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State of CALIFORNIA County of RIVERSIDE —__ In the_SUPERIOR Court ) ——CALIFORNIA__) Plaintiff ) ) vs. ) Case No. swat405388 ) _— Wendy Ann Greene ) ) ) Defendant | Wendy Ann Greene's MOTION TO DISMISS CASE Comes now j; a woman; wendy greene; at common law _in the above captioned case and requests that the case be dismissed, withotit prejudice. WHEREFORE, i a woman; wendy greene; at common law, _asks this Court that the case be dismissed, without prejidice, for being wrongfully namédand for all other proper relief. Date ine 2nd, 2015 Signature of Attorney (Printed/Typed Name) Pm People __ Attorney Number 13. Blackswan, imine Ca 92604 Address Certificate of Service The undersigned hereby certifies that, on June 2nd, 2045, a copy of the foregoing | Wendy Ann Greene's Motion To Dismiss Case was handed in jn person to the Superior Court of €akfornia, County of Riverside. Motion 358-1998