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Vctor Manuel Rentera Flores

Proyecto integrador: Mi casa y mi comunidad.

1. Recibo a mi amigo y le presento a mi familia:
-Hi Johnny, how are you?
This is my family:
She is my wife Laura, she is forty years old;
- She is my mother, she is eighty years old and she has a brother who is a welfare
assistance, his name is Gustavo;
-He is my son, his name is Ricardo, he is 15 years old, he is a junior high school
student, and he is a soccer player;
-She is my aunt Juliana, she is sixty years old.
2. Esta es mi casa, ah est
-In my house there is a large living room. In my living room there is a TV near to
the computer.
-There is a kitchen. In the kitchen there are two tables, one in the center and the
other near to the window.
- There is a microwave next to the cupboard.
- There is a sink. The sink is beside the fridge.
3. Mi amigo necesita ir a
-How can I get to the church?
-Go straight ahead on Rita Perez Street and the church is in front of a big hotel
next to the post office.
-How can I get to the bank?
-Go straight ahead on Independence Avenue turn left, and the bank is opposite to
the library, between the grocery store and the cinema.
-How can I get to the supermarket?
-Go straight ahead on Hidalgo Street turn right, and the supermarket is across the
barbershop, behind the Plaza Hotel, between the coffee shop and the police