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How did the Cold War affect Latin America? Why did the United States get involved?

The Cold War was between the United States and the USSR. These two were known as the
two strongest on the globe. They wanted all the other countries to choose which side they
supported. If your country was known to be a communist country than you voted for the
Soviets and if you lived in a country where you were democratic and believed in freedom,
you sided with the United States. It didnt matter which side you were on in Latin America
because the governments had very harsh leaders. The United states, who was going
against Soviet Union, got in the middle of countries that were communist in Latin America
and to the US communist was full of evil, but it wasnt easy in battle.
What is the difference between left and right wing? And why is it confusing?
After Latin America declared independence they started using the terms left wing and right
wing. These terms represent the people with different opinion on politics. The left wing
people are known as more liberal. Liberal people stand for the voice of others and the
people because they think when it comes to important decisions that people should be
making them as well as government officials. They believe that the government should be
apart of the health care duties of others. The right wing people are known as the
conservative side. Their government is not as big as the left wing and with a small
government comes few people to make decisions. The conservative side thinks that the
government should butt out and let the people take responsibility in their own actions. They
are both generally the same. They both make poor decisions, as well as making good ones.
The difference between the two is that when it comes to business the left wing takes
control, while the right wing allows the owners handle the jobs. The United States is not
communist and followed very harsh dictators because they werent communist and then
came to terms that it was a bad idea.
Why did the United States get involved with Cuba?
United States took a huge part in Cuba, even though Cuba became independent from the
US. The US took control of the trade such as sugar and it left the people in Cuba poor
because the money was going to the government which was corrupt or back to the United
States who already had money. The government was overthrown in a coup by Batista in
1953 and then in about 1599 it was overthrown again by Fidel Castro. The United States
ended up becoming complete enemies with Cuba because Castro was communist and the
trade ended, even Americans visiting was banned. He is still in control today in ill conditions,
but he managed to increase education and medicine with his strict rules. Many Cubans take
cover when they try to escape to florida over seas.
Whats a Banana Republic?
This is a country that has a government that is useless and instead is run by a company to
produce items like fruit (bananas). Guatemala was an example some time back and was
controlled by the UFC. They had wires and ports and America was expecting large amounts
of bananas.
How did the CIA get involved in Guatemala?
Guatemala was controlled by militant dictators until 1950. A leader named Jacobo was very
communist and the US was the opposite. The CIA tried and helped to overthrow him and
the coup followed violence under the Junta. In 1996 a democratic government came about
and is still a democracy today.

What is the other infamous September 11th?

Salvador Allende, Soviet leader, took control of Chile in 1970. The United States overthrew
the government on this date. People suffered from the unfair laws of human rights, death
and punishments. There were many charges put against him that had to do with human
rights. He died before he could do anything about them.
Who were the disappeared in Argentina?
Argentinas money came from the meat production before the Great Depression occurred.
Juan Peron took power when the leadership turned and his wife Eva was very popular.
Popular people can become a distraction though. Her husband supported the Dirty War
which killed thousands of people who disagreed with the views of the government. The
people that were killed were known as the disappeared. They were taken from homes and
off the street by secret police and people started to blame the government.
Why was it controversial when the United States intervened in Nicaragua?
The Somoza family held control until 1979 and this intervenant caused the most problems.
The Sandinistas revolted against the government because they were near Cuba and the
USSR. They geared them with supplies. The US supported the Contras who were anticommunist for power. Reagan said that the US couldn't support the Contras anymore, but
secretly shipped weapons to them. In 1987 the groups reached a peace treaty and have
been stable since then.
What violence occurred in Brazil and El Salvador?
Brazil turned to dictatorship after the great depression. Vargas didnt start out as a tyrant,
but he turned his state into fascism which is a very extreme conservative environment. After
a while the government slowly turned back into normal. In 1979 civil war broke out between
the left and right wing in El Salvador. The left wing had help from the US and in 1992 they
both signed a peace treaty after thousands died.