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Q: Elaborate on the most proud moment so far in your life?

The most proud moment was when I

got my first teaching job because its
something Ive wanted to do since
High School and I stuck with it. Mr.

I cant decide between when I made

varsity soccer freshman year or when I
won the auto shower poster project for
graphic design. Both were proud
moments. Claire Beresford, Sophomore

So far, the most proud moment is

when I made varsity baseball
sophomore year. My parents and
myself were both extremely happy.
Aaron Benson, Senior

I would have to say the time I scored

28 points in one game was the most
proud Ive ever been. It was a huge
accomplishment for me. Amanda
Moss, Senior

The most proud Ive ever been

is when I got a 4.0 in 11th
grade. My parents made me
feel so good about myself and I
couldnt have been more
happy. Sylvia Kashat, Junior