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Coming in November 2010

59% of Americans believe that the

events in the Book of Revelation
are waiting to happen
CNN/Time Survey (2002)
A new and breathtaking insight into
the world’s best known play

Hamlet is a comic
the Book of
The Play’s Seven Trumpet Blasts
Claudius as the Beast & Gertrude
as the Whore of Babylon
Old Hamlet Escapes from Hell
The Opening of the Graves
on Doomsday
Ophelia as the Woman crowned
with the Sun/Mary
Hamlet gives his Letter to
Ophelia/the Celestial Idol
Hamlet as Anti-Christ, like Nero,
Luther, and in Flames
Hamlet is a parody Apocalypse
• Everything goes wrong in this comic parody of the
Last Day, discovered by Shakespeare scholar Linda
Hoff in 1988.
• The central, allegorical, meaning of the play has
been “hidden to intelligent readers for centuries”
(South Atlantic Review)
• The first ever performance of Hamlet’s Apocalypse
is in NYC in November 2010, tickets from Manhattan
Theatre Source.

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