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Romeo and Juliet Act Three McGahee

Act Three, Scene One


Tragedy: Who is responsible for starting the sword fight? Cite evidence to support your
viewpoint. (994)

2. What does Benvolio want Tybalt and Mercutio to do? (994)

3. Character: What motive does Romeo have for not wanting to fight Tybalt? (994)
4. Who else knows about his motive? (994)
5. Lines 77-87: What is Romeos role in the fight? (995)
6. Lines 77-87: What does Romeo say and do? (995)

7. Lines 77-87: What happens to Mercutio? (995)

8. Lines 77-87: Why do you think Mercutio cries, A plague o both your houses (line 85)?

9. Lines 77-87: What does Tybalt do? (995)

10. Tragedy: What curse does Mercutio repeat three times in this scene? (996)
11. Tragedy: Explain what this ominous curse might foreshadow. (996)

12. Character: What drives Romeo to challenge Tybalt to fight? (996)

13. Tragedy: Why does Lady Capulet think Benvolio is lying? Paraphrase the accusation she makes
and explain what she begs the prince to do. (998)

Act Three, Scene Two

1. Line 2-3: Allusion: Why does Juliet allude to Phoebus and Phaeton in this soliloquy? (999)

2. Line 40: Dramatic Irony: How is Juliets belief that her new husband is dead an example of
dramatic irony? (1000)

3. Line 73-85: What is Juliets first reaction to the news that Romeo has killed Tybalt? (1001)

4. Lines 90-95: Tragedy: Compare Juliets initial reaction to the news of Tybalts death with her
response to the nurse in lines 90-95. What internal conflict is Juliet wrestling with in this scene?
5. Lines 138-143: Where is Romeo hiding? (1002)
6. Lines 138-143: What is the nurse going to do and say after she leaves Juliet? (1002)
7. Lines 138-143: Why does Juliet call the coming night Romeos last farewell (line 143)? (1002)
Act Three, Scene Three

Line 29-51: Why does Romeo think banishment is a worse punishment than death? (1004)

2. Line 108: What is Romeo about to do? (1005)


Line 135 140: What 3 blessings does the Friar mention? (1006)

4. Lines 146-152: According to Friar Laurences plan, where will Romeo go after seeing Juliet?
5. Lines 146-152: When will Romeo leave? (1006)
6. Lines 146-152: What will Friar Laurence do while Romeo is in Mantua? (1006)
Act Three, Scene Four

Line 11: What do Juliets parents think is causing her sorrow? (1008)

2. Tragedy: Predict how Juliet will react to the news that her parents have promised her to Paris.
How might this turn of events add to the plays mounting conflict? (1008)
Act Three, Scene Five

Line 2-5: What is Juliet trying to get Romeo to believe? (1010)

2. Line 54-56: What is Juliets vision? (1011)

3. Line 69-70: What does Lady Capulet think Juliet is crying about? (1012)
4. Lines 213-219: According to the nurse, what is the status of Juliets marriage to Romeo? (1015)
5. Lines 213-219: What specific action does the nurse suggest Juliet take? (1015)
6. Lines 213-219: What is the nurses opinion of Paris? (1015)
7. Character: How has Juliets relationship with the nurse changed? Citing details from their
interactions, explain the main reason for the change. (1016)