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Answers to Life

Answers to Life

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Published by: ZORROzorroZORROzorro on Feb 10, 2010
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Related Diseases: Sexual Dysfunction, Prostate/Ovarian-Breast Cancer

Just because someone incarnates into a male or female body, it does not
make them a man or a woman. To become a man or a woman means
embracing their body's gender with a glad heart while being grateful for
the lessons it will bring. Yet, in past lives, most of us usually develop a
preference for one gender over the other.

When we find that we are either consistently "wishing and hoping" or
"acting as if" we were the opposite sex, we are telling our bodies to reject
those gender specific parts of ourselves that "do not belong" to us. This
dis-ease with our own gender, if not confronted and resolved, will result in
sexual disorders.

Similarly, if we find ourselves with partners who reject or belittle how we
honor our sexuality and we do nothing to "defend ourselves", this lack of

self love will also be interpreted as us rejecting our own sexuality and
opens us to disease.

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