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1.- complete the following sentences using yesterday, long or ago.

She came to this country three years____________

I was very tired_________week.

The class was cancelled____________Monday.

I spoke to him ten minutes_______________.
The weather was beautiful________________summer.
We went dancing______________night.
The boss was away_______________morning.
We started this class_______________fall.
The children watched a little TV________________evening.
She got married five years___________________.
We skied a lot______________winter.

We went shopping__________________afternoon.
She left five minutes_______________.
They left the city a month______________.

They came back_______________week.

2.- Choose the correct answer.

1. I was born in Africa____ 1970.
a) In b) ago c) since
2. My parents moved back to England_____ I was five.
a )For b)when C) on
3. We lived in Bristol ____three years.
a) for b) in
4. I left college three years ___ .
a) in b) ago c)for
5. I found a flat on my own____ year.
a) last year b)ago c) for
7. I didn't go_____ home weekend because some friends came to stay.
a) for b) last C) last week
8. They arrived ____three o'clock in the afternoon.
a) at b) by c) for
9. ___Saturday evening we went out to a concert.
a) in b)on at)
10. ___ we got home, we listened to some music.
a) when b) while c) for
11. We got up late _____Sunday morning.
a) in b) for c) on
12. _____ the afternoon, we went for a walk.
a) ago b) for c) in
13. I bought a car a few weeks____ .
a) by b) on c) ago
14. I had an accident ____night.
a) for b) last c) next
15. It happened _____seven o'clock in the evening.
a) for b) on c) at

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