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What is truth? What does the world say today? What does the Bible say?

do you say?
There is a word that the world have been willing to find out the mean of it, truth.
What is truth? The world have showed us a lot about the meaning of truth. We can find
out what is truth based on the history. Meanwhile, there are lots of Philosophers that
have been searching for the meaning of truth. The bible have also showed the truth for
those who are christian and believer of God.

From the dictionary, the meaning of truth could be meant the conformity with
fact or reality; verity, a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, the state or
character of being true, actuality or actual existence, an obvious or accepted fact;
truism; platitude and honesty; integrity; truthfulness.

After searching from the internet, I found out that Truth was a solution for
people to test and judged for those who have crime and try to define if they have lie or
not. As a human being, we dont always tell the truth, basically we are lier. It is a selfdefense and selfishness for human by lying at other and it is very normal. Truth is the
fact, the real and there is only one truth that can be last in each individual case. People
could tell a white lie or a complete lie, and the truth will still remain in one. Back in the
history, truth was used to judge on the crime by the high priest. From then to now, the
court have the power to judge on peoples crimes.

A similar study have started since the early greek history. A category for this kind
of study have final started in the late 1800s. James Frederick Ferrier, the first

philosopher that introduce the term, epistemology. Epistemology is a theory of

knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope. Epistemology is
the investigation of what distinguishes justified belief from opinion. After the introducing
of epistemology, there are lot more introduction and searching for truth.

There are lots of theories that got introduced from the late 1800s to current day.
There are five theories that are the most common and useful to understand the meaning
of truth. They are the Correspondence theory, Coherence theory, Constructivist theory,
Consensus theory and Pragmatic theory. These are the method to define truth when
they are under some of the condition. There must be one thing that most of the people
agree on to define truth. The example of snow: When people said snow is white, and
the fact is snow is white, then it is the truth. If snow is black, and everyone still say that
snow is white, then it is not truth. Overall, philosopher have not really answer the
meaning of truth very clearly, but they have been creating different new idea and
method to find out the meaning of truth.

During our British Literature class, we have also read some of the books that
related with the meaning of truth. We have read Great Expectation by Charles
Dickens and Perelandra by C.S. Lewis. In Great Expectation, the main character, Pip,
have spent his entire life to be a gentleman, and it is the truth in order to marry Estella.
There were a lot that he thought it was right, and actually not true. For example, he
thought that London was perfect with no problem like poor. He also thought that Miss
Havisham is his benefactor, but not a convict.

In Christian believe, the bible is the truth, the truth of God and the word of God.
The bible have told the disciple or believer of god to do the best to present ourselves to
God, follow what he has said to us as it is the truth. God has sent his son and the only
son for the sinners, us. In the bible, Jesus said to him, I am the way, and the truth,
and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. from John 14:6. In
Proverbs 30:5-6, it said that Every word of God proves true; he is a shield to those
who take refuge in him. Do not add to his words, lest he rebuke you and you be
found a liar.

The only way for christians or believers of God to follow and find out the truth is
to listen and understand what did God want us to do. God have lead us from the
words he had said in the bible. He have clarify that he is the almighty God, and he is the
truth. For us, believing and trusting on what he wants us to do will lead us to the
righteous. God is never wrong and he is always, that is why he is the truth. Bible is the
book of God, and the bible have told us that whatever God said, it is the truth. There are
lots of verse that God has defined the meaning of truth, since human are sinful, we
need to be reminded all the time.

Truth is not simply whatever works, it is not simply to understand. A group of

people can get together and form a fake story based on what they are believing of the
lie where they all agree to tell the same story, but it does not make their story become
true. I personally think that truth could be good or bad, based on the effect that cost. It is
a neutral word. I have pointed out that truth needed to be agree with most of the people,
yet truth might not be what the majority says is true. I think truth should be what we

know, but not the process, the way that how we know. There is only one truth that in
every individual problem or fact. I cannot tell you what is the meaning of truth, but what
have been listed is something that I know what truth should be. It could be the truth of
the meaning of truth. I think as a human, we cannot one hundred percent know what is
truth and what is wrong is very normal.

Philosopher have researched a lot about the meaning of truth, yet it did not give
us a real answer. It is the reason that why people fight, argue, disagree and doesnt
believe on each other. When everyone know the truth, I think this world will be a lot
different and lot more boring.

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