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Career objective

Applied for a position in customer service where communication skills

and a pleasant attitude toward people will be assets, providing challenge
and freedom where I can bring my initiative into full play.

Education experience


Jose Rizal University, Mandaluyong

748 Shaw blvd

10/2014-- Present Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Soho central.

9/2010 -- 6/2014 Bachelor of business English

Hainan University, Haikou,China

Mobile: 0915-2139005

Special Skills


Fluency in Chinese, get a full picture of Chinese culture, society, as well

as history and humane characteristics, good verbal and written
communication skills in Chinese.

Specialized in English course, received a comprehensive study of

International trade in college, and have a slight knowledge of Japanese, i
took a Japanese course as my second foreign language.

Received a systematic study of secretary in college.

Intermediate level of Word, Excel and Access.


With good working attitude and teamwork spirit

Carefulness and be capable of hard work