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Position LOAD
Peristaltic Pump
Selection Valve

Injection valve Waste
Waste Sample Loop

Sample Syringe

Pump Control Unit

Needle Port

Out to OWLS Sensor Holder Buffers

Position INJECT
Peristaltic Pump
Six position selection valve

Injection valve Waste

Sample Syringe Sample Needle Port

Pump Control Unit


Out to OWLS Sensor Holder Buffers

Model: OWLS SIS-03 (option)

Stand Alone Sample Injection System with Peristaltic Pump

Description: This subunit is supplying the buffer solution and/or the analyte to the flow-through cuvette. The required fluid flow rate is adjusted by the variable speed peristaltic pump [2] (REGLO-E Digital) using the front panel of the Pump Control Unit (REGLO-E MS/CA1-12). The displayed value is in ml/min (with the tube dimension used in our system). The detailed description of the pump panel control functions is given in the separate manual. Three bottles of buffers can be connected to the system and the actual buffer can be selected by the Selection Valve.

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