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Sweeney Todd

Addison Hinson
Pia Wyatt
Acting Technique 1

This week through the weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Sweeney Todd: the Demon
Barber of Fleet Street multiple times since I was helping work the box office so I got to stay and
see the show many times. It gave me multiple views and many chances to watch the show and
notice many different things overall I was thoroughly surprised by the show, it honestly looked
more professional level than college level. You could tell that everyone in the show gave it their
all and truly wanted to be there and make the show the best it could be. The ensemble was very
prevelant through the sow and they meshed very well together and truly made up a bunch of
people as a whole, instead of one person standing out in the group.
Although I had many things in the show I enjoyed the two things that stood out to me the
most were Alexia Mullally as Nellie Lovett and Luke Matherne as Tobias Ragg. Alexia from the
moment they first rolled her pie shop on stage to the final pivotal moment where Sweeney
through here into the oven was truly, to me, Misses Lovett. I loved how she brought a more
humanistic since to the character but also kept her very light and funny at the appropriate times
she brought up the mood in very dark spots where if it would have stayed darker than it would ae
just brought down the mood of the show. Alexia was never not Nellie Lovette when on stage,
even her accent was spot on.
Like was another favorite of mine as the character of Tobias Toby Ragg. He
foreshadowed and made it very obvious that Toby was not a completely mentally stable adult so
when later in the second when Misses Lovett told Beadle Bamford that Toby was simple in the
head it was not an entire surprise. Luke kept his character throughout the whole show, even
when in the shadows as he was drunk on the gin he kept the simple boy style with just opening
and closing his mouth. He also was great at making you feel uncomfortable, which sounds weird
but the point was to make you feel uncomfortable and feel very upset over the character.