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156 YOUR DADDY’S SON from Ragtime ‘Words and Music by STEPHEN FLAHERTY ‘and LYNN AHRENS Moderately stow cm am7 Gem Ema? ‘SARAH: — (Ooh With pedal tm Emaj? Gam Fayat BI ch d [a 1 d—~d rn oco rt Eng Ging naj? tempo atm pbyat ohms ch Emaj7 et + dy played pi = an played it very well Mu - sic from those hands could PE “10 WB MUSIC COMP PEN ANO PERSEVERANCE a ILLSOALE MUSIC NE ‘Rights adransere by WO MUSIC CORP ‘Migs Rand Uied oy Pemleson 187 cbmt pty tm pbyat Gems hits ctr catch you like a spell Hee vould make you love him "fore the tune was done 4 4 » F fe Emaj? cho im? atm poco rit, _pilmosso = ‘Youhave your Dad -dy's hands You ate your Dad-dy’s son 2. oe eaaeaaiaas pocorit | pitemasso Ema? tm Emaj7 ctm pbyae 3 Dad-dy nev-erknew that GtayB ch Emaj? DEm7 cto per {you were on your way. He fad other la-dies and oth -er tunes to play pr : a: poco rt 188 Gtm pe yat ok chris cz Emaj7 When he up and left ; 1 just up and ran Op ly thing in fi cEmo bmn kn poco, 5 abit faster youwereyour Daddy's son eae eccanneaase es, Y pocorit. | abirfaster (Could-n'cheat no. mu = ee ait Emaj? Gin Poco a poco cree —— Could-n't see no. tight Ma-ma, she was fright ened, Poco a poco crese 159 Ema? Gm the fright Tearswith-out no com - fort, —— Resolutely GAayst mths Ema aS — fereamswith - out nosound — ark-ness and pain, Bmaj7/D4 cm cAmtsusa) poco val al eS = en the blood andthe bur - ied my heart inthe = a voHel 160 Tempo chm piyad Gays clo Emajp Bp cna pitts Diy Dad-dy playedpi-an - © Bethe'splay-in’ sill -Ma-macan'tfor-get him Don'tsup-pose 1 ill tn pbyat ohms chr Ema? Godwantsno ex-cus = es I haveon-ly one: yyouhad your Daddy's hands d ana For-giveme poco rie Pp colla voce cma bem atmo Ema Chm You were your Dad - dy’s