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SNAP-Ed Connection

in Five Weeks

Recipe Database
Transitioning from

connection to USDA
Whats Cooking?
Adding additional

nutrition facts,
more than
traditional label

Resource Reviews
ChopChop Magazine
Little Books & Little Cooks
Performed reviews on the materials, applicable to

the SNAP-Ed Connection Resource Finder

Updating database, reviews yet to be added
Coordinated with submitters

Spanish Materials
Found new

materials on
Connection site
Used Drupal to

add and organize

new and existing

Cooking: The Basics

Cooking with Limited Resources

Cooking: Special Considerations

Teaching Cooking Skills

Social Marketing Campaign

ASNNA Conference 2015

Association of SNAP-Ed Nutrition Networks and

other implementing Agencies

Arlington, Virginia February 9-12, 2015
Topics: FNS update, physical activity integration,
social marketing innovation, collective impact,
nutrition legislature
Great opportunity for networking and research for
social marketing campaign

Reference Questions
Answer questions from general public regarding

maneuvering the site, looking for information, SNAP

benefits, redirecting, etc.

Thank You!

What are your questions?