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Coming in November 2010

59% of Americans believe that the events in the Book of Revelation are waiting to happen
CNN/Time Survey (2002)

A new and breathtaking insight into the world s best known play

Hamlet is a comic parody of DOOMSDAY in the Book of Revelation

The Play s Seven Trumpet Blasts

Claudius as the Beast & Gertrude as the Whore of Babylon

Old Hamlet Escapes from Hell

The Opening of the Graves on Doomsday

Ophelia as the Woman crowned with the Sun/Mary

Hamlet gives his Letter to Ophelia/the Celestial Idol

Hamlet as Anti-Christ, like Nero, Luther, and in Flames

Hamlet is a parody Apocalypse
‡ Everything goes wrong in this comic parody of the Last Day, discovered by Shakespeare scholar Linda Hoff in 1988. ‡ The central, allegorical, meaning of the play has been hidden to intelligent readers for centuries (South Atlantic Review) ‡ The first ever performance of Hamlet s Apocalypse is in NYC in November 2010, tickets from Manhattan Theatre Source.

Alexandra Cohen-Spiegler as Hamlet the Anti-Christ Mimi Hirt as Ophelia, the woman crowned with the sun/the Virgin Mary Amanda Johnson as Claudius, the Beast from the Scout Durwood as Gertrude, the Whore of Babylon Megan McGrath as Polonius, God the Father Bella Poynton as Laertes, the Resurrected Christ & directed by Jenny Greeman