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Sauyo Elementary School

3 Summative Test in MATHEMATICS 5

S.Y. 2014 2015

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Part 1: Read and analyze the following questions

carefully. Encircle the letter of the best answer. (1 pt)
1. What do you call the comparison of the size of two
or more numbers or quantities?
A. Quantity B. Ratio C. Rules
D. Terms
2. Use the set of shapes inside the box. What is the
ratio of stars to hearts?
A. 4:7 B. 7:6 C. 6:7 D. 6:5



B. 12:15

C. 12


21. Which of the following pairs of ratio are
I. 4:5 and 16:20 II. 6:9 and 3:2 III. 3:4 and 6:8
A. I only B. I and III C. II and

Part 2: Give what is required for each question. (2pts)

1. What will you replace N to make

16 8 N
= =
24 12 3

a series of equivalent ratios?

3. In the statement I LOVE MATHEMATICS,

which of the fractions shows the ratio of the vowels to
the consonants on it?
A. 7:9
B. 9:7
C. 7:8 D. 8:7
4. Which of the following situation does not give a
ratio of two is to seven?
A. two bananas cost P7
B. five boys to three girls in the library
C. two apples for every seven oranges
D. there are two tables with seven chairs

2. If

4 6
6 N , then the value of N is ___?

3. In 4:5 = 20:N, what is N?

5. There are three pigs and five goats in a farm. How

do we write the ratio of number of goats to the number
of pigs?


B. 5:3

C. 3 is to 5

D. 3:5

6. All of the statements are correct about expressing

ratios of two objects except:______.
A. The ratio 1 is to 2 is the same as 2:1.
B. The order of quantities in a ratio is important.
C. Ratios can be written in either colon or fraction.
D. Two quantities being compared can form a ratio.

Part II. Solve the following problems. Show your

solution at the space provided after the problem.

1. There are two more baby boys than girls in a

nursery room. If there are 18 babies in all, what is
the ratio of the number of baby girls to boys?

7. In the class of grades 5 bayani, there are 25 girls

and 30 boys. What is the ratio of girls to the total
number of pupils in the class?
A. 25 girls to 30 boys
C.25 girls to 50 pupils
B.30 boys to 25 girls
D. 30 boys to 50 pupils

8. Which ratio can be simplified into 2:3 or

3 ?

2. Yesterday, Rafa answered 8 out of a 10-item

quiz correctly. How many items should she answer
correctly in a 20-item test to match her
performance yesterday?