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Walton County Sheriffs Office

Letter Directed Toward Total Frat Move

Fratrick Kane (AKA you probably don't want to split a cab ride with me.),
In your most recent article titled Top 7 Spring Break Destinations Now That PCB Has Banned
Alcohol you mentioned Destin as one of your top picks. You know Panama City Beachs
pledge sister the one with the sneakily large breasts?
We, as the Walton County Sheriffs Office, assume you must have mistaken Destin for Walton
County being as though Whales Tale is actually located in Miramar Beach - not in Destin.
Were here to tell you that while you need to work on your geography you also need to work
on spreading a different message to your fraternity brothers.
You see, here in Walton County were a fraternity too. But, as its actually defined. Our
fraternity is a group of people sharing common professions and interests. Our interests do not
include having thousands of college students disrespect and trash our beaches. We do not
support underage drinking or debauchery of any kind as you call it.
By the looks of your comments you dont have much support among your comrades anyway.
However, in the case that you come across this topic again on your list of things to write
about wed appreciate you leaving us off your list.
Our deputies do roam the beach and will card you if youre holding a drink or have alcohol of
any kind and appear to be under age. Your advice to just dont get caught, or have better
agility than my friend is an unwise suggestion as we can and will enforce a ZERO tolerance
policy for underage drinking, driving under the influence, illegal drugs (edibles), and public