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Gabriela Cassar

Miss Hammitt
24 November 2014

A Musical of a Musical
This weekend I learned another one of the many talents Bloomfield Hills High School
(BHHS) has and that would be theatre. Personally, Im a huge fan of the PG-13 musical comedy
film Grease, so I was curious to find out what our high school play would be like in comparison
to the actual movie; and honestly I can say Ive never seen a more superb and well thought-out
From the acting to the music to the stage props everything was spot on. The moment the
lights went off I was captivated by my fellow high school students playing different characters
like the too cool for school Danny Zuko (Brenden Eathorne), Betty Rizzo (Ryley Decker) and
the lovely Frenchy (Michelle Phillips). You could easily tell the hours after hours of practice all
the students and teachers put into this play by their outstanding performance; some of the actors
portrayed their role better than the original movie.
What would a musical be without some foot-tapping songs? Not the kind of musical
BHHS students performed. Nate Gittlemen (Guitar player), Valadie Oray (Bass player) and
Daniel Settecerri (Drum player) and the Jazz band were crucial components to the entire play.
Greased Lightning sung by Kenickie and the Burger Palace Boys, and Born to Hand-Jive
played by Johnny Casino were some of my favorite songs to sing-along to.

Another part of the play I was blown away by was the creative stage props made by
Dawn Eathorne and Lauryl Scott on the production staff. Without the obliging and intuitive
Committee chairpersons and productive staff BHHS is charmed to have the play just wouldnt
have been the same.
Overall, I would give BHHSs performance of Grease 5 stars based on their music, acting
and everyones effort. Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey, authors of Grease, would be more than
satisfied to see this production that takes you for a wistful ride through the 50s.