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Mara F. Gmez
Charles Kaui
Kimberly Bedolla
Kasandra Reyes
May 27, 2015

Controversial Enrichment
The name Controversial Enrichment is the name that our group gave ourselves in the
classroom. This would then become the assigned name of our website. Therefore my team
composed of Charles, Kimberly, Kasandra, Isabel and myself Mara had many options for what
our name could be, but we needed something that stood out from the rest. Moreover we started
making up weird names and we got to the conclusion that none of them were good for the
content we would post on our website. So we started thinking about the content, which we knew
could be controversial. For the reason that not everyone would agree with us. In addition other
team members argued that the content in the website would provide educational information
which would enrich the minds of those who visited our webpage. Given that the name
Controversial Enrichment is so long, we tried ControE, CEnrich, CoEnrichment. As a
result of all these nonsense short names we just decided to leave it as long as it was in the
As our second task, we needed to find a dance that has or had a social impact on a culture
and create an argument as to how it did that. Because every team member has their own style and
comes from different cultures, we needed to discuss the different dances we had in mind.
Therefore we got together in a library room. Charles took the leadership of the group and started
writing down the ideas of what the rest of the group was arguing about. Kimberly dances hip-hop

Gmez, Kaui, Bedolla, Reyes Page 2

at school, so she went for that dance. Kasandra followed her feelings and voted for ballet. I was
rooting for samba, which I am already familiar with the history and I know had a really big
influence in the United States culture. But once again, we could not agree with each other.
Therefore, Charles came up with an idea: each of us had to convince the rest of the group stating
what makes that specific dance so important. The first one we eliminated was ballet, because
sadly, we could not find supportive arguments for the dance style. The only dance we had more
information on was samba, but Kimberly is really motivated by hip-hop. So she fought for her
ideology, she showed us how hip-hop is a dance where most of teenager and young adults
express their feelings. Also, how this form of expression keep them from doing drugs or
vandalism. However, we were not convince at all on this specific topic. Since it is very popular
we thought some other team would have chosen it already. For this reason we asked other groups
what their topic was, and no one had hip-hop. That was a win for Kimberly.
After we decided on our dance, we started doing research about the history of hip-hop.
We found out that it could be traced further back than we stereotypically anticipated, which is
really interesting. It also has been evolving with time, making impacts in different cultures and
races. But in the end we decided to focus more on the 60-70 eras.
After doing the quick research, we delegated responsibilities. Charles would do the
presentation (power point), Kimberly would do the research, Isabel and Kasandra the written
document, and I was going to create the website. We tried to get together but each of us work and
our schedule did not help. Along the way Isabel left the group, and I had to work extra hours.
Consequently, we had an arrangement with the responsibilities. Kimberly and Kasandra did the
research, Charles the website and with Kimberlys help the presentation, while I ended up
writing the document. We successfully completed ur tasks.