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Nicole Brassington

N343 AG- ACNP Preceptorship Summer 2015

Clinical Faculty: Dr. Cook
Preceptor: Andrea Porter, FNP, MSN, CCRN
Upon completion of this course, the student, in collaboration with other
health team members, will demonstrate skill in the ability to:
1. Collect patient assessment data for adults with episodic and chronic
health problems.
2. Analyze assessment data and identify appropriate differential diagnoses.
3. Based on current scientific knowledge, develop an episodic (focused)
therapeutic plan of care for adults with critical, acute and chronic health
4. Implement episodic (focused) therapeutic plans of care for adults with
critical, acute and chronic health problems.
5. Evaluate the effectiveness of the therapeutic plan of care toward
achieving the desired outcomes and suggest and implement modifications as
6. Implement modifications as appropriate.
7. Implement patient and family education, including management of
episodic and chronic health problems, discharge teaching, follow-up care,
health promotion, and preventive health care.
8. Initiate referrals as appropriate.
9. Apply research findings in the clinical setting.
10. Evaluate research findings in the clinical setting.
11. Provide leadership and act as a change agent in the clinical setting.
12. Provide and seek consultation on specific patients, clinical problems, and
other issues.
13. Demonstrate accountability for professional ethical clinical practice.

14. Evaluate ethical and legal clinical decision making in the practice
15. Perform a self-evaluation that addresses the efficacy of ones role as an
acute care nurse practitioner, including types of patients seen and types of
competencies acquired, and ones ability to collaborate with other health
care providers.