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[SSny:ln awell-developed essay, agree or disagree with one of the following statements'
cannot include the following words in these essays: you, I, me. our. we, my.


Marshall plan was the worst thing ever implemented because it made the free world
dependent on America."
"America's involvement in the Korean war was the best idea because it made the world a
safer place for Democracy."
"The United States needed to enter into the Vietnam conflict. otheru'ise Cambodia would
have fallen to communism."
"Propaganda had nothing to do with the conflict in Vietnam'"
"Absolutely nothing good came from the Cold War'"
"Small countries need to be controlled by larger ones because the.v are not advanced
enough to determine their own destiny."
"Music is the best way to perpetuate the propagandist ideals of a protesting people."

journal from the perspective of one of the fotto*ing during the COLD
WAR. Must include actual historical eventsSoviet citizen living in one of the Satellite nations of the USSR
person living on on. side of the Berlin wall, writing to someone on the other side
KGB operative
CIA agent
Soldier in Korea (from Korean or American perspective)
Soldier in Vietnam (either side)
Protesting Peace loving HiPPie

1;nrjTry[WRmNGlCreate a

play list or mixed CD that tells the story of one of the follou'ing topicsInclude commentary in the CD jacket justifiing each choice of song. You must include at least 8
songs. (Your commentary should amount to the 750 words)
Korean War
Vietnam War
Cuban Missile Crisis
Civil Rights Movement
Independence Movements (Pick one of the movments)
Cold War
MuslcAppnrctAllot[:Create a


write a nwspaperarticle completewittralieadlineabout oneof

topics. The article needs to be properly formatted to look like

Star Wars (not the movie!)
Fall of the Berlin Wall
Bay of Pigs invasion
Tet Offence

a headline article-








photojournalisl can tell an entire s1ory with pictures. Pick one of the following
topics and create a slide show of images that tell the story. You need to add music to make it
Korean War
Vietnam War
Cuban Missile Crisis
Civil fughts Movement
Independence Movements (Pick one of the movements)
Berlin wall (build and fall)
Cold War Arms Race

PopAnr:Art has always been a way of expression, during the Cold War art was used as
propaganda and protest. Create a work of art that either promotes propaganda of the Cold War
or protests any of the events in the Cold War.
3-llI'tul:ltrur:Create a 3 dimensional timeline of the major events of the Cold War.
l'uwfiBttolNllCreate a PowerPoint presentation detailing the history of the Soviet Union.

Must be in

your own wordsl

video thal retells the story of one of the following topics. Again this cannot be
you playing around in your garage or back yard: it must be historically accurate and entertaining.
You can make a day in the life of someone involved, or a newscast. The platform is up to you.
It must be at least l0 minutes long! (This should be done with a group)
Korean War
Vietnam War
Cuban Missile Crisis
Civil Rights Movement
Independence Movements (Pick one of the movements)
Berlin wall (build and fall)
Cold War Arms Race
UID[0: Create a

Must be approved prior to the due date! If you are going to make some sort of baked
goods it MUST have a typed written description when you bring the goods to class otherwise
you will receive ZERO credit!


*Notes: Honois students must complete 2 projects, one of which must be a typed written project.
Extra credit will be granted for projects tumed in early. If you do not wish to print out your
project you may post it to the edmodo. You may work with a parlner, so long as you let me
know with whom you are working. Ilyou havaany questionVc.omments/issues/concernsglease
do not hesitate to ask. I wish you all the luck in the world and look forward to seeing your
excellent work! I expect greatness!!! @