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Capital: Ottawa
Official languages: English and
Prime Minister : Stephen Herper
Population: 35,675,834

Places To Visit In Canada

Royal Ontario Museum

Victoria's Inner

Toronto's CN Tower


Canadian Museum for

Human Rights

Canadian Food

Nanaimo bars


Butter tarts

Saskatoon berry pie


Split pea soup

Famous People Born in Canada

Cory Monteith
Ryan Gosling

Justin Bieber

Michael Buble
Jim Carrey


The Climate in Canada

Canada is often associated with cold weather and snow, but in reality, its
climate is as diverse as its landscape. Generally, Canadians enjoy four
very distinct seasons, particularly in the more populated regions along the
US border. Daytime summer temperatures can rise to 35C and higher,
while lows of -25C are not uncommon in winter. More moderate
temperatures are the norm in spring and fall.

Canadian animal

Harp seal
Eastern chipmunk

Red fox

Northern cardinal
Grizzly bear

Facts About Canada

Winnie The Pooh Was Based On A Canadian Bear
Canada was a linguistic error
Basketball Was Invented By A Canadian
Canada has the 9th lowest population density on the