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Yasmin Noriega

Commented [1]: Wow you have a lot of experiences!

Right now this will work, however I want to keep
working with you on this. You have a lot of
experiences and volunteer work, and I want to help you
find a way to simplify this.

582 Sanders Ave

San Jose, CA 95116

Commented [2]: aww thanks Ms A and im sorry I

repled to you late I appreciate that I thught I didn't have
enough imformation

T (408) 921-7583



Two years ago during summer I volunteered at Emma Push.

I offered to help on the Farm,where we would plant trees and
pack the vegetables in boxes for sale .There I Learned how to
grow plants and resources needed in order to grow. This also
furthered my knowledge on working and communicating with
Experience Working with Diverse Groups

Independence High School, CA

High School diploma (in progress),

Connecting TVs, DVRs, and sound systems

Member of the STEAM (Electronics)
Academy,Independence High School
San Jose, CA 2013-present


Principles of Engineer Award, May 2013.

-Bilingual (Spanish/English); In
progress (Trilingual; French)
- Using Soldering
- Parts assembly
- Using small hand tools
- Component Identification
- Print reading

Reduced material use in different substance.

- 3D printing

Used calculations to support strategies

- Laser Cutting and Engraving

Engineering Courses taken:


Introduction To Design -some inventors or use are

sketchup 2013,Coral 2013,and AutoDesk

- Roland Vinyl cutter

- Scientific/Graphing Calculator

Independence High School Soccer Participation



Caring for teammates


Will be available upon request

Repair and Networking

- Android or Apple Mobile
operating systems
- Connecting TVs, DVRs, and
sound system

Migrant Student Leadership; Sacramento University, 2013

- Independent (students/college)
- Classes I took ( Mathematics,Science,English,Engineer)
- Received college credits
- Family- Experience/Background and Struggle in Closer
- Steam-Achieve Goal Dreams,Encouragement,Civil Engineer/Social
Worker,Architecture ,Painter(designer)
- Government-Role in my life,Immigrants,College Money,Helping for poor

Architecture Construction
and Engineering Mentoring
(ACE) (In progress)
- Stands for Architecture,
Construction and Engineering
- Mentor high school students
and inspires them to pursue
careers in design and

-Director Of my Life-Have my Own
- Field trips- Sacramento State Capitol, California Car Cruise
- Visited UC Davis,UC Fresno

Domestic responsibilities
-waste management

Hobbies And Interests

- Practicing martial arts (specify) discipline and commitment ,
physical training
- Building kits and scale models following directions, ability to
- Meeting new people social skills
-Sports collaboration
- Weight Training Physical fitness, energetic
- Drawing and sketching creativity, artistic skills
- Automotive Maintenance hands-on, knowledge

- Mission is to engage, excite and

enlighten high school students to
pursue careers in architecture.