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PHONE: (WK) 302-697-2161 ext. 1210
(FAX) 302-697-6888
Once you are in the door, you will be in another world! In my classroom, you will be
capable of communicating and interacting in your new language-Espaol. You will gain
an understanding of various cultures by learning about Spanish speaking countries
throughout the world. You will learn useful vocabulary words and basic functional
grammatical points to help you succeed with your communication skills. Dont be afraid
to try, that is the only way you learn a new language!
It is your responsibility to be on time! Please be in your seat at the start of class, so we
can begin right away. I do all of my announcements at the very beginning of class. This
is a very critical time- so please do not ask to use the restroom at this time. I review the
agenda and go over missed work from the day before, for those students who were
absent. I appreciate your cooperation with being on time and being ready to learn!
Please bring the proper supplies to class daily (writing utensil, paper). You must bring
your book everyday!! I will not send you to lockers upon the start of class. If you forget
your book you must go to your locker to get it but you will be marked tardy to class.
Treat others as you would like to be treated. Please try to maintain GOOD HUMOR!!!
Always respect yourself and the others around you.
Stay on task. Group work requires responsibility, cooperation, and maturity. Get
involved, share ideas and help each other.
Think positive!!! It makes for a more productive classroom and learning experience.
Do not borrow another students book or homework to use for your own purposes. This
will result in a zero and possible administrative action(s).
Do not use the internet wrongfully when translation work is assigned. I can detect this
right away and you will receive no credit and/or reassignment of work.

All book bags and purses are to be put underneath each desk area and remain under for the
duration of the period.
Cellular devices are prohibited during the school day. Any use of a cellular device will not
be tolerated! Student will be automatically sent to his/her Asst. principal for disciplinary

No heads down during class.......I will always give you 110% of my time and effort,
so please be courteous and utilize instruction and class time. Gracias!
All tests, quizzes, projects, writing samples, listening activities, class work, presentations,
and homework will have a specific value.
You will receive points for everything you do in my classroom. Each assignment is
classified under one of the categories above. Each category is assigned a specific
Quizzes -20%
Homework-10% CR POLICY
Class work-20%
Performance Assessment-Listening/Writing/Oral Presentations/Projects-10%
Oral participation: Each student will receive 5 cards for the year. The goal is to
participate at least one time daily and turn in all 5 at the end of the week for 10pts. These
cards will be counted under your oral category in Home Access. During certain weeks,
fewer cards will be collected due to the school calendar or the lesson agenda. In that
case, I will count the number accordingly. Even if a student is absent, there will multiple
opportunities for turning in cards each day. If student were to turn in all cards before the
end of the week, the student is still expected to participate. If a student is absent
extensively, he or she can see me for a make-up oral assignment to earn all points missed.
E-school will average your score based on categories and percentages assigned. Feel free
to check with me any time you are in question of a score or your current grade.
Home Access will provide you the opportunity to view your grades daily. Please have
your parent sign up for this resource. They must come in to sign up in the main office.
LATE POLICY: No late work accepted. Please pay attention to due dates and have your
work in on time. If the assignment is not in on time, it will receive a 0 in the grade work.
Homework and class work assignments are reviewed daily----therefore, it is important to
have your assignment when it is due.
NO NAME BASKET: Papers without names will be placed into the no name basket.
It is the responsibility of the student to locate their work and ask for the assignment to be
You will be given 1-2 days for each day absent. There will be 2 days a week assigned for
make-up quizzes/tests-please see me to arrange date and time. Please make up work in a
timely fashion. The longer you wait to make up the work, the more you tend to forget the

material-please keep that in mind. I will be glad to arrange a flexible time for you, but
absolutely no credit will be given for a test/quiz that is not made up within a week. Thank
you in advance for being considerate and making up your work in a timely fashion. All
make-up testing is done from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. in A210. It is your responsibility to
schedule your make-up testing time with me upon your arrival back from absence.
Textbook (covered and brought to class each day)., notebook, writing materials and
project/craft/art supplies..assigned at least 1 week prior to assigned project.
It is strongly recommended for you to keep an organized section in your notebook. The
following categories are needed: Warm-ups/Para Empezar/Cultura/Trabajos
manuales/Apuntes/Vocabulario-Graphic Organizers. Summative Assessments will be
kept in your individual assessment folder in the classroom.
SPANISH DICTIONARIES: The Bantom New College, VOX, Random House,
Cassells, The American Heritage, and Lourousse are all good resource dictionaries.
Check with me if you have any questions before purchasing. I will give the ISBN # for
the dictionary that you wish to purchase. Examples of dictionaries are in the cabinet. A
classroom set of dictionaries is available for daily student use.
EXTRA HELP: Tutoring with me is available by appointment. I am more than willing to
help you. National Honor Society and Spanish Club also provide free tutoring in Spanish.
Please see me to coordinate a day and time. You must schedule a time with me the day
prior to tutoring or earlier. I look forward to working with you one-on-one with any
specific needs. Dont hesitate to request extra help! I am always here for you!
Each day a daily agenda will be placed on the board with an essential question that
reflects the lesson objective of the day. Also, homework will be assigned on the board
and reviewed orally. All students who record the E. Q. daily will have an opportunity to
earn bonus each marking period.
I always like to contact parents in regards to student progress and for the positive
things happening in our classroom. I hope to be chatting with your parent in the
near future! I also encourage parents to visit our classroom and observe all the
great things we do here at CR!! I am looking forward to working with you and
your family this year! Seora
To have another language is to possess a second soul. ..Charlemagne
Mrs. Tatman-Hogan, M. Ed.
2003-2004 CRHS Teacher of the Year
World Language Department