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Problem Statement: Restate the problem in your own words including all necessary
The way this problem worked is that you have a soda can and it has a fixed volume.
The volume stays at 355cm3. The radius and height can be changed. The problem
is that using the fixed volume you have to try and come up with the best volume
and height that will use the least amount of Surface Area.
Process: Describe your reasoning and show all your calculations (include your
attached work!). Include all formulas for calculating volume and surface area.
Describe the variables in your calculations. How did you start the problem and begin
to think about it? How did you organize your data? How did you view your data? Did
you use any tools or resources to help?
Okay the way I started this problem was by starting with the lowest number. So the
Height was 10 and the radius was 5. Then with that you take the Height and Radius
and add it to the equation H=355/3.14 5^2. This will make the equation find the
surface area. So we add (H=355/3.14 R^2) For H we add our height and for R we
add the radius. (10=355/3.14 5^2) The equation = 56500.00 so now from there we
have a starting point. From there I worked up and down so I had the equation
(20=355/3.14 10^2) which of course got me a bigger surface area. The way I
organized the equations by writing down a column that said height and another that
had radius. Then I simply added a number in the height and radius. Then I went
either up or down depending on the answer. I had to use the calculator so I knew
what the answer was.
Solution: Clearly state the radius and the height that result in the smallest amount
of aluminum. Justify your solution (state why you think you are correct).
The smallest I got was 565.0 which was (5=355/3.14 1^2). The reason was that you
can cut down on so much when I first started.
Questioning the Result: Does your answer for radius and height correspond to what
the current size of a 12 ounce soda can is? Why do you think this is? Or in other
words, what other factors are we not considering in this problem or what
assumptions did we make in this problem?
Im not sure if they are the same as a soda can or not. I never really went into
corresponding with the soda can just because I was mostly focused on trying to get
the lowest surface area. The thing that we are not considering in the surface area of
a soda can I how much can it actually hold also what is the lining in a soda can. So
we would have different calculations if we focused on that.
Evaluation: Discuss how this POW made you think differently or grow
The way this P.O.W was compared to