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Padmaja Resume

Padmaja Resume

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Published by: padmajakavuri2000 on Feb 09, 2010
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Padmaja Kavuri 408-476-1744 (m) padmajakavuri2000@yahoo.

com SUMMARY Seeking a challenging position as hardware Design and Verification Engineer. Over four years of experience in hardware design and verification environment developement. Gate level simulation, Synthesis and timing constraints experience in DDR2 controller and Ethernet MAC. Strong knowledge in Ethernet IEEE 802.3 protocol, AMBA AHB bus protocol. Understanding of ARM Cortex M1,Tilera Tilepro, Altera and Xilinx FPGA design flow. SKILL PROFILE Programming Languages: Verilog, C and MIPS assembly language Script language: Perl,Tcl Verilog design/Simulation tools: Modelsim, VCS, Synopsys design compiler, VirSim, Synopsys Design Analyzer, Xilinx ISE, Altera QuartusII. FPGA Families: Xilinx Virtex-IV, Altera Cyclone-III Circuit Design tools: Cadence Virtuoso (Schematic, layout and Spice Spectre)

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Atria Logic Inc., Sunnyvale, CA (10/06-Present) Ethernet MAC Designed and implemented Ethernet MAC according to IEEE802.3 protocol for 10/100/1000Mbps speeds with MII/GMII/RGMII interface logic. Responsibilities include design, RTL coding using Verilog, unit and system level test bench set up, test plan developement and implementation on Altera CycloneIII and Xilinx Virtex IV FPGA. Performed functional simulation using ModelSim SE. Involved in SoC bring up of H.264 video decoder with ARM Cortex M1, DDR2 memory controller and Ethernet MAC in Altera Cyclone III FPGA. DDR2 SDRAM Memory Controller Assisted in RTL coding of DDR2 memory controller. The design was implemented on Altera Cyclone III board running at 266 Mhz. Synthesized using Altera Quartus II software, performed timing analysis using TimeQuest TA and implemented on Cyclone III EP3C120F780C7 FPGA. Responsible for set up verification environment in unit level, test plans, timing constraints for source synchronous inputs of DDR and debugging using gate level simulation and Logic Analyzer. H.264 Video Decoder Involved in H.264 Video Decoder implementation on Altera Cyclone-III FPGA and Xilinx Virtex IV. Responsibilities include top level integration (ARM Cortex-M1, DDR2-DRAM, Flash Controllers etc), reset and clock implementation, testbench setup. Ported video decoder unit simulation tests to top level. Converted Verilog simulation tests into C diagnostics to run on Cortex-M1 using ARM u-Vision IDE. AMBA AHB Bus Implemented AMBA AHB bus slave interface for DDR1 memory controller. Coded design in Verilog RTL and setup testbench infrastructure to verify AHB slave functionality. Ethernet Packet Generator

Assisted in testbench development for a 4-port 10G Ethernet Switch FPGA design by building an Ethernet packet generator. Packets were generated with L2, L3, L4 headers, VLAN tagging and jumbo payload using Verilog task calls. Later developed functional tests for the FPGA using the packet generator task calls. Dew Software Inc., Fremont, CA (08/05-09/06) Detailed study and understanding of Clarkspur DSP (CD2450A) Implemented MP3 decoder algorithm in C language targeted for 16bit fixed point CDSP. Developed assembly code for MP3 decoder ported on DSP CD2450A board. Documented MP3 decoder implementation for 16bit fixed point CDSP. DDR SDRAM Memory Controller Assisted in RTL development of double data rate SDRAM memory controller. The design was implemented on Virtex 4 FX Xilinx ML403 board running at 133.3 MHz. Responsible for functional gate level simulation verification, data specific test, random data tests, boundary crossing tests were performed. ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE Router Design Designed RTL Code for the Router. Verified functionality of the Router using a testbench. Synthesized the Router to achieve optimal performance at maximum frequency. Verified post-synthesized gate level netlist. Performed back annotation on Verilog netlist and SDF Files using Synopsys tool. MIPS 4300 series 32bit processor Designed data path (Multicycle implementation) and controller (sequencer architecture) for MIPS RISC processor. Generated RTL code and simulated using Altera Quartus tool. Developed test cases using MIPS instructions to verify the functionality. Implementation of Tomasulo Algorithm Implemented Tomasulo Algorithm that is a dynamic scheduling scheme used to avoid data hazards.Generated the RTL code for this algorithm. Verified functionality of the Tomasulo algorithm with test cases using VCS

simulator and debugged using Synopsis design compiler. Memory BIST Design Designed March 12N algorithm in MBIST controller to detect different memory faults including SAFs, TFs,CFinv and CFid. Developed RTL code and simulated using VCS tool. Developed functional verification environment for memory BIST using Verilog. Synthesized the design using Synopsys design compiler. 8-Bit ALU (Arithmetic and Logic Unit) Designed an 8-bit ALU using dynamic logic in Cell-based implementation and generated various testcases for Pre-Layout design. Performed parasitic extraction of layout using Cadence tools and verified all testcases for Post-Layout Extraction Simulation with timing information using TSMC's 0.25-µm process. 6-Bit Current Mode DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) Designed a 6 bit Current Mode DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) in Cellbased implementation and generated various test cases for Pre-Layout design. Performed parasitic extraction of layout using Cadence tools and verified all test cases for PostLayout Extraction Simulation with timing information using TSMC’s 0.25µm process. Teaching Assistant (10/98-10/00) Involved in teaching operation of analog devices like OPAMP, Oscillators, Filters, and Amplifiers, ADC, DAC, 8085 and 8086 assembly language programming. EDUCATION MSEE (Master of science in Electrical Engg), with Specialization in ASIC/VLSI Circuits, San Jose State University, San Jose California. Dec2004 Master of science in Electronics, Nagarjuna University, INDIA. Secured FIRST RANK awarded Gold medal.

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