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February 6, 2015 CONFIDENTIAL Dear Eric Emst, Personnel Director SIM USA, SIM International received a Child Safety report alleging that a SIM USA member, Jordan Root, admitted to viewing child pornography. As you know, SIM International is committed to the safety of children, and follows up on alll reports of child abuse. The initial assessment by SIM International determined that, due to the seriousness of the allegations, this matter required a Misconduct Inquiry. During an interview with SIM International representatives, Mr. Root admitted that he has been sexually attracted to prepubescent female children for many years and that during his service with SIM he has been viewing nude photographs of children via the Intemet in order to gratify this sexual desire. Upon completion of the interviews, the Child Safety team determined that the report was sufficiently corroborated for the team to conclude on the balance of probability that Mr. Root engaged in behavior representing a serious breach of the SIM USA. Child Safety and Abuse Response Policy dated January 16, 2013, as well as the SIM International Personnel Principles and Practice, 2014. ‘Sexual abuse is the involvement of a child in sexual activity with an adult or another child (as defined below) which includes but is not limited to: ») Visual: Indecent exposure, showing or taking of suggestive pictures, pornographic material of genitals, or the showing of unclothed persons, any sexual activity, or simulated sexual activity such as masturbation or intercourse, peeping, leering, or staring. (SIM USA Child Safety and Abuse Response Policy, 2073) Any sexual misconduct including but not limited to premarital and extramarital sexual relationships, homosexual acts, use of pomography, child abuse and sexual harassment is unacceptable in those who serve as part of SIM (see section 3.3.3 on Discipline). (SIM International Personnel Principles and Practise, 2014). This conduct is not only a serious breach of the above policies, but also demonstrates behavior inconsistent with the moral and spiritual expectations of a member of SIM. This conduct also represents a serious tisk to children. Therefore the Child Safety Team is recommending to SIM USA to apply the SIM USA Discipline policy by terminating Jordan Root's membership with SIM USA, Jason Hazell ( SIM International Child Safety Co-ordinator 6 February 2015,

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