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Gabriela Cassar

Miss Hammitt
Writing for Publication
Respect and Communication
Coach Carter, the basketball coach in the movie Coach Carter, has higher expectations
for his team than just getting a 3-pointer. He expects them to sit in the front of every class, attend
every class, requires them to have at least a 2.3 GPA, respect others and be on time to every
practice. He has a very low tolerance for trash-talking other teams, swearing and using other
discriminatory slangs.
At Bloomfield Hills High School (BHHS), we all have the potential to grow and become
a better student and overall person than we were yesterday. Coach Carter turned young boys,
most of them immature and disrespectful with no hopes or dream for their future, into grown
mature respectful men. Respect towards others and classroom communication are requirements
Id like to see flourish because it shows our maturity. Here at BHHS we need to set higher goals
for students, similar to Coach Carters for his team.
Respect is incredibly significant to learn, especially for teenagers. Having respect for
others goes a long way, in most cases you earn that persons respect back. Gratitude and
politeness are both parts of respect.
Respect is something I dont always see at BHHS. Whether its between a student and
another student, or a teacher and a student, I often see little respect towards others and their
opinions. If we learned how to see situations from different views then I think respect would be a

common occurrence. Of course we shouldnt be required to call every teacher sir or maam
but saying things like please, thank you, listening to others while they share their thoughts
and just other common-courtesy shows that were maturing as we should be.
Coach Carter is always communicating with his team. Theyre able to talk to each other
about how theyre doing and whats going on in their lives. Thats what I believe is vital for
having a good relationship and mutual understanding with another person.
Students at BHHS should be expected to communicate in their classrooms and share their
ideas freely. When students feel comfortable to talk with their teacher or ask them questions
about their homework its more likely for them to be successful. Also, communication can bring
up some ideas that maybe the other didnt have before, it gives them that chance to look at
subjects in different perspectives.
Respecting and communicating with others are vital for life after high school. Thats why
we should learn it now so that we can use these tools for our future. Coach Carter did it, he made
the change, so I believe we can too. With a little push, respect can be a more than common
occurrence at BHHS.