and said,
Shadow Kliar, the Wielder of Chaos.
When his hand hit mine, his powers instantly exposed out of him, running from his arms
to mine. His arm had blue lightning-light streaks coming out of his arm, and a current flow was


going into my hand. I tighten my grip as much as I could, and Shadow was struggling to get his
hand free from my grip. We were both violently shaking, and the woman tried to separate us, but
she was instantly blown away, and I began to see cartoon pictures flashing rapidly. Then I saw
blackness, and then I saw light.
Through all the shaking that Shadow had done, he had freed me of my cuffs on all parts
of the floor. The women slowly picked up Shadow, and we both slowly stirred awake. The
women and Shadow looked at me, and then once we both had our strength, we stood up and
Shadow and the women darted to the door. As if by magic, my body appeared in a new location,
followed by a blue glow. Shadow still had his powers, but because I slightly drained him, he
needed to charge his energy back a little bit. That was probably why the woman was helping
Shadow out. They looked at me, as my body instantly appeared in a new location. God damnit, I
thought to myself. See, every time I get a new ability it takes a minute or two for me to master
the ability. Then I channeled the power and my body appeared where Shadow and the woman
were standing, but they werent standing there anymore. They were at door, slowly flying around
with a bunch of concrete rocks spinning and making them levitate and glide out.
Oh no, no, no, I got this now! I shouted, now realizing that was I was doing was teleporting,
and I now had Shadows powers. Awesome.
The two were slowly flying away, and I used this new ability to teleport at a decently fast pace. I
used this teleportation ability to make it seem like I was going really fast. I still had my eyes on
them, and Shadow had gained his strength back. The woman threw a rock at me, and Shadow
We aint going back to Keep, ok Cay?!
Granted I was confused as you were when I heard that, I shouted:
Im not here take you to Excavenger Keep! I just wanna talk! I saw what you did on the news!
I then instantly charged forward quicker, trying to teleport as quickly as I could to keep
up with these two. Shadow went to the roof of one building, and I quickly followed him. The
woman split off, but tried to find a path back to us. When Shadow and I were still and looking
straight at each other on the roof, he looked down slowly, then back at me. Then the glass roof
we were standing on collapsed, and we both fell to the bottom of what looked like a dance club.
We hit with a thud; Shadow landed on his back, and I managed to land on my knees, not aware


that one of the glass shards had hit Shadow in the leg. We both looked at each other, and then I
instantly ran back to him, and grabbed both of his wrists, holding down his arms with my knees.
The power drainage began again, but this time I did more than drained him. I slowly saw his face
melt into ooze, and then it was like my eyes looked into his brain, and I saw those animated
pictures that I had seen before, except slower and it was narrated, and not by me, but by
Shadows voice. The images showed in the form of a story, and Shadows narration explained all
of it to me. The narration read like this:
When I grew up on a normal ranch, I never expected to be born a Godlike. The shock hit
hard and painfully when my powers came to me. My parents turned me in, but it wasnt the
authorities that came for me. The G.E.D. came for me, and took me to a place where I was
hooked up to machines, experimented on, and practically murdered. Every day I was thrown
back into my cell, wearing bracelets on each wrist and ankle, restricting me from my powers by
needles going into my blood stream. The way the cuffs worked was that if I tried to channel my
powers even a little, the bracelets would attack my nervous system, and that wasnt a pleasant
experience. Every day my body would be wrinkled and drained from experiments and exercises.
I didnt know what the Warden was doing to people like me, but all I knew was I wasnt going to
let it happen anymore. What the G.E.D. was doing here made me want to side with humans, but I
knew I could never do that. And just when my luck ran out, that guy in the cell next to me had
been supposedly killed, but really, I knew they did more than kill him. I was always angry
about how things turned out, and just when my energy gave out, I met my new cellmate, Sophie.
Her powers were concrete, and even though there were bars separating us, that wasnt going to
stop us from our relationship. Sophie became everything that ever mattered in my life. I loved
her, I did my best to protect her in that hellhole, and I almost died for her. In our spare time we
had through our cells, we talked and talked and talked. She shared the same passion as I did: she
wanted to side with humanity, yet humanity wouldnt accept us. When we were transported to a
military camp, our truck crashed, giving Sophie and I the chance we had been waiting for. We
landed in a city called Los Angeles, and since we had gotten to meet and know the Warden of
Excavenger Keep, Sophie and I were ready to take on what was yet to come. When we saw the
G.E.D rounding up other Godlikes, we knew what the Warden would do to them, and Sophie and
I knew we had to stop her. Humanity would accept us, but it was up to us to make it happen. If I
saw another Godlike about to attack humans, then I would stop them. I would take them away


and prove to them that my path is the right path. I was going to save as many Godlikes as I
could, and the reason our kind was going to survive was because of me and Sophie.
I dazed back into consciousness, the cartoon video-like images and narration now left my
eyes and ears. Sophie was helping Shadow up, and once my vision became less blurred, I saw
Shadow staring at me with a look of shock and fear.
You were inside my headhow did you do that? he said, still containing the look of shock.
You have your tricks, I have mine. Only difference is, now I have your tricks too, I cleverly
responded with.
He then created energy out of his hand, probably just making sure he still had his powers.
I then created the same ball of energy in my hand, only mine disappeared after about a second
after I created it. Great, I thought, now I have to master this ability. Shadow made his energy
disappear, and then looked at me and said:
Dont even think about shaking Sophies hand. You saw my story. Im going to teach you to
to not attack humans, I said. I saw what you did on the news, with the soldiers shooting
you. You attacked them, even though you hesitated. You tried to show them that the other forces
out there are the ones we are truly fighting, and our kinds must survive and fight together, but
that doesnt mean if soldiers shoot at you then you automatically kill
I didnt kill any of the soldiers you saw.
Bullshit. You blasted them all with your, red-blastability.
But not one of them died! Shadows legs now could support his weight, and Sophie wasnt
holding him anymore.
What we saw in EK was worse than genocide. That bitch Warden was trying to control all of
our abilities, even if it meant killing us to get those abilities from us!
But you killed humans! I saw you do it! We were shouting at each other, and pretty loudly.
I didnt kill any humans! That bitch Warden, Brooke, is nothing but a teenage girl who
somehow leads an extinction army! Do you know how embarrassing that is?!
Im following what you do! Ive been wanting to side with humanity to, its just that we have to
make it happen, like you said! But that doesnt mean you can make an exception every now


I SUBDUED THEM!! Shadow shouted, stomping hard on the ground, the energy he created
sweeping me off my feet and back onto my back. I then looked back at him with that same look
he gave me: shock. The eyes that were once filled with fear were now replaced by anger, and
then his face changed to a weird look that gave off the expression that said What have I done?
He then repeated what he said in a whisper-like voice.
I subdued them
He tried his best to keep his posture, but he was ashamed, and Sophie wasnt upset with
him, she was more surprised than angry. He turned around, calmed himself down for a few
seconds, and then looked back at me with a questioning look, as if he were observing me. He
stared at me for a while, and then grabbed a piece of paper from his back pocket and burned
about 20 numbers into it, 10 on each line. I didnt expect what he did, but he handed me the
paper, and I slowly reached out and grabbed it.
The top number is mine, the bottom one is Sophies. If youre who you say you are, then youll
use those wisely.
As soon I realized they were phone numbers, Shadow and Sophie walked away. Shadow
put his right arm around Sophies shoulder and they walked toward the door leading out of the
dance club. Shadow didnt even bother to look back, so I automatically assumed that enough
talking had been done. The message had been passed, and both sides made amends and
understood the message. I looked back down at the paper, and pulled out my phone quickly and
put in the two numbers that I had been given. Once I put in the number, I put my phone back in
my pocket. I didnt know if I should call them or text them or catch up with them, so I just chose
to catch up to them, but as soon as I ran out into daylight, there was no trace of Shadows or
Sophies presence. I heard sirens in the distance, so using my new ability, I teleported up to the
top of a building, and teleported around enough until I was far enough from the dance club we
landed in, right before ambulances and cops arrived. I looked around the roof I had landed on,
and I saw a smoke stack. See, the way I switched my powers that I had obtained is I drained the
power I had from another source, for instance, if I had a different ability and wanted smoke, I
would drain smoke from a source and instead of the previous ability I had, I would have smoke
back. I didnt know this at the time. I figured this new ability would take some getting used to,


but as I held my hand out, the smoke didnt drain, and I stuck my hand closer and closer until the
smoke burned my hand. I instantly pulled my hand back, and almost screamed out loud:
WHAT?! I lost smoke?! Whats the fucking point of getting new powers if I have to trade in my
old ones?!
I was angry at the fact that I had to keep these powers, and at the time, I thought forever. I
assumed at the time that since these powers were permanent, I may as well learn to master it. I
pulled out my phone. I dialed up Shadows phone number that I was so recently given. But
before I hit call, I notice a glowing blue box that had G.E.D. marked on the side. The box was
black, and at the top there were a bunch of big dials that were glowing pretty blue, sitting on a
roof not far from where I was.

It definitly attracted my attention, because I flicked off my phone and started to teleport
dash towards it. My teleportation skills that I had gotten werent perfect, but they got me to
where I wanted to go, maybe not in the straightest path, but I got to the box. It looked pretty
cooler up close, and near the box was what looked like the top of the box was on the ground on
the side of the box. The glow was pretty birght, and if I had to guess, I would guess was some
sort of Godlike tracker unit. I held my hand out slowly to the glow, then all of sudden the blue
glow stung my hand and all of the blue energy that was in the box was not there anymore, and it
was coursing through my body, instantly making my body glow with that same color, and I was
immediately launched about 2 feet into the air. That blue glow was surging through my body,
making me ache, and then my head jolted toward the sky, my eyes glowing with that blue glow,
then all of a sudden my vision turned white, and I saw a figure shooting yellow orbs out of his
hands, and at a pretty fast pace. It showed this attack for about 5 more seconds, then I was
shocked out of the trance, and was back on the ground. I shook my head, held onto it as I slowly
stood up, legs weak and body aching, and then once I was up straight, I held out my hands so my


eyes could look, and then they glowed yellow when I summoned energy to them. At that moment
of confusement I saw a small G.E.D drone circling around where the box was, with that same
blue glow that the box had. I looked down at my right hand, which was still glowing yellow, and
that attack I had overlooked suddenly felt familiar. I held up my right hand quickly, and with all
might, forced the energy that was around my hand towards the quadcopter that was circling
around the area. The yellow orb I had shot out of my hand hit the drone dead on, and it fell into
the alley near the base of the building. I realized that this yellow orb thing was probably a new
attack, and it was safe to assume that I had gotten this ability from that glowing box I had
Now that I realized I had a new ability, I put a smile on my face. I pulled out my phone,
and my phone instantly went back to the dial page, with Shadows number still punched in. I hit
call and I put the phone next to my ear and waited for the ringing to stop and to hear Shadow.
The phone buzzed for a little bit, and then the reciever picked up, and Shadow was on the line.
You know, my powers can be an advantage if they so choose to be, Shadow said.
So are mine. The powers of absorbtion are quite the trick. Only problem is, I think I have your
power for ever now. I cant use my smoke powers anymore.
Oh yea? Well karmas a bitch, and draining another Godlikes powers wont help you any.
Well, since I have to keep your ability, probably forever now, I could use your help getting new
abilities for this power.
Oh thats a thing for you? Great. I offer you help from confusion, not to make you powers more
Who said I was going to use this against humans? I already exlpained myself, so I REALLY
need your help here.
fine. What do you need from me?
Thank you! Now, youve probably been here before or atleast been here for awhile right?
Sure. Me and Sophie scouted the city, and thats when I saw you getting ready to blast those
Well, what I WAS doing when you saw me was taking a look as well. Then your fist slammed


into my face andanyway, have you seen any big black boxes that have G.E.D marked on the
side? I saw one just a second ago and I figured they had put more up around the city.
Yea, Ive seen em. I think the G.E.D. can track us with them.
Well, I found out a way to use them to, like I said before, gain new abilities and attacks.
Anyway I got this new power you gave me
Gave you?
Aaaaannnd I was wondering if youd wanna help a brother out here by finding these boxes so
I can get new powers. You in?
Fine. Sophie will come to, but you are not going to even think about shaking her hand. You
are not going to get her power
Wasnt planning on it. Ive already got one hinderance I need to master.
Screw you.
Then Shadow hung up, and texted me a location somewhere in Modesto. It wastwo
different street names, so one would assume it was in that nearby area. It was safe to assume that
one of those precious boxes I wa looking for was at that location. As I begun to head over there, I
thought about something. When I tapped into Shadows memories, he had said he was born on a
normal ranch, and the only way that a Godlike could be born was if he was inside his home
village. Theories entered my head, and the only logical explanation of why a Godlike was born
outside of his home village was the Conduit Gene. The Conduit Gene was basically a recessivedominant gene that had to be activated for a person to turn into a Godlike. Now, maybe of course
some Godlikes did have children with a human, and thus, the birth of the Conduit Gene begun,
but I still didnt underatand why Shadow was born outside of a Godlike home village yet he still
had powers. Even worse, his parents turned him in. the only way a Godlike can have fully
domiant Conduit Genes is if the parents create that entity with powers, and then made the body
and gave birth to the child. I didnt understand how all of this could lead to Shadow having
powers outside of a Godlike village. Maybe his Conduit Gene wasnt activated until later on his
life, when he was turned in by his parents. But I had no idea how a Conduit Gene could be
activatedoh well. Once I choose to get on his good side, I could ask him about it. Speaking of
which, I havent necessarily been a goodie two shoes my whole life. My trip to Modesto and here


on out was my chance to decide my fate. I really wanted to side with humanity, but if I chose to,
Id have to use force to get accepted into society. Im confident with my choices, and hope they
play out right. Anyway, I checked the coordinates on my phone, and teleported off into that
direction. I teleported only a about a yard every time, however to a regular bystander, it would
like I was running pretty fast, dissapearing here and there. My teleportation path still wasnt
straight, but it got me headed towards the location. My phone had a GPS, so I marked the
coordiantes, and tried to mark a path leading to that location.
The time was about 8:30, and the streets werent as crowded as they were previously,
however, lots of groups of teens were roaming the streets, and a lot of buildings all over Modesto
were still inhabited and very alive. Rain had started falling as soon as I got close to my first
destination, and I saw a big concrete shard glowing blue waiting on the top of a roof near the
marked streets. I put my phone away (yes, if I teleport, my phone teleports too, even if its out)
and headed towards the roof. When I landed next to the rock, I landed on my feet, but lost my
balance and began to fall. I caught myself and stood back up.
So, youre new at this, so does teleporting feel as weird as it did when I begun to teleport?
Shadow asked, emerging with Sohpie behind the rock.
Uhwell it definietly ehfeels different, I responded, trying to be truthful.
Heres your box. Me and Sophie will go find another one for you. Dont go too crazy.
The lid of the box was still on it, but Shadow did find the same box. Shadow teleported
away and Sophie lifted herself up using concrete rocks and dashed away with Shadow. I tried
pulling the lid of the box, but my bare hands and the chain on my wrist couldnt tear it off. I took
a step back, and an idea appeared in my head. I tried to channel some of these new Chaos
powers I got, and tried to channel it to my hand like I did when I drained the first box to get my
first attack. I successfully channeled a yellow, pulsating, energy orb into my right hand, aimed it
at the box, and shot the orb. The orb hit the box, but the box was still shut solid. I channeled
more energy, and shot three more orbs in rapid succession, and the box exploded, and the same
box I saw before was shown, removed of the shielding that it once was provided. I took a deep
breath, stuck out both of my hand towards the glow, and it slowly came into contact with my
skin, unlike the last time. I was jolted above the ground again when the energy pulsated through
my body. My whole body shook from all the energy surging through it, and then once again, I


looked towards the sky, with white vision as it soon turned into a small representation of what I
was about to obtain. This time, I saw a person charge up a yellow circliar orb that kept going
from a big to small cirlce around his fist. His left shoulder was facing the direction he was
aiming, and his left hand was the one charging the attack, after a short charging time, he thrusted
his left hand forward and launched a spear like attack. He shouted, Chaosspear! as he
attacked. I guessed that I wouldnt have to say that every time I did, because when I got out of
the trance and was back on my feet, I knew I had to test it out. I saw a truck marked G.E.D.
marked on the side pull up near the roof I was on, and soldiers got out and begun to shoot at me,
and even though I was against attacking humans for now, I had to make a choice and fired a
Chaos Spear at the truck that had just pulled up. The charge up was difficult for me, and the
releasing of the spear was even harder. I missed the first shot, and got a couple of bullets put in
me, but almost every single Godlike on the planet currently has fast-healing powers, so the
wounds made by the bullets were temporary for only about 5 seconds. I charged up another one
and aimed it at the truck, and released all the energy, attempting to lauch it straight. The spear
released from my hand swiftly, and to some extent, it traveled straight. The truck exploded the
instant that the spear hit, and the soldiers near the truck fell to the ground, not dead, but
wounded. I jumped down onto the ground, landing on my feet. I looked around, and the smoke
coming off of the truck reminded me of how eager I was to get my smoke power back, however
my body agreed that this new power I had been given would work for a while. The soldiers were
slowly crawling around, trying to recover from their injuries. One was right next to where I
landed, and looked up at me with a look a fear. The spear I had launched had given me a sense of
adrenilene. I was a little confused at the time, feeling that I still had that same sense of
adrenilene. So I made my first choice of thisquest.
Use your powers to help him back up to his feet (continue to page 32)
Walk away from the explosion

(go to page 38)

Kick him once in the head and watch him suffer (go to page ___)
Using natural instinct, I tried to channel some of these new powers that had healed me
just seconds eariler. I channeled them into my hand, and used my hand to try to create a funnel
around the soldier laying in front of me. I created the funnel successfully, and slowly lifted the


man up. He got back on his feet, the funnel gone, and had no wounds then he previously did. He
checked himself, and then looked at me with a sense of shock, replacing the previous fear that
was in his eyes. I then slowly walked around to all the other soldiers and slowly lifter them up
with this healing power I had. When I did this to them, it didnt give them the power, but the
power healed them and then fled back to me. Once I healed everyone, I turned around and my
expression changed when I saw all of the soldiers looking back at me with a look of shock on
them. I stood almost giving the same look of shock and for a second, there was silence as we all
just stared at each other. My energy orbs I had used to heal these soldiers had gone back into my
palms and disappeared, and I finally gathered up the courage to say something. I gulped, took
one step back, and said,
See? Were not all monsters like you think we are. Spread the word.
Then I turned around and teleported away, not bothering to look back at what I assumed
was relieved faces. Once I got far enough away, my phone started buzzing, and the Caller ID was
Shadow. I thought to myself, how he is he gonna put this on me this time? After all, what I
thought I did was good. I sighed, hit answer, and put my phone up to my ear.
So, I see a G.E.D. truck destroyed from here, and the flames are big. You wanna explain?
Hey man, you see the people walking around the truck? Theyre G.E.D. I healed them as soon
as the truck exploded.
Really? You HEALED them? Gimme a break, youre not like that.
Hey, believe me when I tell you that you are completely wrong about me right now. Just give
me some time and youll see.
fine. Found another one of those boxes for you. I think we should call them Blast Cores.
Seems pretty fitting if it gives you new powers.
Hey thanks. Text me the address and Ill be there in a flash.
that was probably the most terrible pun Ive ever heard.
Well hey get ready man, I got a whole lot more up my right sleeve. And you dont even wanna
know whats up my left sleeve.


I then hung up and waited for my phone to buzz with the address of the next Blast
Core. I was really trying my best to get on Shadows good side, but the guy was hard to read,
and right now, I have to assume he still doesnt think Im necessarily good news. My phone
buzzed with the address of the next Blast Core. I looked it up on my GPS (or map, for you
people who think a map and GPS are totally different things), marked it, and put my phone back
in my pocket, as the next destination was not to far from where I was. I felt good about what I
did back at the truck, so as I teleported to the destination, I thought about what else I could do to
make a difference. My teleportation skills had improved a little, mostly from practice, but they
improved. I landed on the roof where the next Blast Core was, and I saw Sophie, but didnt see
Shadow. I landed on my feet, and teleported right next to the blast core where Sophie was
standing, I then saw Shadow appear from the same teleportation technique I used. He landed
right next to Sophie, and he said,
So, do you seem to be getting the hang of your newsymptoms?
I looked around for a second, then replied, Like I said, its different.
Yea? Well I dont want you disgracing my power and using it to hurt humans.
You mean like you did with your Chaosblast?
Watch yourself Cay. Those same people you supposedly healed are afraid of you now.
What?! Are you shitting me? I helped them up!
And theyve never seen a Godlike do that to a human, so it makes them think that you may be
leading humanity into trusting Godlikes, and just when they have to decided to trust us, you
back stab them.
But thats not my intention!
Well thats what they think it is! So you need to be careful about the choices you make Ryshed.
you need to think before you act
But thats what I did! The very thought of hurting them popped into my mind, Ill admit that,
but I didnt! I did the opposite!
Does it matter Ryshed? Yes, it does! People are afraid of us and will never accept us fro who
we are. Were not normal.


Just because were not normal doesnt mean that we cant fit in. Van Gogh wasnt normal.
Gandhi wasnt normal
But people werent scared of Gandhi, right? They call us Bio-terrorists, just because they think
we are freaks.
See, thats pre-programmed bullshit!
Then Shadow looked at me with a look of awareness, as if he had just realized the truth. I
felt triumphant over Shadow for once, and I was proud of it. Shadow stared at me for about 10
seconds, not even moving. Sophie looked at him with the same look of awareness, and then
Shadow looked at her. They looked at each other for a slight second, and then Shadow looked
back with a look of seriousness. He leaned in and said,
Remember your words, Ryshed.
Then he teleported away, grabbing Sophie before he teleported, and Sophie teleported
with him. My brain must have taken a shock from the thing Shadow said to me, because it left an
impact on me.
Remember your words, Ryshed.
Remember your words.
I then dropped the thought from my head, and looked at the blast core that faced me. I
thought the only way to open it up was with the Chaos Shot ability, the first ability I obtained
from a blast core. I used logic to assume that a Chaos Spear would crack open the box in one hit.
So I charged up a Chaos Spear, and as I put my left hand behind my head, putting my left
shoulder towards the box, I realized that the once yellow glow of the Chaos spear was now a
blue glow. I didnt know how or why, but I decided to go with it. I looked back at the box, and
launched the spear straight at the box. For the first time in this Chaos ability, I launched
something exactly straight. The spear hit the box, and the box exploded, exposing the bright
glow inside the blast core. I stuck my hand out towards the box, and the glow did the same thing
as the last box: it traveled slowly to my hands, then once all of it reached my hands, it jolted me
above the ground, and traveled all around my body, making my body shake from all the energy
surging through me. I then was forced to look up, as usual, and my vision turned white, and then
I saw the same man, nothing but a black silhouette, appear. He then jumped up and created


yellow pulsating energy in his arms. Then energy extended to his elbows, and then the energy in
his hands begun to spin. Then I realized after looking at this display, that this new ability was a
levitation ability, similar to the levatiation ability I used with my smoke power.
After the ability preview was over, I was thrown back to the ground, released from the
trance I was in. I figured this levitation ability was almost the same as my smoke levatitation
ability, so I figured I had to channel the power the same way in order for it to work. I jumped as
high as I could, and sure enough, the chaos ability that had played through my vision had
worked, only it had the same difference my chaos spear did: the glow wasnt yellow, it was blue.
I slowly levitated down to the ground, I knew I had to give this baby a better test run. I teleported
my way to the top of a huge building, and once I reached the roof, I looked down at how high up
I was, and then I just jumped off. I channeled the energy to my hands, and before I knew it, I was
slowly parachuting down to the ground. Because I was so high up, I saw Shadow standing next
to another blast core, not to far from where I was. I leaned forward, forcing my body to slowly
hover towards where Shadow was. After about ten seconds, I was floating about 40 feet above
himl, and he didnt even know it. Sophie saw me, but I put a finger over my mouth signifiying
shh. I was still levitating, and put a smile on my face as I removed my finger from my mouth.
She carried the same smile, and did the same notion I did, and put her finger over her mouth.
Then she took her finger away from her mouth, then looked back at Shadow. Shadow put the
phone up to his ear, and sure enough, my phone started buzzing. I thought about what to do, and
all I thought about was doing a comet drop if I still had my smoke ability. The comet drop was
basically where I could charge up energy in my fist while in the air and then create an explosion
when my fist it the ground. I didnt know if I had that ability, and I thought about if it would still
work with this chaos ability. I was now about 30 feet above the blast core, so I decidede to try it
out. I removed then energy that was making me levitate, and I channeled as much of my power
as I could into my right fist, and the energy was too much that it was overflowing in my fist, I
began to fall towards the blast core at a fast pace. Right before I hit the blast core, I slammed my
fist down, and when I hit the top of the box, my vision turned blurry, my hearing went a little
distorted, and I saw the blast core explode, releasing the blue glow that I needed. I landed on my
back, and it took a while for my vision and hearing to get back.


I eventually stood back up, my vision now clear and my hearing now restored. I leaned
on the box, and for some reason my body didnt absorb the energy of the blast core. I just had to
assume that I needed to let my hands absorb the energy. I saw Sophie laying down, probably just
because she was taking cover, as I saw her look up at me. I looked at Shadow as his back begun
to fast-heal, probably because of that explosion I had created. I knew he was gonna be ok,
because Sophie didnt look too worried at the fact that her boyfriend was on his stomach fasthealing. I pushed my body off the box, reached my hands towards the glow, and like the last two
blast cores, the energy took its time to reach my hands, and the instant all of the energy hit my
hands, I was jolted up off the ground, trying to somewhat control my jolting body from all the
energy surging through me. I then looked upwards, and my vision once again became white, and
I saw the same man that had been displaying these abilities to me before. In this one, he jumped
up, and wrapped himself up in a ball, and begun to do constant somersaults until it he was a
spining ball of death, similar to what I had seen Shadow do. The man had the same yellow glow
as his previous attacks did, and I saw him dash towards some objects, remaining in ball form,
and when he hit an object, he was released from his spinball form. When he dashed towards
another object, he re-entered ball form in the blink of an eye, and when he hit, he was released
again from ball form. I assumed this was some sort of homing attack that I could use to get
I was then released from the trance of the blast core, and landed on my feet. I looked at
my hands, channeled the blue glow into them, and looked off into the distance. Worth a shot, I
thought to myself. I ran towards the edge and right as I jumped off, I felt someone grab the hold
of the collar of my black vest, thus stopping me dead in my tracks. I was pulled back onto the
roof, and landed flat on my back. The person who grabbed me was Shadow, and he looked at me
with a grim look, probably angry at the fact that I comet dropped onto the blast core.
Gee, thanks for the warning, he said, looking serious.
Aw come on man! You gotta cut me some slack, I said.
He was only playing around, Shadow, Sophie said, hearing her voice for about the third time.
Really Sophie? Was he really? Shadow said, sounding like he had some sort of shock in his


Woah Shadow, dont get so worked up that your girl is talking to another guy. Besides, no
offense Sophie, but youre out of my league, I said.
ugh. Your right, Ryshed. But watch your back. There is a lot of scary shit going on out there,
and that means we have very little time for playing around, Shadow said.
I understand. Now, Im gonna go try out this ability, without anyinterruptions?
Fine. There should only be one more blast core around here Shadow said.
What? Only one?! Come on man, I need more!
No, this last one will be enough for you now. Besides, you seem like you got the hang of my
Yea, it works out really well in terms of transportation.
AND combat. You go try out your new attack. Sophie and I will find you one last blast core.
Alright then. Thanks Shadow.
no problem. We Godlikes cant just look after our choices towards humans, we have to look
after our own.
Then Shadow grabbed Sophies wrist, and the two of the teleported away. I looked back
down at my hands, channeled the blue glow, and then my body begun to glow with blue flames. I
jumped off of the building, saw a light pole that I could hit and channeled my ball form. I
expected my vision to see my knees, considering I was spinning pretty fast and I was in ball
form. But instead, my vision still saw straight, however my body was still in ball formation. It
was weird, but when I hit the light pole, I was thrown up in the air a little bit, and my body was
expanded back into its full form, no longer curled up like a ball. I did this same spinball attack
until I landed on a nearby roof. I felt a small sense of dizzyness, but I assumed that was just
because my head still felt the spinning I was doing. My phone buzzed, and when I pulled it outm
it had Shadow as the person who sent the text, and in the text was an address. That was quick, I
thought, and carrying that thought, I teleported off towards the address.
The next chapter is on page ____
In that moment I was troubled, looking as that man looked at me with a look of fear. I
said nothing, and as I watched him look at me with fear-filled eyes, he began to cry. I didnt


know what to do, so I just turned around, not even looking back at the man, or any of his other
bretheren. I took one step, slowly and unsurely, then took another, and then another, and then
another, until I was one block away from the burning truck. My sense of adreniline had left me,
and I felt shameful and disgraced. I heard sirens, and finally looked back to see ambulances
carrying the soldiers into their vans. And then, in almost an instant, the vans dashed towards a
nearby hospital. I watched as people started crowding around the burning and steaming truck. I
kinda felt like I was laying back, which is what I wanted, but I wanted to act. Instead, I jammed
my hands into my jeans pockets, keeping my thumbs exposed. I turned around, and slowly
walked away from the explosion now a block away from me. I kept my eyes on the ground I as
walked away, keeping my head down. I didnt know what to think, about why I just walked
away. I couldnt walk away from stuff like this, yet I, did. My phone buzzed, and I let it sit in my
right pocket for about two seconds. Then I reached into my pocket and pulled put the buzzing
phone. The caller ID showed that Shadow was calling, and I was scared to pick up. Sure, pin it
on me Shadow, I thought. Just tell me how cruel of a person I am. I then hit answer, took a deep
breath, and put the phone up to my ear.
So, I see a G.E.D truck thats engulfed in flames from here. I also see a big group, and a guy
thats making an attempt at laying low talking to someone on the phone. You wanna explain?
As soon as Shadow said that he saw a guy on the phone, I didnt look up and try to find him. I
kept my head low and responded:
Well, that sure seemesinteresting
Cut the crap Ryshed. Your vest gives you away like a movie trailer gives the whole plot of the
movie away.
WellI didnt do what I did purposefully. I had a new ability and I wanted to test it
Oh, so you think humans are your own little toys to experiment on? You have any idea how
many men you just sent to the hospital?
At that instant, I turned to my right, looking at rooftops across the street until I finally caught
eyes with Shadow.
Well, Im sorry! Its just I didnt
You didnt what? You didnt think before you acted? Shadow was now moving and back and


making gestures with his open arm as if we were talking face-to-face.

WellI was just confused. I didnt know what to do manI blew up the truck and I saw one of
the soldiers look up at me with the most fearful expression
Well why didnt you do anything?! Ryshed, you cant just walk away from shit like this
I did what I did, Shadow. The past is the past, and quite frankly, I just want to forget about it.
But you forget this Ryshed! You have to remember what Godlikes are trying to do! We are
trying to change the course of fucking history here!
I then pointed at him and said: No, thats what YOU and SOPHIE want! You two WANT to
prove our innocence, but the rest of the Godlikes on this Earth are just living life the way the
normally do
Well what do YOU want Ryshed?! You just want to go up to every Godlike you can find, shake
their hand, and then just, move on and let them make their own choices?
Not a bad idea
It IS a bad idea. Look Ryshed, me and Sophie are trying to change our way of life here. We
talked about thiswellbriefly, but the point is we suppose you have the same intenetions we
Maybe I do Shadow, I justdontknow.
Well, when that time comes when you have to decide who youre fighting for, you will have to
Ok. Ok. Ok. Look, just find me another one of those boxes for me, please?
fine. Only if you promise to straighten up a little bit ok? Keep your head up man.
You think we should call those boxes something like, Core Relays?
What kind of subject change is that?
Well, do you think we should? If you think they can track us?
Sure, I dont care. Call em what you want. I guess Ill call them, something like Blast Cores.
Hmm, not bad.
Yeah yeah, whatever.


Then I saw Shadow remove his phone from his ear, and shove his phone in his pocket.
Then I saw him look to his left, and just like that, he teleported away. I thought about what he
said, and the truth was, back when I looked down at the soldier, I was frightened. I didnt know
what to do, because I knew whatever I did was going to change the way my time here in
Modesto was gonna play out. My phone was still in my hand, not up to my ear, but still in my
hand, now dangling by my side. It buzzed, and when I looked down at it, the screen showed a
text from Shadow that had an address on it. The address was close by, and I had to assume that
this was where the next core relay was. Using these things to tap into more abilities was going
to be cool, but I had to know how to use them just right. I had to make the right moves when it
was my turn to play. I couldnt just coward out like I did last time. As much as I hate to say I
cowarded out, I did. Ill admit it. But I wasnt going to let myself be like this forever. I looked up
and teleported towards the address that I received. My teleporting skills werent as good as
Shadows, but they were getting there. I barely knew my way around town, but I saw street
names at every street-light I saw, and I used my phone GPS and those signs to help get me to
where I was going. I saw the roof where Shadow was standing with Sophie, and I saw the blast
core, the only difference was the box still had its top on, where as the last blast core I found
didnt have a protective top on it. I was teleporting my way there, and when I got close, I did my
best to try and land on my feet, and I did, but lost my balance and fell over on my back. I then
looked up and saw Shadow extending his left hand out towards me. I reached for it and grabbed
it, and he pulled me back up on my feet. He then slammed his other hand onto my right shoulder,
and said:
Dont worry. Youll get used to it. Just like youll get used to living this life style.
Hey man, Im serious. You know, you cant just leave it up to the bigger people in life to make
the big choices in life.
I know man, its just
Its just what? Its just the fact that you and I both know we need to fix your ability to act?
I just stared at him with a look filled with sadness, but not with tears.
Hey, dont worry about this, alright? Ill see you at the next blast core.


And with that, he turned around and looked at Sophie, and then he grabbed her hand and
teleported off, taking her with him. I looked at Shadow as I saw him teleport roof-to-roof in
search of another one of these core relays. I then looked back at the core relay in front of me,
once again realizing that this time, this core relay had some protective sheilding. I raised my
right hand, channeled some chaos energy into it, and shot 3 small yellow orbs in rapid succession
at the box, and the sheilding ceased to leave the core relay. I tried again with 3 more shots, but
none of them worked. I decided to try something different, and channeled my chaos energy in a
different way, creating a chaos spear. I figured that this chaos spear would crack the box open, so
I channeled more energy, and the yellow glow became bigger and bigger in my right hand. I then
released the spear, and for the first time in this new chaos power, I launched something straight.
The spear hit the core relay exactly straight-on, and the box exploded, releasing the blue glow
that I had previously seen before. The glow was pretty bright, and when I stuck my hand out to
drain the glow, it did the same thing the last box did: it slowly extendedd and hit my hands, and
when all the energy did, my body was jolted above the ground, hovering there just trying to
compose itself from the violent shaking this energy was doing. I then looked upwards, my vision
became white, and the same man who had demonstrated the chaos shot and the chaos spear had
appeared again. He then jumped up and created yellow pulsating energy in his arms. Then energy
extended to his elbows, and then the energy in his hands begun to spin. Then I realized after
looking at this display, that this new ability was a levitation ability, similar to the levatiation
ability I used with my smoke power.
I was then bumped out of the trance when the ability preview was over.