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Union County, North Carolina - request to join ICE 287(g) program

Union County, North Carolina - request to join ICE 287(g) program

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For more on 287(g), see http://www.scribd.com/doc/23298564
For more on 287(g), see http://www.scribd.com/doc/23298564

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Published by: J Cox on Feb 10, 2010
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Eddie Cathey

Sheriff of Union County
3344 Presson Road
Monroe) Nonh Carolina 28112
Telephone: (704) 283-3789
FAX: (704) 292-2700
March 27, 2007
Ms. Julie Myers
Assistant Secretary
US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement
425 I Street NW, Room 7100
Washington, DC 20536
Dear Secretary Myers:
Email: . ('J{6)
Please consider this letter as my fonnal request to participate in the Delegation of Authority
Program pursuant to Section 287(g) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act. Union County is
the only remaining county surrounding Charlotte not yet participating in this program, and we
feel that trus opportunity will better enable us to serve our citizens in a cooperative regional effort
to target illegal aliens who commit criminal offenses in our jurisdictions.
We have been working with your office in Charlotte in developing the concept for
implementation of this program, modeled after others currently in place. As such, we are
proposing to establish an Identification Review Officer at our jail facility on Presson Road.
Additional1y, we seek to train approximately ten Deputy Sheriffs who meet ICE security
background requirements to administer the program on a 24/7 basis at the jail.
We will gladly provide a suitable area for training our pruticlpants, including fun audio-visual
capability and areas for practical exercises. Likewise, we would be honored to host other
jurisdictions in the area that may need additional personnel trained.
I appreciate your consideration of this request. The 287(g) Program has established a successful
track record in this region, and we would like to help continue that success. Please do not hesitate
to contact me if I may answer any questions regarding our commitment to this process. My staff
and I sincerely appreciate the fine work that your organization does in this region, and we look
forward to forming a synergistic partnersrup for the benefit of the citizens of Union County and
the Charlotte region.
E ~ ~
Sheriff Eddie Cathey
AUG 1 4 2007
Sheriff Eddie Cathey
Union County Sheriffs Office
3344 Presson Road
Monroe, NC 28112
Dear Sheriff Cathey,
(. of Deten!ion and Removal Operations
lJ.v. Dcpartm"tnt of Homcl.and Security
425 I Street, NW
Washington, DC 20536
U.s. Immigration
and Customs
Thank you for your interest in the 287(g) delegation of immigration authority program. The
287(g) Program Management Office and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for U. S.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are in receipt of your request for training for the
Union County Sheriffs Office.
On April 17,2007, the Program Manager for 287(g) Delegation of Authority at ICE
Headquarters forwarded your request to the Special Agent in Charge SAC Atlanta, and the
Field Officer Director of Detention and Removal, FOD Atlanta. Local representatives from
these two divisions will be in contact with you soon to conduct a preliminary assessment and
detennine whether the 287(g) program is the appropriate application to address your local law
enforcement challenges.
The local ICE point of contact regarding the 287(g) program is Assistant Field Office Director
(AFOD) (b_ 6 (b 7) C . who can be reached at (b)(7)(C)
(b)(6), (b)(7)(C)
Detention and Removal Operations
Sheriff Eddie Cathey
Union County Sheriff s Office
3344 Presson Rd.
Monroe, NC 28112
RE: 287(g) Delegation of Authority Implementation Plan
Dear Sheriff Cathey,
Office of the Assistant Secretary
u.s. Department of Homeland Security
425 I Street, NW
Washington, DC 20536
u.s. Immigration
and Customs
Thank you for your continued interest in the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
(ICE) 287(g) program, which cross-designates state and local officers to enforce immigration
law as authorized through section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. In the past
two years, the 287(g) program has identified more than 27,000 illegal aliens for possible
deportation. More than 70 municipal, county, and state agencies nationwide have requested
287(g) agreements with ICE, and already, more than 500 local and state officers have been
trained under the program. I thank you for submitting your 287(g) request with ICE,
unfortunately, funding for FY 2007 has been exhausted.
In response to the continued widespread interest from local law enforcement agencies like
yours, ICE has launched the new comprehensive ICE ACCESS (Agreements of Cooperation in
Communities to Enhance Safety and Security) program. The 287(g) program is only one
component under the ICE ACCESS umbrella of services and programs offered for assistance to
local law enforcement officers. Other ICE ACCESS enforcement options include the creation
of local task forces targeting specific challenges like gangs or document fraud, the presence of
a Criminal Alien Program (CAP) team in local detention facilities to identify criminal aliens, or
training to utilize the ICE Law Enforcement Support Center (LESC), which provides officers
the ability to inquire about a person's immigration and criminal history.
We will continue to assess your pending 287(g) application as more resources are made
available in FY 2008, however through our new ACCESS program, I believe we may be able
to identify an enforcement program that would better serve your community's needs. At my
direction, senior field representatives from the Office of Investigations and the Office of
Detention and Removal will visit with you soon to discuss ICE ACCESS and to assess your
particular local needs beyond what we already plan to accomplish through the 287(g) program.
I believe these strategic discussions will facilitate a strong partnershi p between your agency
and ICE. Combining federal, state and local resources has proven successful in safeguarding
W\\IW .ice .gov
public. We want to build on that success in responding to law enforcement communities
who seek

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