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Gabriela Cassar

Miss Hammitt
Writing for Publication and Literature
19 December 2014
Ever since November of 2008 when I first heard the song Day n Night (3:42) on the
album Man On the Moon- The End of Day (58:33) by the dubious Kid Cudi Ive been hooked.
2008 was an extremely long time ago, almost seven years ago to be exact, yet you can still find
the hit single Day n Night on my Recently Played playlist. Thats gotta tell you something,
So, who is this Kid Cudi? Well, Kid Cudis actual name is Sott Ramon Seguro Mescudi.
Mescudis an American recording artist from Cleveland, Ohio. He moved to Brooklyn, New
York, with aspirations of becoming a well known hip-hop artist and his dreams shortly came true
when Kanye West, an American record executive and rapper-producer, signed Cudi to his GOOD
Music record label.
If it wasnt for Brooklyn and Kanye West, Kid CuDi may have never gotten his one in a
million chance to share his musical gift with the rest of the world.
Now, what makes Kid Cudis music so appeasing? To me, its his lyrics. Theyre powerful
in a way that they connect with the listener.
Kid Cudis single Day n Night was written about a rough experience with his uncle.
"My uncle that I lived with passed in 2006. We were actually beefing because he forced me out
the house when I didnt have another situation set up, so I was bitter. I never apologized for it,
and that kills me. Thats why I wrote "Day 'n' Nite." If he wasnt there to let me stay with him

those first few months, there would be no Kid Cudi. It saddened me watching him go, but it was
like, "I have to fulfill this destiny now for sure."
Many of Kid Cudis other US platinum-certified hit singles, such as Pursuit of
Happiness (4:55) and Make Her Say (3:57) spawned from Man On the Moon: The End of
Day, also have a meaningful story behind the music.
Believe me when I say Kid Cudi is different than most rappers, he incorporates vocals
from neo-psychedelic bands such as MGMT. Cudi takes a divergent approach to Hip Hop, rather
than the same old gangster rap.
One review I found by PopMatters couldnt have described Kid Cudis album any better
than I would myself. Kid Cudis take on hip-hop hedonism has as its purpose the escape from
ones own fears and neuroses. He escapes the creatures that haunt him at night by turning
himself into a larger-than-life entity: the man on the stage, the man on the moon.

If you arent convinced yet that Kid CuDi is the most proficient rapper of all time listen to
his album Man On the Moon- The End of Day yourself, which you can buy on iTunes for the
explicit version or the clean version for the good price of $9.99.