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Northridge High School Band Boosters

General meeting, May 19, 2015

President Myron Worley called the meeting to order just after 6:30 p.m.
Secretary Kellie Arendt presented printed minutes from the last meetings to the
group. The minutes were approved as corrected to reflect that Jim Story will also be
on the general election ballot scheduled for tonights meeting. Motion was made by
Jim Donahoe and seconded by Phil Miller.
Treasurer Jim Story sent in the treasurers report via Myron as he was unable to
attend the meeting. It shows the following balances:
Accounts: $30,047.40
Payables: $9,549.59
Receivables: $971.95 ($2,219.40 in uncollectable fees have been written off as of
this date)
Total: $21,469.76
Storys report is attached for the record. Jim Donahoe and Stuart Swihart moved
and seconded its approval, which was accepted.
Due to the fact that Story is employed at a bank, he sought permission and a
motion to move the band booster accounts to 1st Source Bank as long as there is
little to no change in fees. Storys bank is a sponsor of the band. He says he spends
30+ minutes of unnecessary waiting each week as he conducts booster business.
By way of explanation: Banking rules do not allow bank employees who are signers
on accounts to process any business brought to the bank on those accounts, so
Story would simply take our transactions to any teller for routine processing. Cheryl
DeMorrow made the motion, which was seconded by Stuart Swihart, and approved.
We learned from Director Brad Zook that the band will once again march in the
Memorial Day parade which steps off at 10 a.m. He needs a few pickup trucks to be
at t he band room by 9:15 to carry music stands to the park for the students who
will play a medley of our U.S. military theme songs during the ceremony. We also
learned the band parent meeting will be Friday, May 29 and most of the paperwork
will be done electronically this year. The fees will also be on one invoice so relieve
some of the confusion of past years .Band fees include marching fee, students
show shirt, transportation fees and food fee. If your student is an incoming
freshman or a returning student who needs band shoes (Drillmasters) those may be
ordered from the same invoice. Please understand: Your band boosters tries to keep
student costs down and even though we have allocated a small amount of money
towards feeding the students, we will be seeking food donations from parents for
both band camp and the fall marching competition season. Please sign up to donate
as you can.

Northridge Band Boosters, May 2015, page 2

Myron Worley turned the meeting over to Annette Mast, our vice president, to run
our election as he was up for re-election. Worley and Jim Story were nominated and
there were no nominations from the floor with Annette called for those. Nominations
were closed. Both nominees were unanimously re-elected. Annette returned the
floor to Myron.
Our next NHS Band Boosters meeting will be Monday, June 8, rather than the normal
June 15 date. We will be on hand for the band parents meeting Friday and ask that
everyone stop by our tables and see where you can get plugged in to help our
students succeed.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Kellie Arendt

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