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Story & Art by

Derek Charm
Story by

Mariah Huehner Art by
Cat Farris
lettering by

edits by

Deron Bennett

Sarah Gaydos

After the events of IDW's SUPER SECRET CRISIS WAR series,
where villains were vanquished and heroes were, well,
heroic, the Powerpuff Girls have returned to their dear
CITY OF TOWNSVILLE… only to take a fateful field trip to
Dexter’s Laboratory, where a bit of Chemical X fell on Dee
Dee, who then warped away to a very strange place AND
THEN they met Courage the Cowardly Dog who needed
rescuing, but Dee Dee escaped... AND THEN both Cow AND
Chicken wanted to be stars, but Dee Dee got in the way,
before she...yep, you got it...escaped... AND THEN there was
an epic round of ultimate hide-and-seek with the crew from
Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, and Dee Dee was “IT”
but, of course, escaped...
art by Derek Charm

art by Cat Farris

THE POWERPUFF GIRLS created by Craig McCracken. CAMP LAZO created by Joe Murray. DEXTER'S LABORATORY created by Genndy Tartovsky.
Special thanks to Marisa Marionakis and Rick Blanco of Cartoon Network.

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