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Learning and Support

Values Guide

Guiding Ethos
Delight with creative and memorable experiences that provide outcome-based solutions where finding and seeking
help isn't a chore.


We bring creativity, a passion for
growth, and a forward-looking approach to our work. We try new things
and learn from them. We treat every
opportunity as one that can help us
improve our capacity to help.

Situated Learning

As often as possible we provide
solutions that point towards a tangible takeaway relative to a workflow or best practices.
This will situate learning in the
day-to-day of our customers.


We are committed to reciprocal
relationships with customers. This
means treating them as partners.
Every customer should feel they
have the power of the entire organization behind them helping.

Key Considerations
Invite scrutiny, welcome positivity.
Our customers are our partners - feedback of all kinds helps us improve how we deliver solutions. Every interaction has
opportunity to provide insightful knowledge.

Avoid negative communication, but be honest.
While not every support interaction is going to involve a ‘yes, we can do that!’ outcome, it‘s our duty to delight. Be
honest about what we cannot support using positively reinforced language,

Treat all customers equally.
No one customer is more important than the next, they all have valuable insight and important needs. Treat every customer with the same level of respect you’d treat your grandmother. No question is a stupid question.

Establish structures for learning.
It’s not only about being responsive and providing a one-time solution, but it’s about setting up our customers for
self-sufficiency. Provide resources, or if they don’t yet exist, create resources that can help them or others in the future.
Help our customers help themselves.