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Telescopes with a constellation on the

end when held to the light

Attendance: Each child will be

represented by a star with their picture

Sensory Bin: moon sand,

space ships, astronauts,
glitter, planets.

Putting the moon

phases in order

Measurement: Baking
chocolate chip moon cookies.
Making astronaut pudding.

Moon Sand in a bin

Sequencing: Putting
planets in order
Stars, planets, space ships

Connecting 20 stars
to make a constellation.
Counting stars as they connect.

Counting Backwards
from 10... Blast off!


The Night Sky:

Moon, Stars,

Demonstration: The moon

phases with an Oreo Cookie

Technology: Outer
Space virtual walk through
on Google Earth using
the Smart board
Hang styrofoam balls in the
classroom for each planet in order
and 3 facts about each one.


Art, Drama & Movement

Dramatic Play:
Turn the area into a
dark space ship with
glow in the dark stars, Christmas lights
and astronaut costumes

Gravity Experiments

Painting dots and watching as

they fall down the paper

Social Studies


Connecting stars to make a
shape constellation.

Demonstration: Using a mirror and a

flashlight to find out why
the moon shines.

Class trip: Hayden


Dropping two balls at the same height and

watching as they hit the
ground at the same time due to gravity

Astronaut study: What is an astronaut? What does an astronaut

wear? Where does an astronaut go?
How does an astronaut get there? What
do astronauts eat?
Opinion Writing: Would you
like to go to the moon?


Astronaut Helmets: Children

will decorate their
own helmets

Shape Constellations:
Children will decorate their
shape constellations with
glitter glue on black paper

Library: The classroom

library will contain
emergent-reader books about
the night sky

Movement: Reach for the stars. Stars will

hang from the ceiling in the classroom

Opinion writing: Do you like

day time or night time?
Read Alouds: What Makes Day and Night By Franklyn M. Branley
I want to Be an Astronaut By Byron Barton
Poor Pluto By California Third Grade Class Tokay Colon
There's No Place Like Space By Dr. Seuss
Me and My Place in Space By Joan Sweeney
The Stars By H.A. Rey
Spots of Light By Dana Meachen Rau
A Zoo in the Sky By Jacqueline Mitton
The Moon Seems to Change by Franklyn M. Branley
The Moon Book By Gail Gibbons
Class Book: K-2's Trip to Outer Space.
Each child will write where
they want to go and what they will bring.
Writing a sequence of events:
Tell about events from a
story in order which they occurred and
a reaction to what happened.