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Assumption Paper 2:

How have my knowledge, skills and disposition changed since the beginning
of the course?
What are some practices I will implement?
By: Germaine Marie Iglesias
Being an instructional leader of an elementary school demands that I keep
abreast with the latest trends and research that would assist me build my
teams capacity.
Throughout this course, I have been able to value several mathematical
frameworks and refocus my train of thinking with regards to providing PD for
the teachers. The first framework I learned a great deal about was the
Thinking Mathematically and five ideas of mathematics. The other guide
or framework I would like to introduce is the Van Hiele levels of geometric
thought. This could definitely help my teachers better construct their lesson
related to geometry.

My mini observations have shown that teachers focus on coming up with

ways to have students be proficient with the skill at hand. They go straight to
the abstract teaching of the skill. They do not necessarily go through each
component of the five mathematical ways of thinking. This is not their fault
entirely because I have not provided professional development using this
framework as a focal point. I assumed that teachers undergraduate program
and student teaching experiences already prepared our students for this.

When the CCSS Math standards came out, the teachers and I focused on
unpacking the standards and dissecting the different skills required of that
standard. The assumption was if they knew what to teach then as an
instructional leader, I have done my part. I now know that they have to
understand comprehensively how to teach math using the frameworks of
teaching mathematically while using the eight mathematical practice
standards as a way of thinking.
I will use this in my upcoming PD to make this a requirement to reference
when building their math lessons.
A crucial part of taking this course that has allowed me to refocus on
revisiting the mathematical practices when constructing learning
experiences for our students. My team focuses on the skill itself and building
proficiency of that skill. It is my responsibility to reinforce this practice of
referencing the mathematical practices in each lesson.
Some of the commitments that I will ensure will happen from this point on
will be to always review and reference the mathematical practices, five ways
of thinking mathematically, and use mini PDs to review ways to teach the
different components found in math. Similar to the format that you laid out
with the class. Lastly, teachers will need to reference the practices ne in their
lesson plan projection and regular lesson plans.