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Modelling clay

Make our own modelling clay to use as an

alternative to polymer clay.
Vegetable oil
Food colouring
1. Add one drop of food colouring to your cup of water.
2. Add salt to the coloured water, stirring until dissolves.
3. place flour and cornflour in with the veg oil in the second
cup and mix well.
4. add the salty coloured water to the second cup and knead
well with your fingers.
5. Divide the clay into enough equal parts for all who sit at the
6. Use the modelling clay to make a bead and design. This
will be used in our experiments with other modelling clay
for PrEP.
Did you know?
The solids and liquids in this recipe combine to make a new product that is
unlike the original ingredients. It is smooth and stretchy, so it allows you to
make it into different shapes.