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1DATA is the brainchild of Wyn Owen, the CEO of Exodussoft. It was conceived and
developed as a result of realising Contact Centre solutions produce large quantities of useable lowlevel data, all of which is discarded. Coupling that data with Big Data storage and a Predictive
Analytics platform is a way of extracting more value from it, across a multitude of customer
experience platforms. It is the practical application of 21st century web technologies, super-enhancing
an existing part of the business.
Using state-of-the-art technologies, the Next Generation of Customer Experience has
been created - in The Cloud, based on Big Data architecture, built using modular components that
are easily implemented and surpassing existing reporting solutions, by providing the means to apply
retrospective and Atomic-level reporting. This concept also recognizes that new solutions for
reporting create a skills gap - and, by using the same Business Intelligence product, Oracle
Interactive Reporting (aka Hyperion), as the low-end (but extensively used) Genesys CCA Solution,
1DATALite re-uses skills already in-house.
In short, 1DATALite is the result of Exodussoft listening to their clients - and providing a
solution that exceeds Infomart\Interactive Insights, at an affordable rate.
1DATALite (1DL) is the Interaction Reporting Solution from Exodussoft, specifically built to
surpass the functions, operations and the costs associated with the Genesys Infomart Solution. The
structure and operation of 1DL is based on Big Data scalability. This means that much more
(Interaction) data can be extracted and stored for much longer periods.
The operation of 1DL allows very low levels of data detail to be collected, collated and
retrieved in real-time. This means even lower (Atomic) levels of interrogation for both voice and
multimedia interaction data. With so much Atomic data available of the Interaction, 1DL allows a level
of retrospective reporting to take place.
At an Enterprise user-level, 1DL data is presented in a standard RDMS format (MySQL), which
means any existing BI/MI client tools can be connected, to extract and report on the data provided.
99% of the Solution resides in The Cloud, which means it has a very small footprint/impact on local
Operations. This also drastically reduces the costs and implementation time involved for database
hosting, data warehousing, data transformation and administration.
The 1DL Reporting Solution is presented through a web browser, to client sites, so there is
virtually no on-site presence. The 1D web user interface is provided through Oracle EPM/OIR - this
is the Product Suite which replaced Hyperion (Brio) - this means any in-house client resources wont
have to learn new skills to produce Reports, since it uses the same tools as Call Center Analyser
(c) 2015 Exodussoft

(CCA). 1DL is modular and scalable, both in data and operation - which means being able to cater
for as many Sites, Solutions and Platforms as our clients need. 1DATALite is a small-scale deployment
of a full 1Data (1D) solution. It retains some of the features of 1D, but the data retention periods are
shorter, there are less available report templates - and the scope of data feeds is reduced.
The remainder of this Fact Sheet highlights the various aspects of 1DL, in relation to its
suitability as a Next Generation Upgrade from the Genesys CCA Volume Reporting Solution - and
as a direct replacement for the Genesys Infomart Solution.
The core structure and operations for 1DL occur off-site, in The Cloud. Initial data feeds are
directed off-site with a small on-site plug-in application using 256bit encryption. From there, adat
is passed to the core 1D operations where data structures, transfers, extractions, loading, calculations,
aggregations and a presentation layer provides Views from which the various reporting interfaces
can extract information, for reporting through a Hyperion Web-Based UI. Data feeds for the webbased User Interface and the provision of a supplemental BI/MI feed are provided, out of The Cloud,
back to the Clients Site.


















Exodussoft recognize the need to separate operational functions within an enterprise - so
1DL functions as a read-only Web-Based Reporting Interface on one level and as a restricted-access
Enterprise BI/MI Interface on another. Report Templates are developed by Exodussoft and made
available through the Web Interface. In this way, day-to-day Reporting can be managed by one
pool of users and additional functions and operations can be applied by another. This is achieved
(c) 2015 Exodussoft

by serving the Reporting elements via a Web Interface and also allowing restrictive data access to
Database Views, using a separate method.

The 1DL Web Interface uses secured access on either a Solution or a Database level.
Depending on the deployment, users may have access restricted to their areas of concern; Agents,
Agent Groups, (Virtual) Queues, Interactions, Skills, #Hashtags, etc. This interface allows users to
select criteria and produce and save Reports from the Templates provided - but it does not allow
users to make changes or edit the Report Templates, themselves.
1DL uses all of the available interaction and configuration data, to provide a very low level
of detail for Reporting. Unlike CCA and Infomart, 1DL extracts every contact centre action and stores
it for a pre-defined period, for Reporting purposes. This means 1DL can provide insights at an
Atomic level - and actually storing action-level data means it can be made available for
retrospective reporting. This provides the means for our clients to investigate incidents and
anomalies that happened in the recent past - as if they had just occurred.
Unique to 1DL is the inclusion of #hashtag data tagging. This method of applying markers
to important elements of data and information means being able to group, aggregate and report
on any number of elements, irrespective of where they appear in the underlying data. Selecting
what is important, tagging it and tracing it is now a thing - a #hashtag thing.
Because the 1DL Report Templates are built on Oracle OIR/Hyperion technology and
provided through a Web UI, they can be viewed on-screen, exported in any number of formats,
printed, shared or saved to a central repository. With the addition of Atomic-level information,
Hashtagging (unique to 1DL), new ways to interrogate interactions and the possibility of Big Data
Analytics (BDA), 1D moves Contact Centers into the Next Generation for reporting.
(c) 2015 Exodussoft

Standard star schema Aggregate Views are provided for BI/MI access. User areas (such
as the addition of Hashtags, Users and Passwords) are editable (R/W) - whereas other areas are
automatically populated (such as the configuration or interaction objects) and are not editable (RO).
This provides flexibility to enable clients to build their own structures and reports using their chosen
BI/MI tools and Interfaces. It also allows them to manage user elements which underpin client
reporting - whilst maintaining a level of security against any changes which would otherwise affect
the operations of the Solution.
Unlike Infomart, 1DL is not a one size fits all Solution. Built from modular components,
deployed in The Cloud, client installations are very straightforward, quick - and unique to our clients
requirements. Exodussoft only deploy the elements required by the client, to perform the tasks they
From a commercial perspective, 1D is based on a flat-rate per Seat. This means that clients
are only paying for the Solution to support the number of Seats they have. Not the number of Sites,
Solutions, Interfaces, elements or components - just the Seats.
99% of 1DL resides in The Cloud. This means that virtually all of the technologies required
to operate the Solution are off-site - this renders technology compatibility pretty much obsolete.
The elements required to monitor and extract data on-site are Windows-standard elements, with
no pre-requisite installations and very few capacity/bandwidth criteria.
The connectivity required to access 1DL is based on standard web (for Reporting Users) and
data (for BI/MI Users) access protocols; HTTP, TCP/IP and, if necessary, ODBC/SSID/TNS. The
Reporting Web Interface is Browser agnostic, has no pre-requisite installation or add-in
requirements, contains no Java or Flash elements and can either be secured (HTTPS) or unsecured
(HTTP), as required.

(c) 2015 Exodussoft


Infomart with Information


1Data Lite

Volume Reporting

Interaction Reporting

Atomic/#Hashtag Reporting

Modular Scalability

Social Media/Smartphone/IoT Feeds


BI/MI Data Feeds

Single Solution

Big Data Analytics Architecture

Hyperion-Based Reporting

Cloud-Based Architecture

Large Enterprise Deployments

Fast Deployment

7-Day Retrospective Data Feed


*requires additional components

1DATALite was conceived, developed and designed in response to our clients needs.
Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, methodology and logic, it provides a lower-level of interaction
data reporting and access, based on roles within an enterprise. Built in The Cloud, removing
complexity from our clients sites - and using Big Data Science behind the scenes it has massive
storage and potential - with virtually no footprint. Providing new and exciting future-proof ways for
Contact Centers to really manage their interaction reporting - at Atomic levels, 1DL is more than a
match for any Interaction Reporting Solution.

Exodussoft was formed in 2011, from a core of Certified Genesys Engineers, collectively
bringing together each of experiences of over 15 years in the industry. Originally formed to provide
Professional Services without borders, the team diversified into developing custom applications,
software and solutions based on the experiences and needs of customers of the Genesys Enterprise
We are now the Worlds pre-eminent
Big Data and Analytics specialists
the contact centre.
(c) 2015 Exodussoft
Exodussoft have no affiliation with Genesys Laboratories.