A letter of complain - I am writing to complain about … - I am writing to you in connection with … - I regret that I am obliged to complain about … - I feel

I must complain about … - It was completely different from … - I am dissatisfied with … - Unfortunately, nothing was as I had expected. •The problem is … •To make matters worse … •As if that was not bad enough … •I was shocked / disappointed … •On top of everything …. •To my amazement / horror / surprise… •Your advertisement / brochure was misleading is this respect. •In your advertisement / brochure you state otherwise. •You assured me that …, but when I came to … I found that …. •You led me to believe that … •He became abusive when I refused to give him a tip. •You can imagine how upset I am.  I would apology from you.  Considering all the above, I believe I am entitled to full refund.  I demand a full refund / immediate action / a replacement.  I expect to be compensated / all expenses to be paid.  I would be grateful if you would deal with this matter immediately.  I am confident that this matter will receive your prompt attention.  I am afraid that if this matter is not deal with immediately, I will …  I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.  If I do not receive satisfaction, I am going to …  If you want to use your … me, next … will have to be half-price.  I look forward to receiving a satisfactory reply by return of post.  I hope that you will give this matter your attention.  I insist you replace the item at once.  I hope that I will not be forced to take further action.

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