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Law OFFICES OF LUKAS, MISETIC 207 East Ohio #217 Chicago IL 60611 Tel: (312) 224-8284 Fax: (312) 268-6213 Ema Laka Misetie@ May 28, 2015 VIA FACSIMILE Mr. Steve Bornstein Chief Executive Officer and President NEL Network Services, LLC 10950 Washington Blvd Culver City, CA 90232 Re: Dear Mr. Bornstein: I write concerning your NFL Network correspondent, Albert Breer. As an NFL fan, I follow Mr. Breer on Twitter (@albertbreer) in order to obtain the latest information from the NFL. It is my understanding the Mr. Breer’s presence on Twitter is intended to serve NFL fans as part of his duties at NFL Media and NFL Network. If so, I write to ask that you take action to remedy Mr. Breer’s habit of tweeting messages offensive to Christians, in particular his habit of invoking the name of Jesus Christ in vain. I draw your attention to the following tweets: May 28, 2015: “Christ” March 25, 2015: “Jesus Christ, Bertrand, I didn’t need that when I just started breakfast.” February 1, 2015: “Jesus” January 25, 2015: “@p90xrdlife @DanWetzel @PatsGirlForLife @RonBorges Read back what I wrote. Christ.” November 23, 2014: “So I didn’t realize until a few minutes after that Beckham actually caught that, Jesus Christ.” October 18, 2014: “Jesus, Florida” October 9, 2014: “Jesus” August 20, 2014: “Jesus RT @darrenrovell: Kevin Durant’s reps informed Nike that they have a $265M to $285M deal from Under Armour. Nike has the right to match.” April 8, 2014: “@LarryHolder Jesus... Are we related?” July 5, 2013: "Jesus RT @espn_macmahon Well ... RT @janiscarr: Hold tweet about Dwight’s announcement was premature. No need to sit. on Twitter.” April 4, 2013: "Jesus. RT @NicoleAuerbach As he walks off stage, Emmert tells @dennisdoddebs: “Y'm still here. I know you're disappointed, but here I am." February 20, 2013: "Jesus. Big Ten’s loaded this year. But when they're firing on all cylinders, this Indiana team is clearly the best of the group. Scary good." October 13, 2012: "Jesus ... Leland didn't lean?" These are only some of the mentions of "Jesus" or "Christ" used in vain by Mr. Breer on his NFL Network Twitter account. There are many more, but I did not have time to include them all. While there can be no doubt that Mr. Breer has the right to say whatever he wishes in his personal capacity, he should not be allowed by the NFL to offend many of the NFL's customers while working for the NFL and NFL Network. If the NFL and NFL Network care about the religious sensitivities of their customers, I respectfully ask you to communicate to Mr. Breer that his tweets are inappropriate and that he should avoid invoking the name of Jesus Christ in vain while on the job for NFL Media and NFL ‘Network. I, like many others, have communicated my objections to Mr. Breer directly on Twitter. Mr. Breer has ignored all complaints, necessitating this letter to his superiors. Sincerely, A Luka S. Misetic Cc: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Mr. Bill Donahue, Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights