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Professional Growth Plan

Grade or Subject: Physical Education

Teacher: Shaun Brossy

Using the PACE Academy School Improvement Plan, Identify two student growth
improvement goals.
Goal # 1: Incorporate more reading informational text into our physical education curriculum.

Goal # 2: Prepare students

for the challenges of the 21st century by providing

opportunities to attain the skills and knowledge to be physically active as part of a
healthy lifestyle.

What will success of these goals look like? How will you know when you have achieved
them? What would count as evidence of success?
I will use reading books from the library to supplement topics being covered in class. As a
class we can read biographies and fiction books that relate to activities being done in class.
Teach students about new sports with reading lessons. Many children have an interest in
learning more about sports. Take advantage of this by using books and articles about sports
as reading assignments.
Ask students to write. Writing and reading each other's work can help improve reading skills.
Students can track their progress in a particular sport through journaling, write about what
they like or don't like about an activity or make a list of their fitness strengths and goals.
I will stay current through professional developments and best practices to ensure students
are receiving quality physical education that focuses and promotes lifelong physical activity.
Have students suggest or recommend readings about their favorite sport or activity that we
can read as a class.
Use the computer lab so students can research a sport or athlete and complete a report
about their findings.

Describe the activates you will use to progress towards these goals. Be certain to include ongoing cross-content activates. Indicate the timelines and coordinator for each activity.


Read aloud with the

Assign homework that
allows students to
write reflect on what
they are learning in
Keep an
activity/nutrition log.


2nd card marking

end of the year.
2nd card marking
end of the year.
2nd card marking
end of the year.


Mrs. Saferian
Mrs. Saferian



Give students that

cannot participate
something to read
and/or write.
Assign research

2nd card marking

end of the year.

What resources will you need to better achieve your goals?

Reading materials from the library.
Materials to create a library in the gym.
Professional development opportunities that promote cross-curricular activities in physical
Visit and conference with classroom teachers to get ideas about ways to teach reading
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