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" ‘Shae a Dah Voluntary Petition ‘SMS Promotions, LLC nut be compel and ited m ery sey All Prior Bankruptcy Cases Filed Within Last Years WPunove than (va, wach aaliional sheet Taeation Tine Nomber Tate Fes Where Filed: = None Tacation Case Nuniber Dae Fed Wiens File i Pending Bankruptcy Cane Filed by any Spouse, Partner, oF AMKate of this Debtor (mone thy» one, tach aldions sheet Name of iebior ne Nome Date Filed None - Dist Relationship odes Exhibit A Fanbah (Vo be completed iF debloe is regina i file peiodie reports (0.8. {the sere fe the potion sare a he neque, dere hat | forins 10K and 100) withthe Secertes and Exchange Commision | fave ante the peter tht Pras he) ay peed ands chapts2, 11, pursuatt Section 13 or [Sad ofthe Sevutos bxchange Actol 1934 | I2-o4 Horie Tie Unite Sates Cade, ad have expe ie fet avedabe Here hemes eichidacemaptee Ey nde yeh veh ctor Iurborcart in deleted ihe der tbe ce rained By TUS S246), (C1 Exhibit Ais atached aed mode a par of his peo, ‘nate oF Aine far Dan Fania soy he deta awa have possesion any prope tat peso alee to pe a veto invincible bane pul healh oly? 1D Ves, std fxhiianached and ma part oF his petnin Bbc Exhibie sory individual debtor, I joint petition is led, each spouse must oomph (Lo be completed ty 1D Behibicd completed and signed by 1 his a Jl petition 1B Exhibi © ato gompleted and signed by the ot debtor ie atachod al rae a part ofthis petition, and attach 2 separate Exhibit.) jebtor is atached und made a pet of tis pein. Talormation Regarding the Debror- Venue {hock nny apie box) ME Debior has heen do days immediatly pre 1D There iva bankruptey case eanceming debtor's inte, general par jee or has had a residence, principal place at business, a principal asses india Distt for 180 sling the date oF this pein or Fars longer pact of such TMD day than in any ether Dist tof parnership pending In this District Webi sa debior In frwign proveeding and has its principal place of husiness oe principal usses inthe United this Disicietorhas ne principal place of business or assets in the United States Put isa defeat in un aetinn or ‘raceeding fn a Federal or state Coun] in His Dswie, ortho inverets ofthe paris wil be served fo regar co the Sought in this Disre. Certification by 4 Debtor Who Revider asa Tenant of Ri (Chock all upplicabie boxes) iTentiat Property TL laanslord sa jdgnen aginst dhe detox For possessan of shines esencs, (Ima checks, compete the allowing ‘Wan oa ond tal ned ad (Aaaress af ndiond) 1 _Dotaor ctnims that under applicable nontunkruptey ow, dane ate circumstances under whieh the debtor wuuld be penned 1 cue the entire monetary desu that gave rie W the judament Ine possession, afer the sUdyment for possession wa ener an 1D Debior hs netuded svi his potivo Ye deposit with dhe coer of ny rent hat Would bevonne due dug she 30aay period forthe Ming ofthe petition, Detar eens dat hehe tas srved the Landlord with this cen sion. (USC. 9 342101, Br otis ton HOH, Page 3 Voluntary Pet n Phas poe mb edd ie In overy cates Nana a Devons ‘SMS Promotions, LLC Sig Sigaateres) of Debtor(s) (IneWidual/Jointh {eure under penal fps he he ikon provided his Pion tus abd roe Tirpener 2s aut wos Jeb pe prima ensues nd Fs cose (0 der copter 7} sare that Le) paced eee Shier 7.11 12,9713 afte 4, Land Sey Coe, erst he ei Sounder ea such sper, and chon fo prossed vider chit? Iino ateneyverevente se tnd fo bankruptcy fon proper gs the fetta] fae oboe snd ead the ance teqared by THESE $M) Leoques ef sorta withthe chapter of te Seed whe pte [ x ‘Signatuce of Bebvor x ‘Rignatun’ of Foint Debtor ie Sos Cale “Telephone Number UF not represented By atiommey) Tare oreign Representative | dele under geaty 3 ent te nfnation provads wh gers ‘sue wi cone dat smth oer feprseiave oa dela fare proceeding. a ta shored eh bt, 1 Lregaet chef nasordance ity caplr 15 «le 1), se Ses Code (Ged Cope othe dacumens ecaned by TSC $1813 ae anche 1 Puswuat wo 111186 $1811, rue wei in accordanae wh ‘fue I pected ny tea A ceed copy af the wer Tevegimon a the rcp faim proceeding watched the shaper anne x Soe ignntive of Foreign presets rnied Name of Foreign Represe ‘Dae — Signature of Non-AWorney Hankraptcy Petition Preparer {deca under penalty of ey Oat (1) Lame banksy petition fear ab dined 011 SC} 1142) ropoedte darea or Sigualore of Atioraas™ iene oF Aor Tr DSO Patrick. Neligan, Jt, 14866000. - inted Name of lore for Debtors) Noligan Foley LLP. Firm Name 926 N. St. Paul Suite 3600 Dalias, Tx 75201 Ties 214-840-8300 Fax: 214-840-8304 ‘tm asst oe wh § 70RD apps, tis signs lin constues2 season hate aorey aso krssedze aera nr Ba he Inferno nthe soho isos ‘Signature of Debtor (CarporatontPartnersiipy | este under pay of pe tha the nfrmatin pried i ie Deion tue gare snd fe been phoned ees pian Snbehalf ofthe aes “Te debior equate rlietn aceanonee wth he cpl ie, itd Sats Code, sich a is Signature ot Curtis J. vackson, th Prined Name of Authorized Indlvidval Manager and Sola Merpber This of Authorized Todlyeaak 2S LE eee Esmpenthin aa have provided the dstoe sha copy of ib dovtrest ‘rath voces sad information eed under 11 US. 48 Tilt, Tot. and 13h sd ch rks opines Have Fee promutated fuuintto US. 9 SE penngm awimery fs fr ve es Saget by bankrytey pein popes, ave pve fe bie nie Sfthe anima oun Delo preparing any dasoeea or fing for ‘debtor ssening any fe hom te Cetera ered tha econ, ‘oul Poem 9 Ie anaehed Fiikcd NaC aa aR ag Take a Pe ‘WoceiSceaniy namber ‘baakinpey pellon prepare Is not 2 inulvidual, ste the Social Seeuriyy number al the wie Priveipal, responsible person or panne a the bankruptcy petiion Preparer. Requied by 1EULS.C.§ 1103 xo Brae Sipsusre of bonkrapty plition pope oul vines responsible reronor pres hse Sock Ssvury number's povided shove ames and Sova igs sabre fal aber inividene wh prepa or ‘daarentun en he Daskvpiy peta purer f {mre ha ane peson pepe thi ewer, adn sees conferming eta epptoprt aia orm fr ev penn pen preparer alr comply wt the prvinon ihe Pent Rats of Panu Pegaso fio mperonnen a7 both ENC g)ihe CS fI3m IN THE UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF CONNECTICUT. In SMS Promotions LLC, Case No, Debtor. WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE MANAGER OF SMS PROMOTIONS LLC The undersigned, being the Manager of SMS Promotions LLC, a Nevada limited liability corporation (the “Company”), does hereby consent and approve the adoption of the following resolutions as the action of the Company, and does hereby direct that this written consent be filed with the minutes of the Company, 1, Voluntary Petition Under the Provisions of Chapter 11 of Title 11 of the Unites States Code WHEREAS, the Manager has had the opportunity to consult with the management and financial and legal advisors of the Company; NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that in the judgment of the Manager of the Company, itis desirable und in the best interests of the Company, its creditors, members, and other interested parties that a petition be filed by the Company secking relief under the provisions of chapter 11 of title 11 of the United States Code, 11 U.S.C. §§ (01-1532, as amended (the “Bankruptey Code™): RESOLVED FURTHER, that any person or Member designated by the Managet and so authorized (each, an “Authorized Officer") of the Company be, and hereby is, authorized, empowered, and directed, in the name and on behalf of the Company, to execute and verify a petition under chapter U1 of the Bankruptey Code and to cause same to be filed in the United States Bankruptey Court for the Distiet of Connecticut (the “Bankruptey Court”) at such time as, the Authorized Officer executing the petition will determine; RESOLVED FURTHER, that each of the Authorized Officers, and such other officers of the Company as the Authorized Officers will from time to time designate, be, and hereby are, authorized and empowered on behalf of, and in the name of, the Company to execute and file all petitions, schedules, tists. and other papers and to take any and all actions that any Authorized Officer may deem necessary, proper or desirable in connection with the chapter IT case, with a view to the successful prosecution of the case. WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE MANA SMS PROMOTIONS LLC. Page Il. Hiring Counsel and Other Professionals RESOLVED FURTHER, that the Authorized Officers be, and they hereby are, authorized and directed to employ the law firms of Neligan Foley LLP as general bankruptey counsel and Zeisler & Zeisler, P.C. as local counsel to represent and assist the Company in carrying out its duties under the Bankruptey Code, and to take any and all actions to advance the Company's rights and obligations, including filing any pleading; and in cormection therewith, the Authorized Officers are hereby authorized and directed to execute appropriate retention agreements, pay appropriate retainers prior to and immediately upon filing of the chapter 11 case, and to cause to be filed an appropriate application for authority to retain the services of Neligan Foley LLP: RESOLVED FURTHER, that the Authorized Officers be, and they hereby are, authorized and directed to employ any other professionals including, without limitations. ‘accountants, financial advisors and investment bankers, to assist the Company in carrying out its duties under the Bankruptey Code; and in connection therewith, the Authorized Officers are hereby authorized and directed to execute appropriate retention agreements, pay appropriate retainers prior to or immediately upon the filing of the chapter 11 case and to cause to be filed an appropriate application for authority to retain the services of any other professionals as necessary. IIL, Ratification of Past Actions RESOLVED FURTHER, that all avts and deeds of any of the Manager or officers of the Company taken prior to the date hereof to carry out the intent and accomplish the purposes of these resolutions are hereby approved, adopted, ratified and confirmed in all respects as the acts and deeds of the Company. IV. General Authority RESOLVED FURTHER, that each of the Authorized Officers, and such other atficers of the Company as the Authorized Officers will from time to time designate, and any employees or agents (including counsel) designated by or directed by any of such officers, be, and hereby are, authorized and empowered to cause the Company and such of its affiliates as management deems appropriate 10 enter info, execute, deliver, certily, file and/or record, and perform, such agreements, instruments, motions, affidavits, applications for approvals or ruling of governmental or regulatory authorities, certificates and other documents, and to take such other actions, as in the judgment of such officer will be or become necessary, proper and desitable to prosecute to a successfull completion the chapter 11 case, to effectuate the restructuring of the debt, other obligations, organizational form and structure and ownership of the Company consistent with these resolutions and to carry out and put into effect the purposes of these resolutions and transactions contemplated by these resolutions, their authority thereunto to be evidenced by the taking of such actions. WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE MANAGER OF SMS PROMOTIONS ELC Page ? IN WITNESS WHEREOF, | have hereunto set my hand WaiTTEN CONSENT O1 SMS PROMOTIONS LLC if, S day of May, 2015,