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Erica N.

1280 N. Laurel Ave #26, West Hollywood, CA 90046


Teacher, Elementary and Middle School

Goal driven and student-focused teaching professional who is
committed to providing a well balanced, supportive and engaging
learning environment for all students.
Dedicated to developing inspiring and rigorous lessons that will capture
a childs imagination, encourage higher level thinking and breed
Aptitude to remain flexible and a life-long learner, ensuring that every
childs learning style and needs are adequately being met.
Superior interpersonal and communication skills, a trusted educator
who strives to collaborate with all members of the school community to
meet the needs of students, foster meaningful relationships and
promote the philosophy of the school.

Areas of teaching proficiency include the following

Common Core standards

Multiple intelligence
Differentiated instruction
Blooms Taxonomy
Project based learning
Technology integration
Thematic Units
Portfolio based assessments
Literature circles

Writers/Readers workshop
Cooperative learning groups
Positive empathy based
classroom management
Student centered and
interactive learning
Conceptual learning
Empathy training
Discovery learning

Education and Certifications

Masters of Arts in Administration and Urban Leadership, CSU Dominguez
Hills, Carson, CA. May 2004.
Masters of Arts in Curriculum and Design, Michigan State University, East
Lansing, MI. May 2004. 24 credits towards degree, fifth year internship
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Elementary Education, Michigan State University,
East Lansing, MI. December 2002 .
Major: Elementary Education
Minors: mathematics, psychology

California Administrative Tier 1 Credential, May 2010.

California Clear Credential, multiple subjects, supplementary: 6-9 mathematics.
Jan 2009.
California CLAD Credential, Jan. 2009.
Michigan Provisional Certificate, k-5 all subjects, 6-8 mathematics, psychology.
May 2004.

Teaching Experience
Hollywood Primary Center- Los Angeles, CA

June 2013-Present

SRLDP teacher in an SRLDP/PCC mix classroom

Worked with a special education partner teacher to create a program that nurtured
and supported growth of the diverse needs present in our classroom, with a heavy
emphasis on language and behavioral development. Fostered students emotional,
social and academic growth with positive empathy based management, and
rigorous, authentic and engaging learning activities. Implemented thematic units
that were based on conceptual learning, creating an academic program to coincide
with the regular preschool curriculum. Created and maintained a monthly parent
education and involvement program. Created and piloted a 4.5 Pre-K program.
King Middle School- Los Angeles, CA

June 2012- June 2013

6th grade Math, Science and Technology Elective Teacher

Integrated the magnet focus of environmental science across the math and
science curriculum in order to strengthen students skills in the core subjects but
also raise their awareness and involvement in their community in regards to
environmental issues. Created lessons that utilized project based learning,
technology integration and the higher levels of Blooms taxonomy in order to
supplement the course text.
Del Olmo Elementary School- Los Angeles, CA

June 2010- June 2012

Kindergarten Teacher, Grade Level Lead

As grade level lead, I worked with my team to create an effective walk to
intervention program that included an ongoing and fluid testing, placement and
tracking system, that allowed for all students needs to be met at their specific
level. Worked with other leads to create a school wide standard for the
implementation and rigorous use of concept boards to deepen students
conceptual learning of units. Conducted monthly house meetings and student
centered news letters to educate, communicate and engage parents in their
students learning endeavors.
Aurora Elementary School- Los Angeles, CA

July 2006- June 2010

K, 1st, 2nd grade and Gifted Math Teacher

Created, implemented and facilitated a math bridge program with the local middle
school. Served as an after school intervention teacher for students struggling in
Language Arts. Assisted with the school site budget.
Clifton Middle School- Monrovia, CA

Aug. 2004- June 2006

6th, 7th and 8th grade Math teacher

Taught pre algebra and 6th grade math. Served as the after school math help room
teacher. Taught summer school math to remedial students.

Professional Development
Technology in the classroom
Reading and writing in Math
CCSS LA (2014)
Supporting ELD students (2014)
Academic Language
Development (2014)
Supporting Struggling Students
with rigorous instruction (2013)
Classroom management with
empathy (2013)
Film, Visual Arts and Common
Core in the classroom (2013)
McMillian Treasures,DIBELS

Shift Happens-Gifted
Supporting autistic students
OCR training (2006-2009)
Thinking maps (2008)
ELD Practicum (2008)
Motivating disruptive students
Nutrition and Instruction (20042005)
CMC Math Conference (2004)
Writers and Readers workshop
Differentiating Instruction
MLPP (2004)

Dr. Dona Lawrie, Principal
Hollywood Primary Center
Los Angeles, CA

Maria Avila, PCC

Hollywood Primary Center
Los Angeles, CA

Annemarie Ralph, ESM coordinator


Eugene Hernandez,

King Middle School

Del Olmo Elementary

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA


Brian Lucas, Principal

Intervention Spec.
Aurora Elementary School
Los Angeles, CA


Ivette Beltran,
Aurora Elementary School
Los Angeles, CA