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RHN Reference en 410

RHN Reference en 410

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The Top Navigation Bar is divided into tabs. Organization Administrators see the follow-
ing Top Navigation Bar. Note that only RHN Satellite Server customers see the Monitor-
ing and Satellite Tools tabs.

Figure 6-1. Top Navigation bar — RHN Satellite Server

Figure 6-2. Top Navigation bar — RHN’s Hosted Environment

The Left Navigation Bar is divided into pages. The links are context-sensitive and may
vary slightly between RHNSatellite Server and non-Satellite web interfaces. Thefollowing
is an exaple of the Left Navigation Bar for the Users tab.


Chapter 6. Red Hat Network Website

Figure 6-3. Left Navigation Bar — Users

Some pages have sub-tabs. These tabs offer an additional layer of granularity in performing
tasks forsystemsorusers. The following isa menu barforall System Details sub-tabs. This
system has Management and Provisioning entitlements, but not Monitoring:

Figure 6-4. Sub-Tabs — System Details

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