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Northridge High School Band Boosters

General meeting, April 20, 2015

President Myron Worley called the meeting to order just after 6:30 p.m.
Secretary Kellie Arendt presented printed minutes from the last two meetings to the
group. The minutes were approved as presented.
Treasurer Jim Story presented the treasurers report showing a balance of
$21,949.18 as of this date. Storys report is attached for the record.
In reviewing accounts with Director Brad Zook, they found some $4,000 in unpaid
band/guard fees that are now overdue. Story reported he will send out invoices for
these very soon. NHS Band Boosters will grant another 30 days to pay before the
accounts are turned over to the school office for normal collections proceedings
which includes withholding of report cards and diplomas.
Story reminded all that checks to the group must be made to Northridge Band
Boosters for us to be able to process the checks. If checks are written to the school
itself, they will be returned to the writer to be updated/re-issued.
In fundraising, we learned that Jim Donahoe has been successful in securing some
$2,000 in donations from area businesses. We also have preliminary pancake
breakfast results showing net profits of over $6,000 were earned. The silent auction
brought in $1,953 this year and the board discussed that we need letters thanking
donors and stating that the band boosters group is 501c3 and, therefore donations
are tax-deductible. This letter will help secure more donations from businesses
whose owners keep track of charitable donations. Jim Donahoe will prepare the
letter and get it out to donors.
Cheryl DeMorrow, flower sale chair, advised Vice President Annette Mast prior to the
meeting that the flower sale will conclude on Friday, May 8 when all who ordered
flowers may pick them up in the band parking lot. The purpose of the sale is to raise
money to help students pay for band fees. Several announcements and reminders
have been sent out via email and the school band staffers. Early sales look
Director Brad Zook asked for our help in securing volunteers for the Indiana State
School Music
Association concert band contest we are hosting this Friday, April 25. Zook stated a
real need to have volunteers at an information table to help with whatever is
needed. Annette Mast and Kellie Arendt will share those duties. Volunteer slots are
still open as of these minutes and we need lots of parent help to make these events
run properly.
Kellie Arendt made a motion that we approve the purchase of a tablet computer of
Director Zooks choosing so he can combine the armload of drill charts, music and
all sorts of directions he carries to marching band rehearsals and competitions, into

one compact system. Cindy Swihart seconded the motion, which was approved.
Brad thought the tablet would be approximately $450.

Northridge Raider Band Boosters, April 2015, page 2

Our May meeting will be our annual re-organization, marching band kick-off
meeting. Election of officers will take place. President Myron Worley is up for reelection. Jim Story was elected assistant treasurer last year to begin the transition
from former treasurer Melody Biddle to Story with the understanding he would
eventually assume full duties. It is now time for him to do that and he needs to be
affirmed by the membership. Story will also be on this ballot and up for a vote.
Nominations will be acceoted from the floor as well. We will continue our
alternating two-year rotations for elections next year barring any unforeseen midyear vacancies that require an immediate change.
We have presented our list of proposed committee chairs showing the openings that
remain. We hope to have all filled by our next meeting. As we get new volunteers,
we will update the list.
The board plans to work on our communication with parents about the fees that are
charged and what the monies are used to fund. There has been some
misunderstanding in the past about the option to pay for band camp food and then
the requests to donate food supplies both for band camp and the competition
season. We keep our costs down with donations of food supplies. If we have any
money left in the food budget from band camp, it is rolled into the competition
season budget. Paying the band camp food fee does not mean parents will not be
asked to make donations of food. We hope this clears up anything that was not
NRBB is still seeking coordinators for the upcoming Pulled Pork fundraiser to be
conducted at Middlebury Summer Fest in August. If interested, contact an officer.
There being no further business, the group adjourned. The next meeting will be 6:30
p.m. Tuesday, May 19, 2015, in the NHS band room, due to the spring band concert
happening on Monday, May 18, which wouldve been the regularly scheduled date.
Respectfully submitted,
Kellie Arendt