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February 11°, 2015 The Village Church- Dallas Northway 3877 Walnut Hill Lane Dallas, TX 75229 ‘To Whom It May Concern: This letter serves as notification of my withdrawal from membership of The Village Church as of today, February 11°, 2015. 1. I qualify and have filed for a legal annulment of my marriage. By hiding and explicitly lying about his pedophilia and use of child pornography, Jordan grossly and knowingly misrepresented himself and induced me to marriage by fraud. His fraud continued into and throughout the mazriage, including during our time in Asia, and is the reason we have returned to the United States. Should the annulment be granted, the State of Texas will void the marriage on the grounds of fraud and determine it never to have happened. Thave sought the Lord diligently regarding this matter and have also sought the counsel of several godly people I trust. I stand before the Lord with a clear conscience regarding my decision to seek annulment of my marriage. I believe He is leading me in this decision and that I am honoring Him through it 3. [recognize both Jordan’s and my need for a church family who can love and care for us as we pursue our individual paths of healing and recovery. For my own health and the health of all parties involved, I have decided itis not best for me to be in the care of the same church family as Jordan. As Jordan remains a member of The Village Church, and the leadership of The Village Church has expressed the intention to continue to care for Jordan, Iam hereby withdrawing my membership of The Village Church. After a reasonable period of consideration I will commit myself to another church family. As Jordan does not have a future in ministry with SIM and 1 am no longer under the authority of ‘The Village Church, | take full responsibility for communicating with my fiends, family, and supporters from this point forward. Task that The Village Church refrain from any future ‘communication on my behalf to my friends, family, and supporters. In the Name of Jesus, Koe~ Poot Karen Root

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