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Denise Spencer

Denise Spencer
May 2015
Dear Sir/Madam:
As my resume indicates, I possess over nine years of progressive experience in the teaching field.
I am currently teaching a self-contained middle school teacher of thirteen students with learning
disabilities. Without a doubt, I believe I possess the necessary skills and experience you are seeking and
my teaching background has equipped me with solid practical skills. Combine this with an incredibly
deep understanding of teaching and learning and I would call it instinctive. I love my job.
As a teacher, my responsibilities include integrating lessons to comply with common core standards and
the curriculum of New Jersey, differentiating instruction to serve the needs of my students, and meeting
and planning with my colleagues to further the progress of the students. Additionally, my knowledge of
technology has allowed me to diversify my student-centered instruction.
Most recently, in addition to teaching my class, I act as facilitator for the Morning Stars program and in
the evening, I attend online classes in Educational Leadership.
I am a lifelong student because I study often and most recently, I am studying what works for my students.
I spend hours preparing lessons that I feel will work.
If you are interested in a highly dedicated teaching professional with the required credentials, patience and
a positive attitude, please give me a call. My passion for this field, combined with the depth of experience
I can offer, will contribute towards making me a great match for any teaching position. I'd love the
opportunity to discuss what I can accomplish.
Thank you for taking the time and consideration to review my resume.
Denise Spencer

Denise Spencer
130 Davey Street Bloomfield, NJ 07003

H-(973) 337-8933 C- (917) 402-8289

I am not a teacher, but an awakener.

Robert Frost
Highly energetic teacher with over eight years experience devising and creating cognitive and
inspiring lesson plans and integrating modern instructional techniques with the added skill and
experience of identifying children's individual and collective learning needs.
Core Qualifications
Managing classroom for diverse populations
Diverse classroom settings
MA Education
Experience working special needs students
Effectively work with parents
Motivating students
Teaching Experience

Tailoring curriculum plans

Positive learning environment
Learning style assessment
Interactive teaching/learning
Technological instruction
Classroom management

Jersey City Board of Education, Jersey City, NJ

Teacher of Students with Disabilities

Modifies the general education curriculum for special-needs students based upon a
variety of instructional techniques and technologies.
Differentiates instruction and assessments in all subject areas while employing print and non-print
Teaches students how to apply comprehension strategies for a variety of purposes to various
materials and tasks, including everyday life situations.
Maintains and conducts all parent communication, social and behavioral management, and
parent/teacher conferences
Collaborates with a team of teachers for planning in all subject areas.
Utilizes a balanced literacy program incorporating guided, shared and independent reading
as well as writing activities, along with listening and speaking (English Language Arts, Writers
Workshop and Small Group) lessons using techniques from Pearson Success Net, Holt McDougal
and Standards Solution programs.
Plans and implements math lessons using the Holt McDougal program
Integrates a wide variety of technologies into all subject matter, including hardware such as
computers, projectors, document cameras, Promethean Whiteboard, Flip cameras, and digital
cameras, as well as, YouTube, Teacher Tube, iTunes, Google Docs, Google Earth, Microsoft Word,
PowerPoint & Photo Story, Windows Movie Maker, Prezi and a host of other applications
Evaluates students using a variety of formative and summative assessments.

Additional Experience
Jersey City Board of Education, Jersey City, NJ
Adult School Teacher GED Program (current)
Morning Stars Facilitator (current) early morning childrens program

Extended Day Teacher Math and Language Arts (6th 8th grades)
PSAT Teacher Saturday tutoring program Language Arts (2012 -2013)
Extended Year Teacher summer school 8th grade
Raising the Bar Program- Head Teacher (2011/2012)
CASPER afterschool program teacher (2011)
Special Olympics Track and Field
Boys Volleyball
Boys Track
Girls Volleyball
Education and Training
Western Governors University, Salt Lake City, UT
Endorsement Preparation for Educational Leadership - anticipated graduation date 11/15
New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ
MA Ed Urban Education Teaching and Learning in Urban Schools
Proficient in using:
Audacity (online audio recording and editing)
Digital voice recorders
Promethean and SMART Interactive Whiteboards and software
Electronic mail systems
Google Applications (Google Docs, Google Earth, etc.)
Flip cameras and software
Internet applications (websites creating, programs, Spelling City etc.)
Microsoft Office software (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Access, One Note)
Microsoft Photo Story
Video and digital cameras
Teacher of Students with Disabilities
New Jersey Elementary Teaching Certificate - K-5
Community Involvement
CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocate - 2008-2010
Advocate for children in foster homes.
Reported to courts on the progress of children.
Offered advice and guidance to children in the program.

Brensinger Elementary/ PS 17 Extracurricular Activities

Excel Grants 2008 and 2009 for created program CORE Peer Educator programs
students actively working to help each other succeed. Jointly acted as an after school
program for more activities (club, discussion, resolution and mediation, theater).
Implemented an all - boys mentoring program called T-BAM ("To Be a Man") grades 5-8.
Created a step dance group called HotSteppers (2009-2011) for extracurricular activities for
students in the school.
Festivals participant
Desktop Publisher Graduation and Moving On Programs and Invitations
Facilitated teacher workshops for technology techniques and software
Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) (current)
National Education Association (NEA), 2006
Professional Work Experience
State University of New York Downstate Medical Center
Brooklyn, New York 1995-2007
Director of Volunteer and Community Services
Responsible for all recordkeeping, accounting and data analysis.
Responsible for all interviewing, selecting, hiring and placement of staff and volunteers.
Responsible for all in-service training and workshops.
Awarded $23,000 to start program in customer service for youth from various high schools within
New York City.
Responsible for establishing and enforcing policies within the department in accordance with
Administrative Manual and Joint Commission standards.
Created all documentation for the department.
Created annual educational program for youth visiting Downstate while in Summer Youth
Employment Program.
Developed programs for developmentally disabled youth and adults who expressed a desire to
Started rolling library for the hospital by securing new and used books from a well known
publishing company.
Developed collaborations with programs i.e. high schools (TOP, LEARN, etc.), alternative high
schools and colleges, where students could visit hospital and do community service with staff,
doctors and nurses as well as administrators and staff.
Liaison with various community organizations and agencies to assist in placement for adults
seeking experience and internships for job training programs.
Awards / Certificates
Partner in- Education award from NYC Board of Education for assisting youth in the Training
Opportunities Program.
United Hospital Fund 2003 Hospital Auxiliary and Volunteer Program ($23, 000)
The National Minority Organ and Tissue Transplant Education Program New York Organ Donor
Network plaque for volunteering.
Research Foundation of New York and the Department of Labor Certificate of Appreciation from
the Jobs for Youth in Apprenticeship Programs.
United Cerebral Palsy Brooklyn Day Habilitation Program Certificate of Appreciation for placing
adults in volunteer positions.

Brooklyn Borough President Letter of Appreciation for participating in the Brooklyn HEAT
program for finding job placement for Brooklyn youth.